Fake Myspace of Mercades Nichols (the Girl Who Kidnapped and Beat Victoria Lindsay) Shows that People Have No Decency

So, I wrote a post earlier today about the beating of Lakeland, 16-year-old Florida cheerleader Victoria Lindsay.  One of the criminals was 17-year-old Mercades Nichols, from neighboring Mullberry.  Warning, the following contains very graphic language:

She is one of the 8 teenagers who committed the kidnapping as well, so she could face as much as life in prison plus 10 years.  A lot of people have linked to her fake Myspace page (http://www.myspace.com/rodeo_chick_413) which has now been taken down.  While it was still up, it said: “F*CK YALL! ID DO IT AGAIN!!” or “TO ALL OF YOU HATIN B*TCH *SS N*GGAS SENDING ME BULLSH*T HATE MAIL…F***CK YOU. ILL BEAT YO *SS TO! BRING IT B*TCHES DONT BE JUST SAYIN IT! AND IF YOU GOT SH*T TO SAY TO MY MOTHER THEN F*CKIN SAY IT TO HER. SHELL KICK YOUR *SS TO! -> http://www.myspace.com/pumpkinpie74”

This is just awful.  Why is it that after a heinous crime is committed, some sicko goes out and creates a fake Myspace page saying that she’d do it again if she could.  I’d charge this person with libel – there’s no excuse for it.

I’ve saved a copy of her Myspace page as a pdf (warning, again there is VERY graphic language on the following page): Mercades Nichols’ Fake Myspace.

I’m just appalled at how somebody can act so inhumanely – I’m actually speechless.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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37 Responses to “Fake Myspace of Mercades Nichols (the Girl Who Kidnapped and Beat Victoria Lindsay) Shows that People Have No Decency”

  1. Rachel Says:

    That is not her myspace page. Look at her blog and you can see the sign up date is 04/08/08 which is impossible because she is in JUVI. Here is the link to her real page which I found through Victoria’s myspace page.


  2. inkslwc Says:

    Both have a sign-in date of 4/9/08. Also, juvenile detention centers have internet access in Florida. According to http://www.djj.state.fl.us/policies_procedures/archived_policies/internet_access_offenders_djj_facilities.pdf, the sites are supposed to be educational, but there are ways to get around and just log in to Myspace quickly without anybody noticing.

  3. whatever Says:

    ummmm…actually, she’s right.
    blatant fake.
    if you go to someone’s blog, it says “sign up date” which is the date the page itself, the URL, was created, which differs from the “sign in date” mentioned by ink.
    sorri…but its a fact.
    also, if you look at the URL (which is right below the picture and above the message box) her “real” page is rodeo_chick_0413, probably her birthday considering her intelligence (or lack thereof).
    the “fake” URL is simply “rodeo_chick_413”.

    its something the drama idjits do on myspace…its not hacking per se, its more like mocking.
    on a brighter note, if you go the the real page, and click “view all comments” you can see that there ARE no threats, insults, views on said threats from other friends (which always happens…”dooood…she said THAT! blah blah blah” its like blood in the water, the drama sharks cant resist) responses to threats, or ANYTHING.

  4. melissa Says:

    I think that this is absolutely the most disgusting thing I have eve seen, and her mother deserves to be locked up as well. She has now erased all that was on the myspace page, but did anyone get the link she had posted on it? It was a link to an online encyclopedia page for the “The Mulberry Eight” I should have thought to save it or copy it but didn’t….The prosecutors would have a field day with that also.

  5. inkslwc Says:

    You’re correct – it’s fake (or at least not her original Myspace page – who knows, it’s possible she created anothe one, but I doubt it. I should note; however, that she is out of jail and would’ve been able to do it). When I first went on, I checked the URLs, but didn’t notice that the one had a “0” in front of the “413,” so that was my mistake.

  6. sauer kraut Says:

    Nichols is out of jail/juvie? When was she, or any of the other girls, released?

  7. inkslwc Says:

    Her mother said it on (I believe it was California) radio this morning. So either yesterday or this morning.

  8. a well wisher Says:

    bring them 8 animals to me and ill show them how to attack someone..i never hit women, but these 8 arent women..theyre trash…..that poor girl……..she didnt wanna fight, but them 8 bitches wouldnt take no for an answer…bring them to me and watch them scream…..

  9. Sickened Mother Says:

    Agree with well wisher…
    Minor or not, if that was my daughter, Justice would have been served with a baseball bat. Lock em up and throw away the key!!!
    And their parents… who breeds these animals??
    I have raised two teenagers and neither of them would even consider puttin their hands on another human for fear of what I would do to them.

    I can’t watch that video. One time was enough and I cried for the little girl. My prayers are with her that she heals and becomes a stronger woman!!

