Supreme Court Has a Typo in the Death Penalty Ruling: “Cruel and Usual” Punishment

Well, this is something that doesn’t happen very often.  A friend of mine pointed this out to me: in the first paragraph of Justice Breyer’s opinion on Baze v. Rees, he has a major misspelling (page 80):

Assuming the lawfulness of the death penalty itself, petitioners argue that Kentucky’s method of execution, lethal injection, nonetheless constitutes a constitutionally forbidden, “cruel and usual punishmen[t].” U. S. Const., Amdt. 8. (emphasis added)

That’s right, justice Stephen Breyer made his ruling on “cruel and usual” punishment.  And what makes this somewhat interesting is the fact that there were so many opinions, from each individual Justice, instead of the 6 justices joining with justice Roberts.  You  really don’t see this many opinions given for one case that often, but I guess it was a very important and controversial case.

So, there you go – even Supreme Court Justices make typos!

Done Spellchecking,

Ranting Republican
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