Ohio Attorney General: “Stupid” & “Lying” Limbaugh Won’t Be Prosecuted

The Ohio Attorney General’s office reached a decision on whether or not to prosecute Rush Limbaugh the Great (Republican) for voter fraud.  He orchestrated the plan “Operation Chaos” and encouraged Republicans to change parties and vote for Clinton to prolong the Democratic fight.  The problem is that in Ohio, you must pledge allegiance to that party under penalty of law.

So, here’s what Leo Jennings, Attorney General Marc Dann (Democrat)’s spokesman, said, “We have no intention of prosecuting Rush Limbaugh because lying through your teeth and being stupid isn’t a crime.”  He said regarding voters, “You can’t just make the assumption that someone is lying.”

Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner (Democrat), commented by saying, “I think it’s very bad form, but I think most voters are intelligent enough to make their own decisions.”

And lastly, here’s a previous comment from Limbaugh, who has not yet responded to the statements: “I wouldn’t worry about it.  Look at this as a badge of honor, ladies and gentlemen.  If anybody gets indicted, if anybody has to go jail, it will be me — and I’ll do my program from jail for the short amount of time I will be there before I am excused and the charges dismissed.  I had the temerity, ladies and gentlemen, to tinker with a tradition, a liberal Democrat tradition: voter manipulation.”

I find the comments from Dann’s office interesting, considering his involvement with the corrupt Cafaro family (J.J. Cafaro bribed Congressmen to help his aviation company), whose daughter (Capri Cafaro, president of the company) replaced him in the state Senate when he went on to become Attorney General.  Or what about the time that Warren Tribunereporter Steve Oravecz asked about Dann getting his daughter a job with the state?  What was it that he told the reporter?  Oh yeah, “Hey Steve, write this down. Go fuck yourself!”

That, my friend is public obscenity – which IS a crime that we can all prove that you committed.

Anyway – there’s no way that this case could’ve been proved against Limbaugh – at the most, conspiracy to commit voter fraud, but I don’t think that even that would’ve gone through, just because you can’t prove it without some people showing that they would’ve crossed over.  He could say it was all a joke, and without any other evidence, the case would crumble.

I will say at this point, that Limbaugh shouldn’t have encouraged voters in Ohio to cross over – I’m fine with it in Texas, but not Ohio.  The law must be upheld, and although I think the Attorney General and his office are being a little self-righteous considering some of Dann’s controversial moments, Limbaugh was in the wrong here.  He’s still a great American though!

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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5 Responses to “Ohio Attorney General: “Stupid” & “Lying” Limbaugh Won’t Be Prosecuted”

  1. freadom Says:

    I don’t listen to Rush too often, but the other day I had it on and a caller from Texas called in because he voted for Hillary in Texas, and the democrats liked him so much at the caucus, that they made him a delagate. It was quite funny actually. He called because he was wondering if this happened to any other people.

    On another note, what ever happened to personal accountability and the freedom of speech. Rush has the freedom to say whatever he wants, and his listeners do not have to do whatever he says. If they do, they are accountable for their own actions.

  2. John McCain 2008 Says:

    Hello. This seems to be a very hard thing to prove… Things like this will probably make the parties make the process for voting in the primaries more difficult in the future though, which is unfortunate.

    If Obama wins Pennsylvania, then it’s all over anyway. And I really think he might, Clinton’s lies and “kitchen sink” strategy are starting to backfire.

  3. inkslwc Says:

    No, she won’t lose Pennsylvania. Honestly, the Democrats deserved what happened in Ohio – they cross over all the time.

  4. Jack Hayden Says:

    We saw a lot of Rush Limbaugh’s Army turn out in Far North Dallas to vote for Hillary. They say that politics makes strange bedfellows, and this particular union, however brief, is among the strangest.

    Those of us who support Hillary really appreciate it, though. We all know that Limbaugh is nothing but a big fat blowhard, but however we can use this clown to help our cause is of benefit. We all know that Hillary will be a great president. It took a Clinton to clean up after the first Bush, and it will take a Clinton to clean up after the current Bush disaster.

    We’ll laugh with Rush now, then laugh at him later. We’ll give him something to talk about a year or so from now. She who laughs last laughs best!

  5. inkslwc Says:

    Oh, I have no problem with him helping you out in Texas – it’s legal there.

    Unfortunately, it looks as if Florida’s delegates will be seated, and that means Clinton will have to drop out before the convention most likely.

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