Older Bullies Beat Up a 10-Year-Old Girl, Breaking Her Hip

Is it just me, or have there been a LOT of stories about child violence lately?  Maybe it’s just that the media is reporting more after the whole 3rd graders’ murder plot, but regardless… in Erie, Pennsylvania, a couple days ago, 10-year-old Rikki Triana with her younger sister Nikki at the the Pfeiffer Burleigh playground with 2 other friends when 4 12- and 13-year-old girls 2 10- and 11-year old girls (the police and lawyers issued statements today about the charges filed.  Originally, the media had reported 4 12- and 13-year-old girls) came.  Rikki told WICU-12 “I’d say they were mean to me and harsh.  These two other girls were nice to us, they left because they knew probably what was going to happen so they ran home.”

Rikki Triana

The bullies threw water on Rikki and Nikki.  Rikki recounts what happened next: They “pulled my feet off the monkey bars my leg went this way and I started crying.  They started stomping on me.”

The cowards (any bully is a coward) ran off when two adults came, but police have been able to question one of them.  They’re still looking for the others.

Rikki had a broken hip, and had to have surgery on Friday.  3 pins were placed in her hip, but doctors don’t know if she’ll need hip replacement surgery later down the road.  She now prepares for 6 weeks of physical therapy before doctors assess her situation.

Personally, these 4 brats need to be charged with aggravated assault (under Pennsylvania Consolidate Statutes, Title 18, Chapter 27, § 2702 (a)(1), a felony of the first degree (a lawyer should argue that they caused serioius bodily injury, since the disfiguration of her hip is permanent, since she has pins in it).  And if any of the parents know that their kids were the bullies and aren’t coming forward, not only are those parents terrible human beings, but they are aiding and abetting criminals – so I’d charge them too (only if they know that their kids were the bullies).

Still – where were the parents here?  Children today are just terrible.  I’m not a person for lawsuits, but the Trianas do need to sue the other families here to pay for the medical bills in my opinion.  Poor little Rikki could have life long effects from this beating and she deserves some money in my opinion.  And the bullies – they deserve a whole lot more than just the minimum of 5 years for first degree aggravated assault.  In my opinion, they deserve the maximum penalty (which from what I’ve been able to research is 20 years – Pennsylvania doesn’t have their code online on a government website, so I’ve had to go look through some appeals cases, and it appears that the max is 20 years).  That will teach kids from stomping on a little girl and breaking her hip – they wouldn’t get out until they’re 32 or 33 – and they would whole-heardtedly deserve it!

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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60 Responses to “Older Bullies Beat Up a 10-Year-Old Girl, Breaking Her Hip”

  1. Paul Says:

    I mean, bullies beat people up, it’s not a new thing.
    I remember getting beat up on the way home from school and getting bloody noses and bloody lips, but I just went home and my parents taught me to stick up for myself.
    I mean, these kids deserve punishment, but I don’t think it’s really something that jail is going to fix.

  2. inkslwc Says:

    They broke her hip – I’m guessing she’ll have hip problems earlier than most people now. And why is it that assault is acceptable if your 13 but not 18?

  3. hoppersean Says:

    Not sure which is more disturbing the drunken riot that was the police’s fault or this story. Both posts point to the issue of accountability. People regardless of their age no longer seem accountable for their actions.

  4. inkslwc Says:

    Just curious, what made you decide that it was the police’s fault?

  5. hoppersean Says:

    Sorry, should have indicated that was Sarcasm. Got the impression from your post indicating a survey that 42% thought the students where to blame. Guessed the other 58% thought it was the polices fault.

  6. inkslwc Says:

    Actually – I just realized I had a typo – it was 58% placed it on the students – thanks – I fixed it now!

  7. hoppersean Says:

    No need for thanks. It’s still pretty disturbing that the percentages are that close.

