Texas 14-Year-Old Kills Newborn in Toilet

Here’s a story from Baytown, Texas: In Cedar Bayou Junior High School, a 14-year-old 8th grader gave birth to a “near full-term” baby this yesterday morning and then tried to flush him/her (the sex has not been released at this point) down the toilet, killing the infant.

Lieutenant Eric Freed of the Baytown Police Department told reporters, “We understand that the baby was alive when it was born and that the girl attempted to flush the child down the toilet.  The child died as a result of these actions.”  A girl walked into the bathroom and heard the baby crying, but when she had gotten to the nurse and the principal, the child was already dead (KPRC Local 2 News).

Apparently, people didn’t even know that the girl was pregnant.  “According to everyone I talked to, no one knew that she was pregnant. … The staff handled it beautifully.  I can’t tell you they weren’t upset because they were.  Everyone was upset.  It’s a very upsetting situation.  It’s a sad situation,” Kathy Clausen a representative from the Goose Creek Independent School District told reporters.

Police have said that the father is not yet known.

Police have also said that this case is being treated as a homicide, but investigators are making sure that the death was not an accident.

This case comes after another 14-year-old secretly gave birth to a baby earlier this week.

This case just saddens me, angers me, and shocks me.  Did the girl NOT think that somebody would find out about this?

And what are these girls doing?  I don’t mean to be vulgar, but if a 14-year-old girl can’t keep her legs together, she’s nothing but a whore.  And to go and MURDER your OWN CHILD because you can’t accept the consequences of your actions shows that you are not MATURE enough to be having sex!  (Not that I’m saying that even if she would have given birth to it and kept it that she wouldn’t have some serious problems).  What is it with American teenagers and sex!  Like I said in a previous post, there have been FIFTH graders caught having sex.  That’s barely even POSSIBLE!  5th graders don’t even have to properly developed body parts to engage in sex!

And where are the parents in this case?  Some blame has to be placed on them, at least for not talking to the girl about sex and not getting pregnant.  Like I’ve said in these posts: https://inkslwc.wordpress.com/2008/04/01/3rd-graders-plot-to-harm-teacher-cant-be-charged-with-a-crime/ and https://inkslwc.wordpress.com/2008/04/03/murderous-3rd-graders-bullies-and-punishing-minors/ the kids of today are heading for DISASTER!

This girl, assuming that this wasn’t an accident, and I don’t see how it could be, needs to be arrested and prosecuted with 1st degree murder, and in my mind given the death penalty.  There’s no reason that this girl should not know what she did was murder, and frankly, she needs to be made an example of so that teenagers in the future DON’T do this (and yes, the law allows for somebody to be made an example of).  Frankly, ANYBODY who commits infanticide should be given the death penalty.  Otherwise we’ll wind up like Cuba.  Cuba claims one of the lowest infant mortality rates, but that’s because they don’t include infanticide cases in infant mortality rates.

Stuff like this MUST be stopped, or we’re going to see future generations just crash and burn.  I really hate to think about what America will become when today’s teenagers, and even my generation are the ones in power.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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41 Responses to “Texas 14-Year-Old Kills Newborn in Toilet”

  1. Lucero Says:

    thank u for having the same mindset as me i’m glad i’m not the only one who feels this way…

  2. Barack Obama: Children Lack a “Hunger to Learn” and Parents Must “Turn off the Television” and “Video Games” « Republican Ranting Says:

    […] Texas 14-Year-Old Kills Newborn in Toilet […]

  3. Renee Says:

    Everyone wants to scream and yell when someone kills a baby but what about ABORTION? It is the same thing! Had this girl gone in a few months before to planned parenthood, they would have helped her murder her child and it would have been perfectly acceptable. As long as that is going on in this country, no one has the right to lay a hand on this child.

  4. inkslwc Says:

    I think anybody who gets an abortion should get the death penalty. Unfortunately, the law isn’t on my side right now, but I hope that some time in the near future, it will be.

  5. MEV Says:

    Yikes. What a terrible, TERRIBLE thing to do! =(

    But an abortion isn’t really murder — to a human. A baby can live in its own once it’s out of the womb. They can’t do that when they’re zygotes.

  6. madmonq Says:

    Pardon me. But your assuming she was a willing participant in the sex. Yeah attempted flushing of a newborn is f-ed up. But your an a$$hole to immediately assume she was a slut.

