A Look at the Michigan Ballot for 2008: Proposals: Marijuana, Stem Cells, the Senate, Health Care, Taxes, and More

**I know that a lot of people are finding this page from search engine searches, but I just wanted to let you know that this blog post is severely out of date.  I have 3 updates about the proposals that I’ve put out since I did this one.  The first is a general summary of the proposals that made it on the ballot.  The second is a post about the medicinal marijuana proposal.  And the third is on the stem cell research proposal.**

Originally, I was just going to do this in one blog post, but I realized that my views on one proposal alone are going to be incredibly long, so today, I am just going to introduce the proposals that might be on the ballot this November.  The following document was put out by the Secretary of State on April 14, 2008:







A. COALITION FOR COMPASSIONATE CARE: Initiative petition approved as to form June 6, 2007; signatures filed November 20, 2007; petition determined sufficient March 3, 2008; proposal language certified to State Legislature March 3, 2008; 40-day consideration period reserved for State Legislature elapsed April 12, 2008.

Purpose: Legislative initiative to allow under state law the medical use of marihuana.

Contact: Michigan Coalition for Compassionate Care, P.O. Box 20489, Ferndale, MI 48220. Dianne Byrum (517) 333-1606.



None at this date.




None at this date.




A. MEDICAL AND RECREATIONAL PEACE: Initiative petition approved as to form November 27, 2006.

Purpose: Legislative initiative to permit anyone 18 and over to use cannabis on private property; provide penalties for the use of cannabis in public areas; and permit cultivation of cannabis on residential properties.


Contact: Medical and Recreational Peace, P.O. Box 102, Eaton Rapids, MI 48827-0102.


B. HEALTH CARE FOR MICHIGAN: Initiative petition approved as to form December 20, 2007.

Purpose: Proposed constitutional amendment to require the State Legislature to pass laws to ensure that “every Michigan resident has affordable and comprehensive health care coverage through a fair and cost-effective financing system.”

Contact: Health Care for Michigan, 28342 Dartmouth Street, Madison Heights, Michigan 48071. Gary Benjamin (313) 964-4130 Ext. 229.


C. PART-TIME LEGISLATURE: Initiative petition approved as to form December 20, 2007.

Purpose: Proposed constitutional amendment to provide for a part-time legislature, reduce legislative salaries and limit legislative benefits.

Contact: Part-time Legislature Ballot Question Committee, 1840 North Michigan #200, Saginaw, Michigan 48602. Gregory C. Schmid (989) 799-4641. Website: <www.PartTimeLegislature.com>.


D. PEOPLE’S CHOICE TAX REPEAL: Initiative petition approved as to form February 4, 2008.

Purpose: Proposed constitutional amendment to require a statewide vote on any state statute that creates a new tax, continues a tax, reduces a tax deduction or tax credit or increases the effective rate or base of a tax. The proposed amendment would also extend initiative and referendum petition sponsors certain new petition design and circulation allowances.

Contact: People’s Choice Tax Repeal Committee, 1840 North Michigan #200, Saginaw, Michigan 48602. Gregory C. Schmid (989) 799-4641. Website: <www.TaxRepeal.com>.


E. STEM CELL RESEARCH: Initiative petition approved as to form February 4, 2008.

Purpose: Proposed constitutional amendment to permit with certain limitations stem cell research in Michigan.

Contact: Stem Cell Research BQC, P.O. Box 20216, Lansing, Michigan 48901. Mark Burton (517) 974-4004.


F. MICHIGAN FAIR TAX: Initiative petition approved as to form February 4, 2008.

Purpose: Proposed constitutional amendment to eliminate the Michigan Income Tax and the Michigan Business Tax and replace those taxes with a sales tax.

Contact: Michigan Fair Tax Proposal Committee, 352 12th Street, Plainwell, Michigan 49080. Micah Kissling (800) 314-6483.


G. TURN MICHIGAN AROUND: Initiative petition approved as to form February 4, 2008.

Purpose: Proposed constitutional amendment to provide for a part-time legislature.

Contact: Committee to Turn Michigan Around, 346 West Michigan Avenue, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49007-3737. Steward Sandstrom (269) 381-4000.


H. PROPORTIONAL SENATE: Initiative petition approved as to form February 4, 2008.



Purpose: Proposed constitutional amendment to stipulate that the State Senate “shall consist of 50 members to be elected off of candidate lists at large from a statewide election.”

Contact: Proportional Senate Committee, 13423 Agnes Street, Southgate, Michigan 48195. Timothy Kachinski (734) 775-1810. Website: <www.myspace.com/proportionalsenate> Email: <proportional senate@hotmail.com>


I. PERSONAL EDUCATION ACCOUNT: Initiative petition approved as to form February 4, 2008.

Purpose: Proposed constitutional amendment to require the State Legislature to “provide from 4 years of age until the age of 18 years every resident child in Michigan with funding to support education on a per pupil basis which shall be controlled by the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of each child respectively….”