  8. kristin Says:

    why did they beat her up?? did she do something to them??
    and is it like the new bullie accident where all8 people jumped a girl who had a lot!! of damages! (done to her)

  9. inkslwc Says:

    They don’t know why – I mean, she’s only 10 and had witnesses at the park.

  10. none Says:

    This Poor little gurl, thats terrible and wrong, they should be punished badly for what they did to this Little gurl!

  11. Get the facts Straight Says:

    The girls accused of this assault were not 13 or 14. They were 11 and 10. As to where were the parents, they were in the same place as the victim’s parents, at home not thinking that something like this would happen. WHo would have thought this could happen?

  12. inkslwc Says:

    I never said they were 13 or 14. I reported the ages of 12 and 13, just like the news stations in Florida did. It was only this morning that the lawyers for the accused said that the girls were 10 and 11.

  13. Adam Says:

    Are you kidding me? They BROKE her hip and stomped her head! Thats not a fat lip or getting punched in the stomach you idiot. This girl will have perm damage I mean a hip doesn’t ever heal properly. Thye should through the book at those little pyscopaths. This is a first sign to a violent person and there should be no debate weather or not to put these little punks behind bars. They are jueviniles and should be tried as such otherwise what is the point in having a jeuvinile justice departmen at all. lets just let them run wild and not be punished until they are 18? Don’t be a fool. They are just gonna get worse.

  14. Adara Says:

    I think if they don’t hold the kids responsible they need to hold the parents responsible and other thing schools do have the anit bully polices i think they should be taught. If they get away with this they will to worse one day!

  15. lisa Says:

    those girls need to be punished by the law! What is happening in our society?

  16. pumpkin Says:

    There is no question these young thugs should be punished and given treatment if they are just given one with out the other they wil grow up and become adult bullies or even worse.

  17. Barbara Osborn Says:

    Punish them and their parents … we often sit with our children and explain that the fighting we see on TV would never let people walk away from the fight. The injuries would be too severe. It is make believe.

    To have kids in our society acting out, and not being taught the consequences to severely attacking others is unforgivable. This is a sad day in our society… when parents do not teach their children, teachers and adult contacts are not allowed to teach young people that actions have consequences. We are in trouble if people do not wake up and realize the seriousness of turning a deaf ear to religion and morality… like it was not a vital part of our societies structure for a good reason.

  18. Robin Says:

    Those children should be punished for what they did. Obviously their parents need to be talked to also because where are they learning this. That child had no reason to have her hip broke. All this child and teen violence should not get anything simple to them. Jail may not solve it but something like serious counseling and a special home or something will.

  19. Lindsay Says:

    I think the girls that attacked the one should be prosecuted. I can remember girls getting mad at each other on the playground growing up, we laugh about it now. But we pinched each other pulled hair. We did not stomp on each other so hard that we were breaking bones. You learn way before you 10 yrs of age, that hurting others is not alright. If they are acting like this at such a young age, they will probably end up like those high school girls that are now being charged with kidnapping and battery.

  20. Traci Says:

    I think that even as 10 years old they should still send them to prison as they did with the teans. We always say that kids need to learn there leason. Yet if a perant spanks there kid they are punished so maby we need to let parents and teachers no adicuit punishments in these cases. Not only that but if by chance a 10 year old was to get life you could always lock them up in a housing facillity till there of age for prison and then send them to prison. I am stating this because I have been through it and in the town that I went through this stuff no one got punished for what they did either because there parents ment something to the town or it was never talked about. I believe we should start being stricked with any age kid for doing this kind of stuff. Look what ends up happoning to kids now they end up growing up like this and going on shute outs. I really believe that if we dont do something now kids will soon controle adualts and so forth. These kids have to be living proof of what will happon if you do these kinds of things. I say go full force and punish them all as adaults.

  21. Chuck Says:

    This is just the beginning. There will be more from these rotten mutations that pass for children unless they are so traumatized by some action taken by authorities or their parents that they will be terrified at the thought of ever doing such a heinous act again. Their feelings and their future are irrelevant. However, if you want to consider their future, think of what it will be if they don’t stop their disgusting behaviour.

