Howard Dean Wants Superdelegates to Decide Their Candidates By July 1st

Today, Democratic National Committee Chairman and former Governor Dr. Howard Dean (D-VT-No endorsement yet) went on CBS’s The Early Show to discuss the ever-growing problem of infighting between Obama and Clinton.  Here’s a video of Dean’s interview:

(Is it just me, or does Dean look like he’s aged a LOT since 2004? – He didn’t look so good in this interview, but then again, I’ve said that about 1/2 the people I’ve seen on TV lately.)

Yesterday while at his office at the Democratic National Committee headquarters, Dean told the Associate Press, “You do not want to demoralize the base of the Democratic Party by having the Democrats attack each other.  Let the media and the Republicans and the talking heads on cable television attack and carry on, fulminate at the mouth.  The supporters should keep their mouths shut about this stuff on both sides because that is harmful to the potential victory of a Democrat.”

Dean is absolutely right (along with Senators Leahy (D-VT-Obama) and Dodd (D-CT-Obama) – the party is KILLING itself, and the Superdelegates really should listen to Dean and decide as soon as possible.

I don’t think they will though – I think they’ll drag it OUT to convention and drag the party DOWN with them.  And it will be Clinton’s fault – she’s the one using the Tonya Harding Option in order to attempt to win, but she’ll lose both the nomination for herself as well as the general election.

But hey, that’s good for McCain!

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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One Response to “Howard Dean Wants Superdelegates to Decide Their Candidates By July 1st”

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