GOP Representative Apologizes for Calling Obama “That Boy”

Representative Geoff Davis (R-KY) has issued an apology after making the following statements about Obama while at a Northern Kentucky dinner on Saturday.  Here’s an audio recording that I tried my best to transcribe:

He began by talking about Obama and his message of change being like a “snake oil salesman.”  He went on to say that he participated in a “highly classified, national security simulation” with Obama.  He said, “I’m going to tell you something: That boy’s finger does not need to be on the button.  He could not make a decision in that simulation that related to a nuclear threat to this country.”

What caught everybody’s attention is “that boy.”  Davis is only 49 (3 years older than Obama), so he really doesn’t have a right to call him “boy,” but I don’t think it’s THAT big of a deal.  Should he have done it?  No.  Was it meant to be condescending?  Probably not.

Either way, Davis issued the following apology to Senator Obama:

Dear Senator Obama:
On Saturday night I gave a speech in which I used a poor choice of words when discussing the national security policy positions of the Presidential candidates. I was quoted as saying “That boy’s finger does not need to be on the button.”

My poor choice of words is regrettable and was in no way meant to impugn you or your integrity. I offer my sincere apology to you and ask for your forgiveness.

Though we may disagree on many issues, I know that we share the goal of a prosperous, secure future for our nation. My comment has detracted from the dialogue that we should all be having on legitimate policy differences and in no way reflects the personal and professional respect I have for you.

Geoff Davis

So, there you have it – he’s apologized.  I think this’ll probably drop out of the media pretty soon since it’s not a huge deal, although, again, Davis shouldn’t have said that.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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11 Responses to “GOP Representative Apologizes for Calling Obama “That Boy””

  1. loomisnews Says:

    Huh! You’re pretty ignorant about what those terms mean in America! Where are you from?

    I’m trying to think of a non-racist explanation for the comment, but I’m afraid nothing comes to mind.

    All part of a long line — confusing Obama w/ Tiger Woods, cause they all look alike to them.

    This is the crowd who continually talk about Rev. Wright and louis farrakhan as if they’re his campaign managers. They still call him a “muslim” to simply keep spreading that rumor so people only hear that. They’ll twist anything into a negative, cause they want the keep the White House white.

  2. inkslwc Says:

    Um … “boy” is not racist.

    I can’t think of anybody who’s confused Obama with Tiger Woods.

    And, the majority of America hasn’t called Obama a muslim for quite a while now.

    You’re reading a little too much into this.

  3. RobertoElGrande Says:

    Tiger Woods

    “Boy” as a racist insult.

    (Note, that is from a unanimous 2006 Supreme Court decision. Boy is not antiquated slang, it is a current insult in the American South.)

    I’m SURE none of this is a pattern. It’s just a bunch of INNOCENT mistakes. *rolls eyes*

    I don’t think it is going to get them much traction, but loomisnews is correct. This how the GOP rolls.

  4. inkslwc Says:

    From your first source

    When asked if PA voters — translation PA’s white working class voters — were concerned about Obama’s race, he said: “With regard to his race, he’s African American. I know he’s of mixed race, but, you know, he’s like a Tiger Woods. He’s just a great person that’s really excited a lot of people. We’re not detecting a lot of discussion about his religion or his race here.”

    And as for your second source – that was a PATTERN of incidents. That’s what they used against the company. If a manager just called an African American “boy” once, the employees never would’ve had a case.

    There’s no record of Davis being racist. Davis is rated 36% by the NAACP – above average for a Republican.

    Was it bad wording? Yes. Was it racist? No.

  5. nonracist Says:

    Yes, racism is ugly. Let’s look at some….

    Black’s down south use the word, “boy” often, when refering to each other or a white man. White men use it often to refer to one another. But if said about a black man from a white man, it is racist?

    The n word is soaked into the African Amercian language and they say it without any sign the word…”hurts”…them.

    A white man cannot even utter the word in any context or he is racist.

    A teacher had to apologize to her class for using the word, niggardly, because it sounded to much like the other word. n Instead of allowing her to teach the difference, she was forced to say she was wrong to use that word.

