What Roll Will the VP Candidate Play in 2008? Greatest for McCain

Here’s the summary of some recent Survey USA polls done (click to enlarge) that look at the significance of the Vice Presidential candidates:

Now – let’s look at some key states:

  • Massachusetts:
    • 40% say they may vote for McCain based on his VP.
    • 27% say that for Obama (and 20% for Clinton).
    • With how closely MA has been lately, the VP candidate could swing this race to McCain, especially if he picks Romney (like I think he will).
  • Iowa and Wisconsin
    • Both are at 33% for the VP influencing support for McCain, but it’s much lower for Obama and Clinton – but it still could be enough to swing the race – and these are 2 states that will be quite heated races.
    • 50% in in WI and 49% in IA are already opposed to Clinton – YIKES for her!
    • 42% in IA and 40% in WI against Obama is pretty bad for him as well.
  • Missouri
    • 52% opposed to Obama and 47% to Clinton.
    • It’s an essential win for McCain in a state which has been previously classified as a toss-up state.
    • It could affect the heated Governor’s race if people vote straight-party-ticket.
  • Ohio
    • 46% against Clinton and 47% against Obama – another bad sign for Dems. in a large and heated-race state. 

I know that these aren’t all 50 states, but look at the range that people oppose Clinton and Obama: 38-61% for both.  Now look at McCain: 28%-48%.  And this includes the 2 most liberal states (New York and California), and doesn’t include states like Texas.

This polls is a bad sign for Democrats – a sign that a lot of infighting is happening.

But it’s also a sign that McCain has to pick a good VP.  Look at the range for the VP making the difference.  For Obama it’s 12%-28%, Clinton it’s 17%-25%, but McCain it’s 29%-40%.  And this is because of his age.  People are going to ask, “If McCain dies, do I want _________ to become my President?”  We’re going to see a LOT of Vice Presidential debates – more than we’ve seen in a while anyway.

I hope he picks a good VP candidate, but either way, I think we’ve got this election all but in the bag.

Done Predicting,

Ranting Republican
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