  10. tdb Says:

    Beating the offenders wouldn’t be enough. If they are this messed up now, it is only downhill for them. They will offer no redeeming qualities to society and should be removed. Bad parenting is a good start for this, but if at some point during your seventeen or eighteen years you don’t develop human decency somewhere along the way you have sealed your fate and don’t deserve to exist with the free population.

  11. adeline Says:

    i messaged the fake myspace before it was taken down and i had a conversation with the girl who made it (i knew it was fake, i messaged her about how i knew it was fake and she admitted to it being fake)

  12. Samantha Says:

    It was a FAKE page and anyone who went on that page and actually read it knew that it was fake. Mercades Nichols has a MySpace page that is not set to private. The point of that page was to have people that supporedt Victoria Lindsay and all who thought that this was absolutley a DISGUSTING act to express their opinions. That’s all. Don’t get your panites in a wad.

  13. Maya Says:

    Realistically, fighting fire with fire won’t do anything, but I do admit that I myself wouldn’t mind teaching these girls (and guys) what a real person who was raised on the streets can do. However, even if they get incarcerated, chances are they will be put back into society at some point – even earlier then their conditions state. They need to be educated and receive therapy to figure out how you can separate yourself from you r”human conscience” and become animal – as were these teens. They will most likely get theirs in jail from the other inmates – let’s just hope they do.
    Pray for the young girl, you hopefully will not remain a victim of this abuse and will move on with your life, with her head up and stronger self confidence. Justice will be served. I doubt anyone will allow it to be any other way.

  14. Mark K. Patrick Says:

    Just tne name and address of the Ugliest group of cheerleaders ever.

    Mercades Nichols, DOB 1/24/1991, 6124 West Calendar Court, Lakeland
    Mercedes Nichols (863) 619-5868 6124 Calendar Ct West Lakeland, FL 33813 http://www. myspace. com/rodeo_chick_0413
    April Cooper 14 (863) 619-5868 6124 Calender Ct West Lakeland, FL 33813
    Brittni Hardcastle, 177 (863) 712-5996 1242 Thomasville Circle Lakeland FL 33811
    Kayla Hassell, 15 (863) 569-3212 4535 Colony Rd Mulberry, FL 33860
    Britney Mayes, 17 (863) 255-7354 421 Carlton St Lakeland, FL
    Cara Murphy, (863) 502-4321 2262 Highland Creek Dr. Lakeland, FL

    Call them, find them, beat them – it’s morally justified.

  15. Carolyn Bullock Says:

    I really don’t know what to say everyone has said it all. All I can say is that God is not going to stand for this violence and the way we treat each other to much longer! Whatever happened to a 1 on 1 fight you go home with a busted lip or nose and some scares that hill and call it a day.

  16. Annette Says:

    I can’t imagine the fear that this poor girl went thru. To the dumbass girls that decided to “fix” a situation by creating a crime, all I want to say is…WAS IT ALL WORTH LOOSING YOUR FREEDOM OVER IT?

    One day you will be mothers and my dears..payback is a bitch…

  17. Scott Says:

    I think this was a really disgusting and uncalled for event. Six teens beating on another in a homemade movie with guys as lookouts. I also am disgusted with their parents whom seem to have condoned the violence which led to the poor girl loosing some sight and hearing. There are even some people trying to take advantage of the poor girl’s situation by making fake websites and funneling the money to themselves. These donations could help with the victum’s medical bills and/or attorney fees. Of where has our country gone to.

  18. Keith Says:

    Wait just a minute here. Let me get this straight. You’re more upset about a fake myspace page than you are about the fact this this little $@#^bag did what she did? How pathetic are you? Why not think about the victim here. Who cares about the criminals? I know I don’t. I think they should be all beaten to within an inch of their lives for doing something like this and that they should face eternal public humiliation for what they have done here. As a parent I’ve got to say that should anyone ever do something like this to my child I wouldn’t just stop with the kids. I’d go after whole families. People need to start learning damn quick that retribution is real and will be quick and without mercy.

  19. inkslwc Says:

    Um … where do you get that impression? I did a whole other blog post about all 8 criminals. It’s the post right before this one, available here: https://inkslwc.wordpress.com/2008/04/08/8-teens-attack-a-girl-just-to-post-the-video-on-the-internet/

    Actually read before calling me pathetic.

  20. Ngmommy2006 Says:

    WOW…such strong words and opinions and feelings here… well here are a few of my own….what those girls did was wrong..no doubt about it, and they should all be punished…ok, now, maybe i’m the only one who is thinking this or maybe someone else is thinking this too and are afraid to say it…BUT WHY THE HECK DIDN’T SHE AT LEAST TRY TO FIGHT BACK??? There is no way in hell i would let someone beat me like! NO WAY! True it was more of them but i would have went out at least trying to kill one of those ho*s! But i do feel for her and her family…bet those cows aint talkin s**t now!!!! They are about to see what a real a** whoopin feel like! ha ha ha

  21. inkslwc Says:

    As somebody who’s been bullied before, I promise you, it’s better not to fight back.