    Being called a white s.o.b. by a black man, is something a white man should understand and let slide. A white man calling a black man the same but saying, black s.o.b., is some aweful racism that must be stopped.

    The day before yesterday, I read where a white man said Obama’s remarks that have made headlines this past week were stupid. That is all he said. In response, he was called a bigot, even though he said nothing about the man or any race, just what the man said.

    Yes, there is a lot of racism going on.

  6. inkslwc Says:

    The fact that she had to apologize is ridiculous. “Niggardly” isn’t even spelled the same, nor derived from the n word.

  7. Robin Says:

    In Kentucky and Indiana [and probably other places that I don’t know of] “boy” refers to someone with a PENIS! Seeing as this representative was from KY, he probably didn’t even realize his choice of words, let alone that it was offensive. And, again, because he was from KY, I’m sure his mama raised him to apologize rather than argue. My 75 year-old uncle will be talking about his 80 year-old brother and say things like “That boy is just crazy!” or “That boy is gonna get himself in trouble.”

    Again, totally a PENIS issue! But then again, isn’t most of this whole racist hullabaloo?

  8. omegetymon Says:

    How amazing! I sit here at the keyboard, someone that knew a Slave,(my
    great-grandmother, passing at 104 yrs. old in 1962/Greenville,SC), in THIS lifetime.
    TO ALL above: When my best friend’s son went to college at Tri-State University located in the city of Angola, Indiana his “Honyak” neighbor honestly offered the young man a FULL SPONSORSHIP in becoming a member of the KKK. The funny summation here is that his mother is of “GOOD GERMAN STOCK”, while father was the percussionist for the ‘O’Jay’s musical group. The young man never openly expressed WHO he was to the man,and the man couldn’t tell!
    The American practice of visual,or, verbal assumptiveness spliced to the exclusionary is the main basis for our lack of true observation.
    To Robin: As a man of colour I try to forgive those who espouse acutely
    limited exposures. Your YOUTH is SHOWING! Or you have never seen a
    movie before the 1980’s, as in “PRETTY IN PINK”? Plus as an Ohioan I’ve crossed state boundries at least 100 times in over 50 years. I assure you the term ‘boy’ goes far past epidermal topography.
    To ‘non-racist’: Have you read the book titled ‘Black Like Me’,(Howard),or
    ‘Black No More’,(Schuyler),or the best title to these comments: Fanny
    Hearst’s ‘Imitation of Life’? reading any of these will, definitely clear this
    groups shallow understanding of “ancient” symantics and colloquial nouns.
    Lastly, and not in least, Arthur Conan Doyle wrote of a lord Greystoke who
    became TARZAN. the man named his first-born ‘BOY’ in the language of
    his loving wife, Jane’s speaking.
    Boy is a word that means immature, not able to perform the duties of
    providing for one’s self or family, (That is why slave owners and traders
    had no compunction to separate family structures of other societies.
    THANK YOU! omegetymon@wp

  9. mccain-obama-hillary Says:

    Mccain looking for a black vagina for VP?

    The rumor mill has it that senator John Mccain is trying to appeal to the black and female voter. His demographics show him to be weak in this voting group.

  10. Really Robin Says:

    omegetyamon – Just for the record, I am 50 and have children too old to have just watched Pretty in Pink. I, too, am from Ohio [born in Sidney, lived many years in the Cincinnati area] And, although I am not sure what crossing state boundaries has to do with it – believe me I’ve crossed many of them a time or two also.

    If you truly believe that this representative used the word ‘boy’ in a racial manner, then by all means you should be upset. I know I upset when I am slurred; I cannot imagine that skin color changes human feelings. I just think that everyone’s skin has become too thin and that we all pretzel [twisted out of shape]and then fold too easily [instead of educating, we apologize].

    Stupidity and narrow-mindedness comes in many ethnicities.

  11. Really Robin Says:

    And that wasn’t directed at you, I promise. It is just a statement in general…. I just don’t see this stuff as black and white issues.

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