Clinton Tries to Sway Texas Delegates, But Her Plan Backfires

So apparenlty Hillary Clinton had been calling precinct delegates who would be going to the Texas Democratc county / senate district conventions and telling them that they don’t technically have to vote for who their precinct supported in their precinct caucus back on March 4th.

Jeff Herbert e-mailed a story to the Dispatch telling his story of how he received 2 calls from the Clinton campaign in 3 days telling him this.

Here’s the problem: Jeff was an Obama supporter in a Clinton precinct, but he was chosen as a delegate and promised to vote for the Clinton since that’s what the voters in his precinct wanted.

So, what did Jeff do?  Well here’s what Jeff says:

However, they’ve achieved exactly the opposite — I didn’t know until they called that I even had the option, I thought I was forced to vote as the caucus had decided. Thanks to Hillary trying to change the rules after the fact and play dirty, I now can vote for my original guy with a clear conscience.

Be careful what you sow, for thereso shall ye reap, Mrs. Clinton.

That’s right Hillary, you lost yourself a delegate at Saturday’s conventions because you were going around trying to scrounge up every supporter you could find – you’re desperate.  I find this story awesome, and I hope that Clinton keeps stuff like this up.  This is EXACTLY the kind of stuff people mean when they say she’s going to use the “Tonya Harding Option.”  McCain won’t even have to campaign if she does stuff like this much longer.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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One Response to “Clinton Tries to Sway Texas Delegates, But Her Plan Backfires”

  1. hoppersean Says:

    Love it!

    I’m thinkin’ the political world has changed a bit since the Clinton’s last go round and they’re playing a game they don’t quite understand anymore.

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