  22. ruth Says:

    The parents should be held accountable for their minor children’s behavior. If children were rasied with morals and ethics, more would be non-violent

  23. ruth Says:

    The parents should be held accountable for their minor children’s actions since they obviously were not taught any morals or effective problem solving techniques.

  24. GUMMY BEAR Says:


  25. GUMMY BEAR Says:


  26. Sarah Says:

    When I here things like this, the first thing that comes to my mind is what is going on in the homes and what is going through the child’s head that would choose to treat another person the way they did. If anything the punishment should not just be serving some kind of time, i.e. Detention center, community service but should be court ordered the child should participate in individual and family therapy.

    Yes, bullying has been going on for generations but we all know that a bullying is not coming from a child that comes from a home where good standards and morals are being taught nor in a home that generates positive high self esteem in a child.

    We need to start preventing instead of always having to intervene (at this point it is too late, someone is hurt or even dead).

  27. Anarch1st Says:

    In a system that both substitutes social values as justice and equality for entertainment and popularity on the basis of a dog-eats-dog race that is our society, the derangement of younger generations is the logical next step cause they are the most vulnerable to that kind of infuence.
    On this days Human Dignity can and is bought for the sake of entertaining and climbing up the social stairway, Human Condition is underestimated and substituted by the glamour of being “in”, Human Values that have been discussed all through the long history of Humanity are being put away and ridicularized. The Human Being is being slowly turned into an utilitarian robot, able to serve, not to think. And all we do is wonder why is everything falling apart so quickly, why isnt everything like before when people were more authentic and peaceful. Then we tune on the TV and get back to our tv shows erasing from our mind such tragic events as this one, or to the books and magazines or to our complex social and love lives.
    We are turning into automatons. We are turning into robots. And we are doing nothing about it.

    Fuck Capitalism!
    Fuck Democracy!

  28. Jennifer Says:

    At ten years old, those kids were old enough to know what they were doing. Yes, they should be punished by a crimminal system,juvenile Hall. I am a 4th grade teacher, so I teach 10 year olds and trust me my students know extly what they are doing at all times and they do know what is right and wrong. Sometimes kids can be mean.

  29. Debbie Says:

    The children who caused the injury should be held in juvenile detention and their parents pay fines and court fees. There is definitely going to be a lawsuit (if the parents of the bullies are employed) because the medical expenses for the injured girl have to get paid.

  30. Melissa Says:

    UNBELEIVEABLE, any of you who think this should go no further than the school and family counciling…get some MORALS! My kids come home everyday..”so and so pushed me, so and so hit me” did you tell the teacher?? “yes, they didnt do anything” THERE is your answer…they DIDNT DO ANYTHING..so tell me..is the school REALLY gonna teach any kind of lesson here?? Obviously the village tat needed to raise these punk kids failed misserably and so they need intervention OTHER than school with thier slap on the hand tactics. I am SO SICK and tired of hearing about this kind of stuff…It gets worse..why?? Because we think the schools will actualy parent our kids FOR US…well your wrong, very very wrong! These days I am left with no choise but to tell my kids that they need only fight back WHEN nessesary…NOT when a kids SAYS something they didnt like…I know I did my job as a parent because my children are NOT bullies…Now its time for THIER parents to GROW UP, take the pot outta thier mouths, clear the smoke in your house, get an education or pick up a book for god’s sake and PARENT YOUR FREIKIN CHILDREN! I am discusted with your type pf people…dont tell me I am jusdging…STOP giving me reason to judge and I will!! Stats say it all..and guess what..yoru kids will be JUST LIKE YOUR SORRY ASS…

  31. elaine willigar Says:

    I agree that these kids need to be punished by the school. But detention or writing 1,000,000 times on the board “I will not do that again” is the most asinine statement I’ve heard in a long time, especially from a lawyer.They should at least be shown what COULD happen to them in the future, if they continue to act this way. I also feel that the parents should be held somewhat responsible for their children’s actions. They should be punishing these kids beyond the punishment that the school will decide on. What happened to admitting and accepting responsibility for one’s actions??? Obviously, these kids have never been taught that!!! The lawyer stated that the court system is too traumatic for these kids to experience. How traumatic do you think it was for the 10 year old to experience the beating??

