It’s Official – No Revote for Michigan Democrats

Well, the Michigan Legislature met for the last time for 2 weeks on Thursday.  It had been said that if the discussion of a revote were to be proposed, it would be brought up there, but everybody was pretty sure that it wasn’t going to be.  Since they won’t meet for 2 weeks, that was the practical deadline, since it will take too much to put it together after they return.

Well, I watched the House and Senate sessions all day (the Senate ended pretty early), and nothing was ever brought up (I do have some funny clips that I’ll post later).

So, no revote – bad for Clinton and even worse for Obama.  Even if Clinton won, Obama would win enough of the PROPORTIONAL delegates to push him much closer to winning the primary to a point where if he only won 1/2 the Superdelegates (assuming he won North Carolina), he would take the nomination because of Michigan, even though he lost it.

So, it’s now up to the Democratic National Committee to decide what happens, and I think Howard Dean (D-VT) will keep the delegates unseated, as he’s said he would (I’ve always loved him personally, especially after the “YEAH!” incident – he was charismatic and enthusiastic – and I like that in politicians.  I think the media overreacted).

Done Reporting,

Ranting Republican
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