Pennsylvania Primary Results – 9:45 P.M. – Clinton & McCain Win

Here are the Pennsylvania Primary results as of 9:45 P.M. with 37% reporting.  Both I and the major networks have called both races:


  1. Clinton 407,674 54% 28 delegates
  2. Obama 342,815 46% 19 delegates

Delaware County has begun to report in, and as expected, that’s going for Obama.  I expect that Obama will slightly increase for the next half hour or hour, and then we’ll see Clinton’s lead widen again.  Clinton has taken Allegheny county (Pittsburg), so I don’t think Obama will get any more than 7 counties.  Obama’s just taken York, which is next to Harrisburg.


  1. McCain 134,416 73% (probably 62 delegates, but they’re technically unpledged)
  2. Paul 28,430 15%
  3. Huckabee 21.665 12%

Done Reporting,

Ranting Republican
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2 Responses to “Pennsylvania Primary Results – 9:45 P.M. – Clinton & McCain Win”

  1. Leeanna Latuch Says:

    You will have a winner with Hillary. I will not vote for Obama in the presidential election if he is our nominee. This would be the first time I refrain from voting in 30 years. I would vote for McCain before I would ever vote for Obama. It’s Hillary or no one in my book.

  2. inkslwc Says:

    Just curious, why wouldn’t you vote for Obama?

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