Contact: Personal Education Account Committee, 13423 Agnes Street, Southgate, Michigan 48195 Timothy Kachinski (734) 775-1810. Website: <www.myspace.com/peainitiative> Email: <peainitiative@hotmail.com>




None at this date.

So, we have one that will definitely be on the ballot, to legalize medicinal marihuana, then we have 9 that might make it on the ballot: one to legalize all cannabis (marijuana/marihuana), one to provide health care, two for a part time legislature, one to require voters to approve tax increases, one to legalize stem cell research, one to make a Fair Tax, one to make the Senate at large instead of by districts, and one to provide funding to children for education.

I will now begin to give you my opinion on each of these proposals, proposal-by-proposal.  My goal is to get out a new post each day, but this may not happen, as I am entering exam week.

Done Reporting,

Ranting Republican
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30 Responses to “A Look at the Michigan Ballot for 2008: Proposals: Marijuana, Stem Cells, the Senate, Health Care, Taxes, and More”

  1. Howard Scott White Says:

    I am currently circulating the Stem-Cell petition for National Petition Management, Lathrup Village, Michigan. I would like to circulate the others, particularly the Part-Time Legislature and Michigan Fair Tax petitions. How much per signature pay for these pets? Who is handling these issues? Email me with more details, OK. Thanks!

  2. Nick Says:

    Howard, what?! The pro-cloning stem cell people are paying for signatures? Isn’t the left always railing against anyone who pays for signatures like the Dillon recall group?

    How much are you getting paid per signature?

    Do you know you’re helping legalize cloning in Michigan?

    Do you know that stem cell research is already legal in Michigan?

    Do you know that embryonic stem cells have yielded 0 (!) cures and benefits but adult stem cells and cord blood stem cells have yielded HUNDREDS (!!!) without destroying a single human life?

    How much do you get paid per signature?

    I know, I asked that before but I’m very curious!


  3. inkslwc Says:

    Well, I was going to say pretty much what Nick said, but then I got a virus, so thanks for making those points Nick.

  4. Howard Scott White Says:

    Nick! Get your head out of your keister! The Proposal specifically states:
    Article 1, Sec. 27 (1) Nothing in this section shall alter Michigan’s current prohibition on human cloning.
    Paying somebody to collect signatures is NOT against the rules or laws of this state. Hey, pal, I gotta eat, too!
    Stem cell research is legal in Michigan; EMBRYONIC research is NOT. Folks like yourself would rather in-vitro fertility clinics flush excess tissue down the toilet rather than make it available for medical research. Who is destroying life? Embryos must be gestated in a womb in order to become HUMANS! Your facts are partial at best, sir. I gather you are NOT a medical clinician, but rather a right-winger with a typically skewed vision of truth.

  5. Howard Scott White Says:

    Oh, and one more thing: I am NOT a leftist! I AM Libertarian, extremely liberal about the civil rights and freedoms of the American people. And I am a constitutionalist! The government which governs least governs best! I believe in laizer faire capitalism, which means NO government “bail-outs” of floundering corporations AND free trade. But I digress… Michigan is currently one of only five (5) states in this country that prohibits stem cell research of this sort (embryos in excess of clinical need). Stem cells from embryos are more pristine and usually without genetic defect. Without a womb inside which to gestate, these embryos are but human tissue. Researchers perform research on human tissue, historically, in order to discover cures and therapies for the afflicted among us. But you folks cling to your antiquated ideals and misinformation. I’ll push forward. Good day!

  6. inkslwc Says:

    Nobody ever said it was illegal to pay to collect signatures.

    But the whole point about ESC research is just bogus. Not ONE cure has been found from ESCs, while we have had countless discoveries and potential cures produced from adult stem cells. Even if you’re only looking at it from the taxpayers’ point of view, why waste taxpayer money on something that we haven’t had a SINGLE benefit from? If you believe in ESCs’ properties to cure diseases, then fund it yourself, but in my opinion, my tax money shouldn’t be going to any research for stem cells (but this is coming from somebody who would privatize social security and get rid of all government welfare if it were possible).