  32. Katherine Says:

    I agree completely. I think that the parents of these evil kids should be sued to the hilt for everything they own. These kids knew damn well what they were doing and in my book if you’re going to do the crime..you need to do the time. Parents today are to wrapped up in themselves and letting their kids watch whatever they want on tv instead of monitoring what they are viewing and then when something like this happens then all of a sudden their shocked. Teachers don’t do a damn thing..where the hell were they when all of this was taking place..I’ll tell you where they were, they were all standing around in their own little group instead of supervising the playground. These little brats should have the same thing done to them as they did to that poor little girl. Parents today obviously don’t care what their kids are doing as long as they aren’t bothering them. These parents in particular shouldn’t have been allowed to breed, the mothers should have swallowed! Sometimes kids can be mean???? This goes beyond mean! This is downright mortifying!! I agree with Melissa, not only do the parents need to pull their heads out of their ass, but so do the teachers. To the 4th grade teacher..do you not know the difference between mean and criminally wrong??? I don’t know what you’re smoking lady, but it must be good, because you’re last statement just blew me away…kids can be mean..give me a freakin break.

  33. Traci Says:

    OK here it is. For one this did not happon at a school. Some parents teach there kids to fight for incompitant reasons also. I also know some of the children that beat me up when I was younger there parents did teach them morals and how there supose to behave. Here is the thing as a young troubled teen for all I went through I can honestly say this. Kids are just as capable as an adault of making there own decissions and of doing good or bad. This includes sex, drugs, fights, any thing even crimes. To blame the parent or school when it did not happon on school grounds is wrong. I do believe in the counciling of those kids with the family involvement. But I also would love to see these kids hold an example to all kids who choose to do something as stupid as this in the future. They have to realize there are consiqences for actions made. I hope they throw the full book at them without looking back. Then do like what the rapist have to do is that for the rest of there lives they keep there teen record and they also have to register as Fellony agrivated asalt recipients once they are released as adaults from prison so that this will follow them for the rest of there lifes. Do you relize what kind of careers out there this record will ruin for them. So by all means I hope they don’t deal with this in such a light way or kid’s will come to relize no matter what they do they can get away with it.

  34. Traci Says:

    I only have a few more things i would like to say. I forgot I was at a different news sight. If it did happon at a school then the school should also be punished for not doing what they are supose to do. If sertine people do somethings they get punished when other more popular kids do things that are the same things they don’t.
    One more thing I want to say. What is this world coming to? Even kids that have seen the video’s of these kids getting beaten have said they are imbarist to be in this generation of kids. They are left with no words to say. Makes a person wonder if they really want to have a child in todays sociaty. Cause this is not the only topic of children beating up other children. As of recently 8 kids have beaten up on one girl and may have caused this girl to louse her sight and hearing on her left side for the rest of her life. And all over a massage posted on myspace. What ever the massage was was not worth the trouble of a beating. But suposable a hacker made the message and now a days I wouldn’t dought that either. Really what is this world and sociaty coming to?

  35. Katherine Says:

    WAYCROSS, Ga. (Map, News) – Police say they have questioned a group of south Georgia third-graders about a plot to kill their teacher, apparently because she had scolded one of them for standing on a chair.

    The nine students at Center Elementary School are too young to be charged with a crime under Georgia law, a prosecutor said. They include girls and boys, ages 8 and 9. Authorities withheld the students’ names.

    Waycross Police Chief Tony Tanner said school officials alerted police Friday after a pupil tipped off a teacher that a girl had brought a weapon to school,

    Police seized a broken steak knife, handcuffs, duct tape, electrical and transparent tape, ribbons and a crystal paperweight from the students, who apparently intended to use them against the teacher, Tanner said.