  7. inkslwc Says:

    Abortion is murder – a newborn can’t survive on it’s own after birth either. I define a human at conception, but we’re never going to agree on this.

    I probably shouldn’t have assumed that, but by now, if she had been raped, the police would’ve issued a statement.

  8. Bubba's Sis Says:

    I blogged about this, too – the story has bothered me all week. This was a case of a baby having a baby, and the outcome was tragic. This kind of thing must be stopped. Our society has made sex more and more acceptable, and girls are getting younger and younger when they do have sex (and I guess the boys, too). It’s all just disturbing. Especially when you have a 14-year-old daughter like I do. I don’t worry one bit that she would end up in this same situation, but to think that any girl her age would is just sad.

  9. S to the Onya Says:

    If you’re going to judge a middle school *CHILD* on the same terms you would as an adult, there are more problems you have other than being annoying. CHILDREN do stupid things, like flush their new born baby down the toilet. To suggest punishing her with the death penalty is pure lunacy.

    She was scared. A very scared young girl. She panicked. Sh*t happens. Children do stupid things, and even stupider things when they’re in extreme situations.

    Our society is very sex crazed. Being sexy and wanted and being a great sex partner is what is our society’s definition of femininity. Blame our society, don’t crucify this girl. She was just trying to conform to the socially accepted female role – the same one you call whore/ho/etc.

    She doesn’t need your judgment. You should be ashamed of yourself. She might just “go off the deep end” with this fiasco and kill herself. And your blog might just be the one she reads that sends her there. I guess that might make you a murderer, in a manslaughter type way…

  10. inkslwc Says:

    “Children do stupid things, like flush their new born baby down the toilet?” Do you hear yourself? You are JUSTIFYING this like it’s no big deal. SHE KILLED A PERSON!

    I think it was Scott Peterson (one of the recent high-profile Michigan murderers anyway) who climed that he killed his wife not on purpose, but he got mad and started to choke her, not meaning to kill her. Well, this was an accident – let’s not judge him either!

    And just because this girl got pregnant and is conforming to society, that doesn’t mean she can go kill her kid. Give it up for adoption, and get your life back on track. There are crisis pregnancy centers ALL over the country.

    It’s not acceptable to kill somebody.

    No – this is not a stupid thing that children do. It’s murder. And it’s scary that you can justify murder so easily. I’m scared to think of what “stupid things” you may have done as a “child” – another thing. Societies years ago didn’t makeit so that 18 was an adult. 16 or even 13 was. The point is – you don’t have to be 18 to know that murder is wrong.

  11. Disgusted Says:

    With the exception of a few, you people are completely pathetic.

    Get over yourselves.

    She was just a terrified fourteen year old girl in a completely overwhelming situation. She was not equipped to deal with the situation at all – she was just a child herself. And to say that a child should be given the death penalty?? What is the world coming to!? I’m not condoning what she did, but really, try for a moment to put yourself in her shoes. Oh wait. You can’t? That’s right, you’re all perfect.

  12. inkslwc Says:

    Oh yeah – she was just a scared teenager, so she made a stupid mistake and KILLED somebody – let’s just give her detention! “What is this world coming to?” you asked – you’re right – it’s people like you that show teens like her that if you make a really bad decision, it’s ok – we’ll let it slide, because you’re not 18. Come on – she knew what she was doing. 14-year-olds know that that’s wrong. Give the girl some credit – she’s not an idiot, just a murderer.

  13. Katie Says:

    Her lawyer is going around saying the chick didnt know she was pregnant or had even given birth.. WTF COME ON PEOPLE.. i think any chick would know if a watermelon sized something was coming out of them..
    fuck.. some kids are so fucking stupid..

    its disgusting.. my kids arent even going to be allowed to watch TV.. well not the SHIT thats on today..
    this what you get when people buy thier kids fucking BRATZ DOLLS.. i blame it soley on MOTHERS who turn thier daughters into WHORES.. its all thier fault they were girls once.

  14. inkslwc Says:

    Didn’t know she was pregnant – I’ll give the lawyer that one. It’s possible.
    Didn’t know something just tore through a part of her body – not buying it.

