Obama Says He Always Checks the $3 for the Presidential Election Campaign Fund on His Taxes, But He Didn’t in 2005

At a press conference yesterday, Barack Obama told reporters, “I think that it is creaky and needs to be reformed if it’s going to work.  We know that the check-off system has been declining in participation and as a consequence, the amount of money raised through the public financing system may be substantially lower than the amount of money that can be raised through small donations over the Internet.”

When asked why he didn’t check the box in 2005 and 2006, Obama responded, “I have always checked off $3 in the past, so I’m going to have to talk to my accountant.  That may have been an oversight or a mistake.”  Jen Psaki, and Obama campaign spokesman told reporters that in 2006 Obama had to revise his tax return of a change in a charitable donation, and while doing that, he checked the box to donate money to the Presidential Election Campaign Fund.

Now, I trust that this WAS a mistake, but in that case, Obama can’t make statements such as “I have always checked off $3 in the past,” because it’s just not true.

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12 Responses to “Obama Says He Always Checks the $3 for the Presidential Election Campaign Fund on His Taxes, But He Didn’t in 2005”

  1. gasdocpol Says:

    WOW ! What a scandal !

    John McCain flew 23 combat missions over Vietnam while the average Air Force pilot flew 100 and many naval aviators flew over 300.

    McCain spent 5 1/2 years as a POW. Does that qualify him to be President?

  2. inkslwc Says:

    No, that doesn’t qualify him to be President, but it doesn’t make him unqualified either. What’s your point?

  3. gasdocpol Says:

    McCAIN IS TAUTED AS A WAR HERO. I question that.

    By his own admission he does not know much about economics.

    He has recently demonstrated that he does not know the difference between Sunnis, Shiites and Al Qaeda and therefore Iraqi and Mideast politics. So…. what exactly DOES make mccain qualified?

    His “experience” has not given him much understanding as far as I can see.

  4. inkslwc Says:

    Government experience makes him qualified. I’d absolutely agree with you on the economics – which is why I found Greenspan’s complements somewhat odd.

    I’d say McCain is a war hero just because of what he sacrificed for this country – I’ll say that for a good 99% of veterans.

    I think he does need somebody with good economics to assist him. I’d recommend Mitt Romney.

    He needs to learn his Mideast religion/politics though. Personally, I don’t agree with him on a lot of things (Iraq, stem cells, immigration), but I think he does have a good health care plan, a decent economic plan, and I like the fact that he’s promised to veto any bills with pork. He hasn’t had any earmarks in the recent years that I’ve researched.

    So, whereas I’d like to see somebody different as the Republican nominee, John McCain IS our nominee, and I’d rather vote for him than Obamaa or Clinton.

  5. outsider222 Says:

    I will be forever amazed that anyone could ever even consider voting for someone like…Bush….McCain…Bush….

    Would you folks consider going for a long walk in the woods to clear your heads?

  6. gasdocpol Says:

    Plenty of Americasn sacrificed a lot more than Mccain and does that in some way qualify them to be president. Does that qualify 99% of veterans.

    How about former Sen. Max Cleland who lost 3 of his four limbs in Vietnam in service to his counrty and who GW Bush personally campaigned against in 2002 because of his opposition to the iraq war?

    McCain wants to conitinue to borrow from China et al to continue encuring badwill throughout the world ,losing lives and money.

    He needs to learn more about foreign affairs, economics. he has no problem with pissing away money in iraq but not on Americans?

    He does not know much about the Mideast but the Neocons will enlighten him?

  7. inkslwc Says:

    I already said that it was his government service, not his military service that qualifies him. I mean, I would’ve loved for an executive branch official (Romney) to get the nomination.

    I just don’t see Clinton or Obama as being more qualified, and I especially don’t agree with their positions.

    It’s not that I’m saying that McCain’s great, it’s just that I disagree with Clinton and Obama and social issues such as abortion.

  8. gasdocpol Says:

    If McCain’s government experience is so significant ,how come he said that he does not know much about economics and how come only recently he understood such rudiments of Iraqi politics as the difference betweern Sunnis, Shiites and Al Qaeda?

    In Oct 2002, Obama already had an impressive grasp of Mideast politics and military considerations of the iraq invasion.

    If you don’t like abortions, don’t have one. As a male, I would be in total agrrement with whatever women would vote on that question (either way)

  9. inkslwc Says:

    You keep bringing up McCain’s economics and his knowledge of the Mideast. I keep telling you that he has great flaws in these areas, so I’m not seeing your point in continuing to bring them up when I’ve agreed with you from the start.

    As a Christian, I feel that it’s not up to the general population of women to decide that, and I’ll vote to oppose abortions until Roe v. Wade is overturned.

    I also like McCain’s health care plan – let people buy plans from out of state in order to encourage competition, instead of some government plan like Obama or Clinton wants.

  10. gasdocpol Says:

    As a Christian , you should go back into your Bible and quote for me where Jesus taught about preemptive strikes and helping the rich by giving them tax cuts.

  11. gasdocpol Says:

    I have never failed to publish ANY response on my blog no matter how outrageous. In fact, the most outrageous one, are the easiest to respond to.

    If I have properly understand what you have said, you think that McCain’s lack of understanding of economics and foreign affair does not disqualify him to be President but his stand on abortions and his health care plan are much more important considerations.

    Although I consider Jesus Christ to be possibly one of the greatest men of all time if not the greatest, I am an agnostic and agree with Neitsche who said that the last Christian died on the cross. The Church started corrupting Jesus’ message starting with St. Paul.

  12. inkslwc Says:

    I’ve never said the Iraq War was the right decision, so going and finding Biblical passages about preemptive strikes would go against my belief.

    As for tax cuts – it should all be one tax rate. It’s not the government’s job, but the church’s to help the poor, and this shows how much the church has failed to do its job.

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