    He called the plot a serious threat.

    “We estimate between six to nine students were involved. … We’re not sure at this point in the investigation how many of the students actually knew the intent was to hurt the teacher,” Tanner said.

    The parents of the students have cooperated with investigators, who aren’t allowed to question the children without their parents’ or guardians’ consent, he said.

    The alleged target was a veteran educator who teaches third-grade students with a range of learning disabilities, including attention deficit disorder, delayed development and hyperactivity, friends and parents said.

    Tanner said the plot apparently began taking shape last week after the teacher chastised a girl about standing on a chair.

    Police expected to forward the results of their investigation to prosecutors, Tanner said.

    Children in Georgia can’t be charged with a crime unless they are at least 13, District Attorney Rick Currie said.

    Theresa Martin, spokeswoman for the Ware County school system, said administrators would follow school system policy and state law in disciplining the students.

    “From what I understand, they were considered pretty good kids,” Martin said. “But we have to take this seriously, whether they were serious or not about carrying this through, and that’s what we did.”

    Four mothers of other third-grade students at Center Elementary called for the immediate expulsion of the suspected plotters.

    Stacy Carter and Deana Hiott both cited school system policy stating that any student who brings “anything reasonably considered to be a weapon” is to be expelled for at least the remainder of the school year.

    “We don’t want our children around them,” said Carter, who learned about the incident from a teacher at the school Friday night. “The one with the knife could have stabbed my child or someone else’s child at lunch or out on the playground.”

    “This is an isolated incident, an aberration. … We have good kids,” said Center Principal Angie Coleman.

    So where are the parents in this case??? What is the world coming to?? Children are not suppose to be in control..the ADULTS are. We have third graders plotting against their teacher because they don’t believe they are to be punished. The way these kids are going it sure doesn’t sound like the parents are in charge..not when you have little third graders doing things like this. Where’s the discipline??

  36. inkslwc Says:

    Katherine, I did a post on that story as well, available here: https://inkslwc.wordpress.com/2008/04/01/3rd-graders-plot-to-harm-teacher-cant-be-charged-with-a-crime/

  37. Katherine Says:

    it just amazes me that kids are so completely out of control.

  38. Classified Says:

    Girls have just become monsters now a days. most are evil and twisted.

  39. Katherine Says:

    I agree, they are wicked little creatures these days.

  40. Traci Says:

    I hope I am not stepping on the bondries here but look at sociaty. Not the T.V.’s and what is on the net. I’m saying how adault’s treat each other and react to situation’s. Even law enforcement now has gone ary and yes sometimes teacher’s and others we are to look up to and trust. Parents may think they are not teaching there kids things when they blow up and explode at situations or make comments at the stuff they see on T.V. but kids do learn from that stuff and the stuff around them. We as parents need to start and set out kids down when we relize maby not right away but some time in the day we may over react at stuff and let kids know what we do is wrong sometimes and even as adaults we are not perfect and teach are kids better on how to deal with situations. We just seem not to care no more. Even as suposid trusted sociaty leaders such as cops and teachers. Even someone as simple as a receptionist in a doctors office can be rude and teach children how to act. It needs to stop and it needs to start with all not just some or parents but all adaults.

  41. lundunboieee Says:

    I’m only 18, but from what I remember about being a kid at that age, anything goes ! if someone was in the park who you got a bad vibe from, you’d water fight them, or trip them up when you’re playing tag or whatever. I’m not saying that this wasnt a terrible event, a poor girl is stuck with a messed hip for life, but I highly doubt the girls that did it were evil and set out to break some hips that day. If it was intentional then I take my words ack and they deserve their hips broken, but otherwise, let bygones and such? maybe make them wear a t-shirt every weekend for a while with “I BROKE A GIRLS HIP BECAUSE I’M A BULLY” on it. public shame? sticking two 10-11 year old girls in prison for 20 years isnt solving anyones problems.