  7. Howard Scott White Says:

    Sir, respectfully, you are seriously misinformed as to the content of the proposed amendment regarding stem cell. NOTHING in this proposal suggests taxpayer funding! And if you read Nick’s complaint, he whimpers about the left railing against paid circulation of initiative petitions. I, sir, am NOT a leftist. I couldn’t care less if Andy Dillon is recalled. In my personal opinion, most Lansing bureaucrats and legislators should be slapped; I hold no particular respect for any of them! But I digress… A stem cell is just that, a stem cell. It is derived from human tissue. What is the larger dilemma, that it’s more morally sound to flush these embryonic tissues down the toilet rather than utilize them for responsible research? If you were a prisoner of your own body, held captive by a disease for which there is no cure, wouldn’t you want somebody to help you? Remember, Mr. Right-Wing Brady was all for gun ownership until he was shot and immobilized by a would-be assassin’s bullet. Then he turned, and he and Sarah pushed for the “Brady Bill,” which is hogwash and further subverts the 2nd Amendment. Don’t play me like I’m stupid, sir. Few areas of the world do not allow ESC research, Michigan being one of those areas. That will change in November. Don’t forget to vote!

  8. inkslwc Says:

    Alright, even if there’s no taxpayer funding (and that was my mistake), there’s still no reason ESC research should be allowed, IF the research destroys the embryo (and thus a human life). If the research keeps from destroying/damaging the embryo, I have no problem with the research.

    But in my view, that embryo is a LIFE, and that life cannot be destroyed.

    Sorry, but I kinda lost where you were going with the Brady Bill thing though.

    I’m still trying to find exact wording for the proposal (and then I’ll do an in-depth post later), but in my opinion, you can’t destroy embryos for research, and the clinics shouldn’t be allowed to destroy them either.

  9. Howard Scott White Says:

    Now I respect your honesty, sir. Let’s break it down this way: In-vitro fertility clinics create more embryos than are needed. Only one is chosen for implantation in the female patient’s womb. The remaining embryos exceed clinical need and are thusly discarded (destroyed). Now, I don’t like the idea of discarding human embryos, but keep in mind that these embryos will NOT gestate in a female’s womb. In effect, they are orphans, and they are doomed. But we cannot change this reality (unless an initiative proposal finds its way on the ballot and is then supported via state-wide vote). The other thing is this: I don’t know where you get your “statistics” about zero cures resultant of embryonic stem cells. China has been extracting ESCs for a long time now, and many Americans have had to spend thousands of dollars to travel to China for therapies. Such is the desperation of those with incurable diseases. The point I was trying to convey, using the Brady comparative, is that were it YOU with an incurable disease, I’d bet you’d be singing a different song. So an embryo that is doomed is more important than someone suffering a dreadful disease, eh? Sad you feel that way. Why don’t you go to an in-vitro clinic and hold a candlelight vigil for all the fallen embryos. Maybe throw a funeral, a spray of flowers, a few heartfelt words at the podium. Even if they could extract stem cells without destroying the embryo, the embryo is doomed. True, it’s a human life. But so are people who can’t blink their eyes, swallow water or food, talk, breathe independently, move their arms or legs, express emotion…they are doomed to a life of suffering. I only hope it doesn’t happen to me…or YOU! This proposal will pass a vote. I get thousands of signatures myself, and there are many many many circulators. Most people thank me for collecting signatures. I have heard all sorts of stories, testimonials from people whose loved one(s) is suffering and hopeless. Tell a doomed embryo you love it; it won’t respond. Tell a critically ill family member you love him/her…they know.

  10. inkslwc Says:

    And it is my belief that embryos shouldn’t be mass produced that way. I’d like to see that changed as well.

    As to your point about the Brady story / family members / etc… – I have family members who have debilitating diseases, and although I can’t speak directly for them (they’re young children), I can tell you that their parents would never want to sacrifice an embryo (a life) to cure their child’s disease. And neither do I. I say this now, and I always will – I could have alzheimer’s, or some other disease, but I would rather die a painful death than know that I was cured by killing an innocent life. There have been PLENTY of medical breakthroughs from adult SCs and umbilical cord SCs.

    You say that there have been cures from ESCs, can you name them? Just curious what they are.

  11. Howard Scott White Says:

    Just for the sake of conversation (because clearly you have no desire to relinquish your belief that doomed human tissue has a potential for life) allow me to posit the following: If there were a successful treatment and/or cure resultant of ES cells, perhaps it could’ve occurred without our knowledge. The Chinese are quite secretive about their research. As is my understanding, ES cells have yet to be utilized for approved treatments. But that doesn’t mean squat, sir! These pluripotent cells are valuable to research, and in time will prove to be effective in the treatment of diseases. The problem with all stem cell treatment is the body’s rejection of foreign cells, or cells which do not acclimate to one’s physiology. Perhaps researchers still have a long road ahead. The entire matter is simple: Just vote your conscience in November. You mention the “killing of innocent life,” perhaps you can round up a few thousand females willing to provide a womb for the gestation of these innocents. Hmmm, now there’s an idea! Have a beautiful existence, sir…

  12. inkslwc Says:

    I’ll believe that the Chinese have done this when they reveal it. In today’s day and age where technology is everything, and boasting of technology is a close second, I don’t just trust the Chinese government (or our government even) without seeing what proof there is that they’ve had a breakthrough.