  15. Say Holy cow Says:

    No one knew she was pregnant where are her parents! Of course not watch and taking care of their child. She could give the baby to the safe drop off location. But to murder a child she should be punished for her crime. Regardless of the insane ideas the courts, parents have. She took a human life. I hope that she sees that image of the child in her head until the day she passes away. Why not stuff her in the toliet as well she deserves it. Don’t make excuses for her she did wrong let her serve the time:( Everyone is scared but make the correct decsion.

  16. PGD Says:

    Dear God! I sure hope you don’t call yourselves “Christians.” Based on what I read here, I’d have to say you have no Christian compassion or moral character. What is this country coming to with people so full of hate?

    You are responsible for what happens in this world–and one day you may have to give an account of your actions and attitudes. What have YOU done to make the world a better place?? Save your hate-filled, snide responses. It’s between you and your God.

  17. PGD Says:

    PS: I just read your post on the Supreme Court ruling not to allow the death penalty for child rapists. Mister, you are one scary dude! You don’t want the death penalty for child rapists but you DO want it for their victims, if they are are terrified and alone enought to commit a desperate act like this. What kind of monster are you?

  18. inkslwc Says:

    Um, I supported the death penalty for child rapists.

  19. Sam Says:


  20. Sam Says:

    Police: Mom Admits Burying Teen’s Baby in Backyard.

    Bond denied for Evanston teen charged with killing baby.

    Teen mum bailed on manslaughter charge.

    Teen Accused Of Assaulting Newborn.

    Teen charged with beating girlfriend’s infant.

  21. ROFL Says:

    Ah, conservatives are hilarious.. a 14 yo is a “whore” and “murderer” .. what was that thing in the bible about judging? Prepare to burn, folks, I can hardly wait!!

  22. inkslwc Says:

    Well, we can’t prove that she’s a whore (but they’ve offered no other logical explanation other than she’s easy), but she is a murderer – you can’t deny that.

  23. madmonq Says:

    Can you please link the other logical explanation where the police stated or infered the suspect was “easy”? If not see my first post under this topic.

    It still could have been a nonconsentual situation. The shame of it would make it easy to stay silent about the rest. After all she did kill a child.

    Otherwise please, you are entitled to an opinion. Something about the lack of morals in America blah blah blah blah blah. A fourteen year old girl is generally not a menace to society nor is a practiced cold-blooded killer.

    Your lack of mercy also indicates a lack of morals. That much pretty confirmed by your crappy attitude toward another child in what is a really f-ed up situation.

  24. inkslwc Says:

    I never said the police said that. The “they” referred to her lawyers. Her and her lawyers didn’t immediately come forward and say she was raped. Don’t you think she’d kinda want to tell people that she’s not “easy” if it wasn’t true? Do I know for sure that she wasn’t raped? No – only she knows that. Am I HIGHLY confident that she wasn’t raped? Absolutely.

  25. Now thats messed up Says:

    Holy CRAP!!!! What the heck is going on? Im just a year(almost 2) older than this girl! Ive already had 2 friends pregnant (1 rape and one not) I can agree with some of the things u said but not the death penalty shes 2 young. was she raped? or is she just easy? but I blame this crap(girls getting pregnant so young) on sick perverts, brittney spears and her sister, Mary-Kate and Ashley,Barbie(sp) My sceen, and BRATZ! I didnt like them when I was little. and I cant see how some parents let there kids have or listen these things. And the bible has nothing 2 do with anything. GOD may not even be real. If hes not then some of you people have wasted a LOT of time. Some of the things Ive said may not make sence or sound stupid but wow the world right now is in DEEP trouble if this keeps happening.

  26. None. Says:

    14 year old mom may be charged in newborn’s death

    A newborn died as a result of being submerged in a school toilet in Baytown and having toilet paper stuffed down his throat, the Harris County medical examiner said Monday after a two-month investigation. The autopsy also found blunt trauma to the infant boy’s head and neck and declared his death to be a homicide.

    The boy’s 14-year-old mother, who police believe may have tried to flush her son down the toilet, told authorities she never knew she was pregnant when she gave birth on April 2 at Cedar Bayou Junior School. The girl has acknowledged to a counselor, however, that she was afraid to tell her parents about having sexual relations.

