Pennsylvania Primary Results – 10:45 P.M. – Clinton, McCain Win

Here are the Pennsylvania Primary results as of 10:45 P.M. with 78% reporting:


  1. Clinton 913,973 54% 37 delegates
  2. Obama 764,044 46% 31 delegates

Philadelphia continues to hold for Obama, with 97% reporting, Lancaster (Obama) is 29% in, Dauphin (Obama), which is where Harrisburg is, is now up to 71% in, Union (Obama) is now 37% in, and Centre (currently BARELY Obama) 38% in.  My prediction as of now is that Clinton will win by 10%, +2% from her current standings.  Obama continues to barely maintain Delaware with 75% reporting.


  1. McCain 379,491 72% (probably 62 delegates, but they’re technically unpledged)
  2. Paul 83,508 16%
  3. Huckabee 61,528 12%

Done Reporting,

Ranting Republican
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4 Responses to “Pennsylvania Primary Results – 10:45 P.M. – Clinton, McCain Win”

  1. John K Says:

    The electioneers put the withdrawn Huckabee on the ballot to distract voters away from Ron Paul. Tricky, eh? Voters think, “Oh they forgot to remove them from the ballot, and the media says that Paul has quit, so I don’t have any choice but to vote for McCain.” They’re doing the same thing in NC – and probably more states – to pack the convention with pseudo-conservative war hawks.

  2. inkslwc Says:

    That’s because Huckabee was already on the ballot, and it was too late to be taken off. The media has said that Huckabee dropped out too. Paul beat Huckabee.

    Plus, that election was a beauty contest election. The delegates themselves were elected by voting on another ballot, straight up. So, Paul could’ve won, but still gotten no delegates, depending on how people voted for the delegates.

    And it doesn’t matter, Paul has already lost.

  3. andrew jon Says:

    we have all lost. i’d blindly believe in a god before i believe in our electoral system, what with the media, electoral votes? super delegates? and diebold machines.

  4. inkslwc Says:

    What’s wrong with electoral votes?

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