  42. inkslwc Says:

    But kids need to learn that actions have consequences. This “anything goes” mentality is why 13-year-olds kill people and aren’t charged as adults.

    Whether or not they meant to break her hip, they did. And now they need to be charged with assault and battery and pay the price for it.

  43. rose Says:

    i think what cruel and sudden,bullies these days just wanna be cool i bet someone dared them to do it for somehting!Just the reporter said they should get 20 years max they deserve it,they had a a choice to not be up that girl!i REALLY think they should get 5,000,000 years max!!!(that should do it!:)) )

  44. inkslwc Says:

    And if somebody dared them to do it, they should be charged with conspiracy to commit assault and battery and/or inciting a riot (if there were enough bullies involved, a good prosecutor could get this charge as well).

  45. rose Says:

    i hav another comment,like lundunboieee said we shouldn`t stick them in prison but maybe juvie or a detention center 1 1/2 years you no… like in that book and movie “Holes”.i think that will solve everything alot better. srry bout what i said be4!bye!

  46. inkslwc Says:

    I think that’s too lenient. Kids need to learn that severe things have severe consequences.

  47. nikki s playground Says:

    […] murder plot, but regardless?? in Erie, Pennsylvania, a couple days ago, 10-year-old Rikki Thttps://inkslwc.wordpress.com/2008/04/06/older-bullies-beat-up-a-10-year-old-girl-breaking-her-hip/The Writing PlaygroundNikki??s response? She decides that murmured thought makes her want to swoon. […]

  48. cc4prez Says:

    While it’s true that what the four girls did was awful, and that they do deserve to be punished, they are only 10 and 11. No child deserves to be locked up their entire life for one mistake.

    With that said, instead of just punishing these four girls, the school system could implement a county-wide program to stop bullying. C’mon people, lets be proactive!!! 🙂

  49. Dinescielve Says:

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  50. im 10 and not scared Says:

    im 10 and still not scared. But im not a bully. But i do feal bad about that girl!

  51. Leave me the fuck alone Says:

    Leave us alone! We didnt do nothin! She punched my little sis in the face so my bud stomped on her!

    And im ganna take up more space!


    its fake im just doin this to act like a feelin

  52. Yasirah Says:

    Nice post! love this blog

  53. rikki Says:

    i was just shockt when tht happened 2 me and thank u 4 every thng.and those girls will be punished from god so i dont about them.and i migh still hav 2get a nother surgary aftr my b-d,the 30th

  54. RIKKI TRIANA Says:

    got surgary sept 7 2010 and then another 1 i dnt rember the date but just heling

  55. albert Says:

    I’d would sue the parents of those invovled and leave them penniless, because those behaviors would be noticed by any responsible parent. Do not let me know, my child would not do that fu**** outta here with that b.s.

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  57. Kostenlose Ficken Porn Says:

    would sue the parents of those invovled and leave them penniless As well!!!

  58. rikki triana Says:

    they had to sell there couch to get the house monitor.

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  60. Lalah Says:

    Me, my sisters, my cousin and some childhood friends were all bullied by a 16 year old girl living in the neighborhood. She’d come by the sand box while we were playing and threaten us. But that was as far as it went.

    Even though there were five of us, we ranged in age from 8 to 13 years old. This girl was an amazon at six feet tall and she must have weighed 180 pounds. We were just little kids and were scared senseless by her words alone.

    Nowadays, bullies are just about demon possessed. Causing a 10 year old to need a hip replacement? That’s insane on every level. I shudder to think what’s going on in these bullies homes. Something is seriously off when you’re willing to beat up a 10 year old girl and her sister for no apparent reason.

    People aren’t pin cushions. You can’t just throw someone to the ground and stomp them because you’re bored. I hope and pray these kids learn from the consequences of their actions before it’s too late for them and their future becomes bleak.

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