    At the most, her attorney Gerald Yoakum said, the 14-year-old thought she was having a miscarriage. The infant weighed 7 pounds and was 16 inches long when buried, Yoakum said. He believes the baby arrived two months early, but Baytown police said they believe he was full-term.

    Investigators have stated the baby “cried at least once” before his mother attempted to flush him down the toilet.


    I hope she’s charged. Stuffing toilet paper down his throat? And it seems blunt force trauma to the head and neck? Murder. She was afraid to tell her parents she’d had sex. It wasn’t rape. Yeah. The end.

  27. =\ Says:

    wow truly a shocking story. But I can help but realize that what If she was raped? and too afraid of telling anyone. But I do agree that killing a baby was definantly the wrong thing do. But I also can’t help to think she was probly also scared, and it was probly a good idea at the time. I am also 14, and wouldent want to tell anyone I was raped because of all of my reputation and feelings of others towards me, it doesnt matter people will still think your a whore even if it wasint your fault. I’m not supporting her at all. Because if she did do it at will, then she she should have had more control.

  28. ACT Says:

    I am a 14 year old girl and i have to admit that coming to this age you do start to think about having sex..
    If i was in the situation of this girl I would be panicking too! I mean she just had a baby, and she didnt even know she was going to get one! I would be way too scared to go out of the bathroom holding the baby in my arm and leave. I totally understand where her actions were coming from. She didnt even know she was pregnant, and then suddenly this bloody thing comes out of her vagina! It was probably hard for her to “kill” the baby aswell, but it was probably the best idea she could come up with at the time.
    Im not saying i support what she did and stuffing paper towels down his throat and stuff is very sad.. but the death penalty is way too much!
    Inkslwc, you are a very terrifying person.. what you said is crude and horrible. Put yourself in the position of this girl! How would you feel? If i asked you what would you do, well after reading about this blog you will probably say “i’d bring the baby to the adoption center” or whatever.. but thats a long term choice. In the heat of the moment i think every 14 year old girl would panick and make a choice along these murderous lines.

  29. inkslwc Says:

    ACT, there’s no evidence that she didn’t know that she was pregnant. Maybe you’re right – looking back, I may have been too harsh on her. It is possible that she really didn’t know she was pregnant (I doubt it, but it IS possible). But I’d still charge her with 2nd degree murder then. It may not have been premeditated, but it certainly was more than manslaughter. In the least, it was at least an act of passion.

    I certainly hope that every 14-year-old girl wouldn’t panic and do that, and I like to think that more American teenagers would not do this, than would.

  30. raphilll Says:

    This girl should definately be prosecuted. Obviously if u cannot accept the responsibilities aand consequences that come from having sex u should not be doing it. And although the parents should take [art of the blame… all that they can do is talk and warn.. the rest is up to the girl. Health classes are taken now in the 7th grade and they describe birth control, babies etc… but to call a 14 year old girl a whore is insande, rude , and uneducated. you do NOT have to be a whore to get pregnant at any age. I assume you aare a very educated person, so you should know that it only takes one time, one mistake, to get pregnant. For all you know this couldve happened the first time this girl had sex. also there is no proof she wasnt raped. And you are right even if she was raped there is still no excuse for killing the baby. unfortunatlely though there are many emotional things that go along with being raped that YOU would never understand unless you yourself have been raped. There also have been many cases in which people, ADULTS ALSO, have been 9 months pregnant and didnt know until they delivered their kids. As for where were the parents… i was 17 when i got pregnant my parents didnt know until i was 6 months along. I was afraid to tell them and i never showed.My parents were very involved in my life and constantly asking questions eating family dinners etc…. in fact i didnt even know i was pregnant until i was 4 months along.. the baby didnt kick a lot and i never stopped my meneses. So think before u make a comment.