    I would love for females all over to take in those embryos.

  13. mi secretary of state Says:

    […] am just going to introduce the proposals that might be on the ballot this November. The following dohttps://inkslwc.wordpress.com/2008/04/23/a-look-at-the-michigan-ballot-for-2008-proposals-marijuana-s…MICHIGAN – DMV.ORG – The Unofficial Guide to the DMVAmong many other responsibilities, such as […]

  14. Howard Scott White Says:

    And there’s another huge issue up for ballot: Part-Time Legislature! I have sent away for a 500 block of blanks (that’s 500 signature spaces), and I’ll be pushing this one FREE! Career politicians hold on to your jock straps! Your pay, benefits, and pension plans will be sliced in half! This is your reward for the money-grab legislation you’ve been shoving up our crevices! Now you brilliant folks can grab a bit less on payday. Oh, you’ll be tempted to vote yourselves a raise (as you all always do anyway), but maybe we can change that too.

  15. inkslwc Says:

    I support that one. Now that I’m done with exams and I’m back from Jackson, I hope to start doing individual posts on the potential proposals.

  16. Kristine Says:

    Thanks, I found this very helpful.

    To find out more about Benefits of Stem Cells in Your own Body,
    please — Click here —

  17. inkslwc Says:

    My goal is to start discussing these either tomorrow or Sunday. I know I said I’d do it a while ago, but a lot of weird and unexpected things happened.

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  20. mccain08 Says:

    Can someone please explain to me what each proposal is (including title…i.e. proposal two is for the stem cell research) and a brief description on what these are actually proposing? i want to be more informed on the election but am having trouble finding information elsewhere. also i love this blog, it has been the most helpful source so far.

  21. inkslwc Says:

    I have 3 blog posts:

    General summary (https://inkslwc.wordpress.com/2008/09/16/a-look-at-the-proposals-on-the-michigan-ballot-for-november-2008/)

    Marijuana (https://inkslwc.wordpress.com/2008/09/17/michigan-ballot-for-2008-proposal-1-medicinal-marijuana/)

    Stem Cells (https://inkslwc.wordpress.com/2008/09/18/michigan-ballot-for-2008-proposal-2-stem-cell-research/)

    Hope that helps!

    (My apologies that people are still finding this post on Google. I’ll put a notice up at the top that this is out of date, and that I have newer blog posts about the ballot issues.)

  22. michigangirl Says:

    Alright I am not claiming to understand stem cell research. Really I just wanted more information on the current Michigan proposals. However, I do not understand the statement about “I would love for females all over to take in those embryos.”. Would there even be embryos available for research if ALL women were looking to take them in? Reproductive choices in Michigan have already been dramatically compromised under the current legislation. Perhaps you are coming from a more economically stable part of Michigan where the majority isn’t poverty stricken, unemployed, and the underinsured aren’t surrounded by job loss and school closings in a crashing economy and women are looking to take in all of the lost unborn souls they can find. Where are you coming from on this?

  23. inkslwc Says:

    Right, but then adopting an unused embryo would be cheaper than having your own eggs harvested.

  24. DavidRamos Says:

    Let’s face it, this guy knows what he’s talking about. Because in a country that is stricken with recession, poverty, job cuts, and an overall sense of doom, we need more babies! The orphanages aren’t full and we haven’t spent NEARLY enough tax money on taking care of families who can’t take care of their babies.
    It’s like people who are voting for McCain simply because he is pro-life and anti-choice. There are issues WAY more important. For instance, the economy, the war (where more people are being slaughtered than all abortion clinics combined and multiplied times 10), and the heathcare crisis. I, personally, am concerned with the millions of people who are already alive. There are people DYING because they can’t afford health care. Did you ever think that maybe, just maybe, if they found something that could save lives from human tissue, that maybe this could result in an inexpensive procedure that could save the lives of thousands who already exist?

  25. inkslwc Says:

    You yourself said that we don’t need more babies, because orphanages are full, so encourage people not to do in vitro fertilization, but to adopt.

    As for health care, we need to open up health care across state lines so that it encourages competition.

  26. Susan Says:

    God made all life for a purpose. Maybe the purpose of these embroys is to help someone else out?… Just some food for thought.

  27. Susan Says:

    God made all life for a purpose. Maybe the purpose of these embroys is to help someone else out?… Just some food for thought.

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    […]A Look at the Michigan Ballot for 2008: Proposals: Marijuana, Stem Cells, the Senate, Health Care, Taxes, and More « Republican Ranting[…]…

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    […]A Look at the Michigan Ballot for 2008: Proposals: Marijuana, Stem Cells, the Senate, Health Care, Taxes, and More « Republican Ranting[…]…

  30. Carlota Mcentire Says:

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