Possibly One of the Scariest Clinton Pictures I’ve Seen

I found this one on on Javno:


Something about that and the peace sign is just freaky.  Combine with knowledge that she’s running for President and I have nightmares.

Done Shuddering,

Ranting Republican
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10 Responses to “Possibly One of the Scariest Clinton Pictures I’ve Seen”

  1. myk Says:

    Hold in that hit Hillary!

  2. Irving Says:

    Pictures lie… so does she.

    Go Obama!

  3. seventymph Says:

    Do not think Obama is exempt.

  4. magus71 Says:

    Perhaps listening to National Public Radio will quell all of our fears about another Clinton regime. Or perhaps not…. http://magus71.wordpress.com/2008/04/02/warning-listening-to-npr-may-lower-testosterone-in-males/

    Admin edit: I put a space between the elipsis and the link so that the link word work.

  5. Naturewalker Says:

    What ignornace!

    Whether Hillary would make a good president or a bad one has nothing to do with her looks.

    Why not talk about something that makes a little more sense?!

  6. inkslwc Says:

    After writing 174 other stories about her, I feel that I have the right to make fun of 1 picture of her.

  7. seventymph Says:

    Lighten up Naturewalker.

  8. Associated Press Gives McCain the Ultimate Prize: Sprinkle Doughnuts « Republican Ranting Says:

    […] that’s our humor for the day – I enjoy taking a break every once in a while to bring you the lighter side of the news and 2008 election […]

  9. Chauncey Chaddock Says:

    Great joy to come by here and find you busy. Glad to study your freshest posts.

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