  31. jen Says:

    I totally agree!!!! I cant begin to understand how people can kill their own baby… instead of doing that give it to the hospital

  32. Dee Says:

    I can understand that she panicked. She was scared to tell her parents. All of that, I’ve been there as a 17 year old. I got pregnant from my first boyfriend. It was soo hard for me to get an abortion. I’m also against abortion, but at that time, I just went and did it because I didn’t know how to handle the pregnancy. I wasn’t aware of how the body worked. How I could get pregnant. Condoms weren’t reliable because they broke so we decided to do the pull out method. Didn’t know about pre-cum. Didn’t know about birth control. I didn’t talk with my friends about what we did, so I didn’t know what I was thinking at that time but that my hormones were running wild. I was stupid, but having an abortion was probably a good decision at that time. But having a baby, putting toilet paper in his mouth and flushing it down the toilet. I don’t know about that. I takes a little more thinking than “oh my god i just had a baby and now I’m gona kill it”. Like it’s nothing. Going through the whole pregnancy, your emotions, the baby kicking, your body growing. It’s not just “ohh here’s the baby, i have no connection with it”. You do and you have for 9 months.
    So she deserves to be punished. If she gets away, then that just sets an example, that you can do things like this and just get away with it. It was a baby….so was mine. I feel like i am getting punished because my life is filled with misery. After the abortion, I haven’t been able to enjoy sex. Relationships have been horrible and hurtful. So in a way I’ve been punished. But abortion and having a baby alive in your hands and then killing it is two different things depending on how far along you are in the pregnancy. She deserves to be punished. Things don’t just happen. Somehow some way it is always premeditated. Evne if she didn’t know she was pregnant all this time. She did when she gave birth. And if the first thing that comes to your head after seing that innocent face is to flush it down the toilet, well then you have some problems that needs to be dealt with..

  33. Mata Muchachos Says:

    Like most Republicans and bible thumpers, you are an idiot and an asshole…

  34. Mata Muchachos Says:

    She should have had an abortion, but since they are making it harder to end UNWANTED pregnancies, she went with her ONLY option. She is a hero in my book, and I hope other teenage girls follow her example and stop carrying these brats to full term, that I and others like me will have to support with my hard earned money via taxes. I am sick of this religious bullshit.. If you love children so much why don’t you adopt every single unwanted and abandoned child. So shut up or put up.. you bunch of pussies..

  35. casey Says:

    I am a 15 year girl in high school and it think if I got pregnant I would be pretty freaked out. I mean really people, if you did would give birth and walk out of the bathroom to give it to a nurse or adult. No, I think not! She was just scared and alone.

    It is also very hard to avoid learning about sex in the wrong way. The whole time I was in middle school there was no sex ed and not one teacher helped me understand the changes that every student was going through. lot of movies show that we, every single human on the planet, need sex as much as food. it is everywhere! i have even seen sexual acts on ads for perfume.

  36. seth Says:

    thats really fucced up she should spend the rest of her life in prison or even in a crazy house.. and how she managed to hide she was pregnant for 9 months is crazy and how did her parents not know she was pregnant??!!

  37. Fur Says:

    Deny it all you want, but stuff like this is the result of not allowing young, maturing kids/adults receive proper sex education that is not loaded with a particular political slant. Also, anyone who is against abortion should be willing to pay thousands and thousands of extra $$ in taxes to fund the welfare that would be needed to support all these unwanted babies they’d like to force people to have. Convenient hypocrites.

  38. Vacuum Breaker Says:

    Vacuum Breaker…

    Texas 14-Year-Old Kills Newborn in Toilet « Republican Ranting…

  39. Renee Says:

    I was there at the time of the lock down at my school i knew the girl pretty well im pretty sure she wouldve had to known she was pregnant but i cant be sure she wore big sweaters she was a more popular girl but was a sweet at times and i wouldve never thought that wouldve happened but there is no excuse for what she did i seen her that morning she wasnt feeling well and from what i heard she went to the nurse well if she was feeling that bad she couldve went back to the nurse instead of going to the restroom i understand she was panicked but my gosh thats an innocent life she took that day there is a story saying she shoved toilet paper in his mouth that there was bruising to keep him quiet and was only given two years of probation i see her around she went back to school a year after the baby died and pretended it never happened so many people stook behind her i dont know what to think its not my place to judge but i do know God will judge her someday because those who have commited a crime WILL NOT escape the eyes of God..

  40. stranger281 Says:

    I didn’t know the girl too well but I knew of her and the father of the baby was my ex boyfriend. It was not a rape situation, that I know for a fact I grew up with him and we are still friends. He and the 14 year old girl had a relationship and were sexually active, she meant the world to him. After he found out the news of his newborn son being flushed he was devistated. I think she deserves some kind of harsh punishment for taking an infants life. I know she had to be isolated because a lot of people threatened her about the situation. That is just some info I know about the story.

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