Detroit Schools Graduate only 66% of SENIORS

So I was watching FOX news just now and they gave the statistic that “Detroit graduates only 66% of seniors,” emphasizing that only 66% of the kids who make it all the way to their senior year actually graduate.  So that means that the graduation rate of kids who enter Detroit public schools at kindergarten is probably below 50%!  If you carry out the 66% rate down to just 10th grade (assuming that 33% drop out each year, like they do in their senior year), you’d have a rate of 28.75% of sophomores will graduate.  Now, I can’t believe that this pattern continues, otherwise the graduation rate when kids enter school at kindergarten would be below 0.4509%, but the fact that 33% of Detroit seniors won’t graduate is just sad!  What’s wrong with education in Detroit?

I say a lot of it has to do with the teachers, like those who go on strike RIGHT BEFORE the school year is supposed to start – that doesn’t show a commitment to the kids – that shows greed.  Michigan has some of the best paid teachers in the nation – Detroit schools need to get their act together – in fact, the whole city needs to improve.  I still say Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson should just take it over and clean it up – he’s done a great job in Oakland County, I’m sure he could clean up Detroit.

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3 Responses to “Detroit Schools Graduate only 66% of SENIORS”

  1. christian Says:

    I would say there are a multitude of reasons for the accelerating dropout rate; single to no-parent households, no real parental figure if even if a parent in the household, an economically depressed and forgotten city going on 40 years, an extremely corrupt government, waste, mismanagement, lack of support from neighboring cities, etc.

    The last one is something I often find that people in the suburbs don’t have any concept of. Quite often I am told “Fuck Detroit” or “I’m never going there” which I find interesting. How do these people think the suburbs will fare when the major city falls into an potentially irreversible despair and economic decline? Well, I think we have the answer if we look at the current situation…bad.

    I don’t think it’s fair to put a 30+ year problem on teachers. All the problems leading up to the eventual dropout have their origin outside school. In fact all the problems originate outside of school. School, as a social conditioning system, only works when there the system it was created for exists outside of school. I have lived in Detroit, not in those wonderful little oases like Indian Village, and the story and mood from the inside is another world from the outside. The wall between Detroit and everywhere else was built by my parents generation. Both sides are guilty of a myopic fear, racism, bigotry and being manipulated by local governments to keep a lucrative system in place.

    Also, to compare one of the wealthiest counties in the entire United States, Oakland County, to Wayne County seems a bit naive. I would love L. Brooks Patterson to enter in what I could only imagine being an extremely hostile environment. Racism and status quo go both ways.

    Don’t get me wrong, I would also love to see the city turn around whatever it takes, but I saw what happened when Kwame Kilpatrick first was elected. Racism aside, he was elected over Freman Hendrix because he was more black, the hip-hop mayor. That’s what you get when you elect the person you want to have a beer with.

    …and that’s why last year I left.

    ranting no-affiliation

  2. obbop Says:

    The Chinese in California, whether new immigrants or 5th generation Americans through-and-through, sure do well educationally. I think it’s culture with parents being the most important part of the equation. But, we have to blame schools or teachers or Whitey or whatever for personal and/or cultural failings.

  3. inkslwc Says:

    I would agree – that a lot of it is a lack of parenting, a point that I’ve made a theme over the last few days.

    And you bring up a good point about the racism – look at cities like Taylor, Wyandotte, and Ecorse, where you still have extreme racial differences and that has caused extreme racial tensions.

    The suburbs need to stand up and stop the crumbling of the area – like the strip club trying to move into Lincoln Park. If businesses like that come to the area, the suburbs will go down the hill and Wayne County will fall.

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