Bill Richardson: Clinton “Has Every Right to Stay in the Race”

Governor Bill Richardson (D-NM-Obama) has joined the growing number of people involved in the “Clinton Should Quit” Controversy (which I’ve made a category for, so that I don’t have to keep linking to each separate post) said the following when he appeared on CBS’s Face the Nation earlier today: “I think the race should continue.  She has every right to stay in the race.  She’s run a very good campaign.  There’s 10 primaries to go.  They end June 3rd [Montana and South Dakota].  But I think it’s important that, at the end of the June 3rd date, we look at who has the most delegates, who has the most popular vote, who has the most states.  And I personally believe that Senator Obama is reaching a stage where his lead is insurmountable.”

So he’s pretty much taken the position that Obama has – she can stay in up until the beginning of June, when it will be obvious that Barack SHOULD be the winner, unless the Superdelegates mess things up (one can only hope for such a joyous event – Democrats messing things up?  NEVER!).

Like I keep saying, this will destroy the Democratic party for at least another election if they keep this up, and it will certainly give John McCain an all but guaranteed win come November.

Done Reporting,

Ranting Republican
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