  22. Xella Says:

    Does anyone know any or all of the girls myspace page or victorias?

  23. drkel007 Says:

    I agree with the other post which said if you are attacked, it is better not to fight back. Victoria is alive now because she did not provoke more retaliation by throughing punches. She does not look like she throughs a lot of punches anyway.

    At any rate, I would like to submit to all of you a scenario. Your parents are having trouble. You stay at a friends house. A safe haven if you will. You come home after school and 6 girl friends from school blindside you and leave you in a coma. You wake up. Somebody starts punching you again. You say, fine, I’ll leave. You can’t leave. Somebody else is blocking the door. 6 friends are yelling at you, screaming. They are still beating you. Perhaps you don’t hear them so much because you have lost hearing in one ear. Perhaps you don’t see them so much since you lost vision in one eye. Perhaps you don’t understand them so much since you just woke up from a coma.

    Assuming you survive this attack–not a given. Who would you turn to? Who are your real friends. If you need counselling, who would you ask to help–Dr. Phil?

    So you can see that this girl Victoria, will have definite trust issues, emotional scars, and physical problems for a long time. She needs our support and we, as a internet community that cares, has definitely got ours.

  24. Sally Struthers Says:

    I laughed my ass off the whole time i made it. I got a ton of compliments and a ton of morons who were so stupid to believe a page i made to be obviously fake was not fake.
    Do research. You said she was not in jail…..now we have the whole Dr. Phil bailing-her-out-shit. Guess you did not read the actually headlines before you wrote about them.
    Anyone who ask if it was fake was informed it was because THAT WAS THE POINT!
    What does any of this have to do with the Republican party??
    Peace out my fly hommie home slices!

    L to the W

  25. inkslwc Says:

    She was out of jail, as her mother stated.

  26. Sally Struthers Says:

    mmmmbop!!! insignificant pooooppaaahh shingy dingy ding dong.
    2 cents. 2 small. 4 anyone to care.

  27. Jay Says:

    Rather that argue back and forth about who said what, what is real and what is fake, I will say this…. hope they all end up incarcerated for a long time.

  28. aint_haten Says:

    well im obviously very late on posting but i would like to say this. send all 8 of the girls and the 2-3 guys involved to the bronx in nyc. and i will gladly show them what a real a$$ whooping is @ sally struthers no one is actually concerned with you havent you noticed yet your being ignored thats how ignorance is dealt with. i guarantee you nor any of your 8 friends are bad enough to handle anything coming your way if your show yourselves in nyc. 8-1 and that 1 will take each and every one of you out of here. as for the parents. i hope your going to be happy visiting your children in jail for the next 10 yrs. if that short a time. since this case made national news. no judge i his/her right mind is going to let them off. not if they want to be re elected again oh and remember this as long as your posting anyone with half a sense can get your ip and from that your address. i know of someone who has that information already. simple a$$ who laughing now

  29. tijn Says:

    does anybody got an working link the the movie on it?

  30. Kelvin Crauswell Says:

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  31. Weaver Says:

    What was your favorite toy as a child?

  32. Don't worry Says:

    Its funny how this stuff happens everyday but no one ever knows because it wasn’t on camera. If you watch the tape it is one on one. She could fight back. But she didn’t. Don’t talk about people you don’t know. And there is know proof that the boys were there. Did you see them? Didn’t think so.

  33. Reynaldo Says:

    @ Don’t worry : of course the boys were there. in their interrogation, they both testified that they had been acting as look outs during the incident. One of them (Stephen S.) some time warned the girls to make less noise…
    And: do you really think if Victoria had fought back, she would have had any realistic chance against 6 people?

  34. Meagan Says:

    That happened back in 2008.What are they doing this year?
    Did any of them get released yet? It feels like it’s been 10 years already

  35. good pub quiz names Says:

    In other words, they go against the grain of the careers their parents had.
    *Rounds table format. The food is decent and the drink specials on Tuesdays include $2.

  36. Sean Edward Moore (@SeanEdwardMoore) Says:

    goodbye er drew Victoria Lindsay Me You Chelleng You Bowling WWE And Wrestling Shows Of Mulberry Eight WWE NXTs Chorlet AkA Kayla Hassall Paige AkA April Cooper Becky Lynch AkA Brittany Mays I Love Them Is Not Happened In 2008 WM24 That Your Atlatute In Bad Crime Seen News Victoria Lindsey Ding Ding

  37. Jamielynn Says:

    I hope and pray to God that page is fake!!! Wow…Just…Wow

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