Prediction for the Pennsylvania Democratic and Repulican Primaries

Alright, so tomorrow is the Pennsylvania Primaries!  As of recent polls and general trends, the following  is my prediction for the Democrats:

  1. Clinton – 53.4% 87 delegates
  2. Obama – 45.1% 71delegates
  3. Other – 1.5% 0 delegates

I think Clinton will perform well among current undecided voters, and spread her lead from the current (approximately, according to the polls) 6% to 8%, perhaps even better.  I’d like to see her get above 55%, but I don’t think that will happen.

Now, my prediction for the Republicans, which is actually somewhat hard, since I don’t know how many Romney/Huckabee/Paul/etc… supporters will turn out:

  1. McCain – 84% 62 delegates
  2. Paul – 12% 0 delegates
  3. Huckabee – 2% 0 delegates
  4. Romney – 1% 0 delegates
  5. Others – 1% 0 delegates

I will try to live-blog the event as results come in.  The polls close at 8:00 P.M. EDT, so we won’t see results come in until 8:30ish.  I’ll be out early tomorrow evening, but I am going to try to be back so that I can live-blog the results.

I will update this Democratic prediction if necessary, after a few last-minute polls are released after midnight tonight, so check back for a FINAL prediction (the Republican one will stay the same).

Done Predicting,

Ranting Republican
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One Response to “Prediction for the Pennsylvania Democratic and Repulican Primaries”

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