Pennsylvania Primary Results – 1:00 A.M. – Clinton & McCain Won

Here are the Pennsylvania Primary results as of 1:00 A.M. with 99% reporting.  This will be my last report for the night:


  1. Clinton 1,239,523 55% 52 delegates
  2. Obama 1,023,366 45% 46 delegates

Chester county is going for Obama with 75% now reporting.  Philadelphia continues to hold for Obama at 97% reporting.  Obama is also maintaining Delaware which has gone up to 97% reporting.  Allegheny (where Pittsburg is) and Bucsk (Clinton) are reporting 99%, Potter (Clinton) is at 60%, Pike (Clinton) is at 61%, and Monroe (Clinton) is at 98%.  My prediction was that Clinton will win by 10%, +2% from her previous standings, and she’s currently at +10%.  I will no longer be updating any of the counties that have reached 100%.


  1. McCain 574,485 73% (probably 62 delegates, but they’re technically unpledged)
  2. Paul 125,870 16%
  3. Huckabee 89,985 11%

Done Reporting,

Ranting Republican
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2 Responses to “Pennsylvania Primary Results – 1:00 A.M. – Clinton & McCain Won”

  1. spinnikerca Says:

    Are you sure McCain got all of the delegates? Aren’t PA delegates unpledged right up to nomination (even though the PA GOP endorsed McCain before PA had a chance to vote their preference?) I understand that a number of the delegates directly elected were not ‘endorsed’ (i.e. really McCain) delegates. Is that wrong? I can’t find an official count of it yet.


  2. inkslwc Says:

    That is correct. I have assumed that the delegates will go for McCain, but I probably should point out that they are unpledged.

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