Movements Begin to Recall New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine

A movement in New Jersey has begun to recall Governor Jon Corzine (Democrat) as the website Recall Corzine Now gains popularity.  The website was launched on March 25th, 6 days earlier than expected, after phone calls began pouring in to the recall headquarters.  1.3 million signatures are needed in order to have a recall election, so they’ll need more than that since many signatures will be invalid, either because of a simple mistake or because Corzine will have his cronies out there signing petitions to throw off the valid count, as well as send out petition blockers.

That’s why it is SO important that true opponents to Corzine do this the right way.  New Jersey has been under the control of the corrupt Corzine too long.  He has damaged the state badly, the shutdown of 2006 being one of the worst things he has done.

I wish all of my conservative (and liberals fed up with Corzine) friends in New Jersey the very best in recalling Corzine!

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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