McCain Deserves Respect from ALL Americans for His Service

OK, so I was on reddit and got in a debate with some Ron Paul supporter named Private_Freedom (warning – that link goes straight to his profile where he has posted some disgusting and perverted comments) who criticized McCain for serving his country:  Here’s the original conversation (edited for swearing), also available here (my posts are in gray, his in black:

McCain is a f*cking uneducated, lazy, angry, war-mongering and stupid excuse for a candidate. The puppet master Rockefellers WANT to maintain the occupation of the middle east to prop up the value of a WORTHLESS piece of paper by enforcing the pricing of oil in dollars.

Iraq’s oil went off the dollar in 2000, so they were invaded, and immediately went back to dollars. Iran is doing the same thing, and now they too are being threatened.

McCain is a f*cking TOOL for the NWO. The sad thing is that he honestly thinks he is doing the right thing, the idiot.

The Viet Cong should never have released his *ss out of their concentration camp. But then again, if they didn’t, then I would be saying the same thing to whoever the NWO would have replaced him with.

Saying that a POW never should’ve been released is un-American and disgustingly inhumane – I don’t care how much you disagree with his politics.

I don’t care how much you disagree with me!

If his politics were kept to himself, then I would not have said what I said.

But because his politics affect ME, and MY LIFE, negatively, THEN I have every right to say his *ss should have been left in the camp. He is an evil and vindictive man.

And BTW, being “American” means being able to have your own f*cking opinion, not being subservient to tyrants just because they are American. If you say bad things about Jeffrey Dalmer [later changed to the correct spelling, “Dahmer”], are you “unamerican”?

You are a sheep, a f*cking tool, a peon, a serf for the state.

F*ck off and grow a pair, *sshole.

Jeffrey Dahmer you mean?

And just because you don’t honor people who were willing to give their lives to protect you doesn’t mean that I have to grow a pair.

Go out there yourself you selfish idiot – grow a pair and go out and defend this country – or you could just leave and make the country a better place.

“Defend this country”???

From WHAT?

Terrorism is a f*cking HOAX, designed solely so that the NWO can take control of middle eastern oil. Only way to prop up US dollar.

Osama Bin Laden was a CIA agent, he was paid by the CIA to fight the Russians.

The WTC attacks were an inside job. WTC 7 came down like a controlled demolition when it wasn’t even hit by a plane, there was a 10,000% increase in put options on the two airline companies in the days before the false flag attacks, Steven Jones conducted a chemical analysis on the WTC debris and found THERMATE in it, the list goes on and on.

And your attempt at guilt, well, if someone risked their lives to fight against Vietnam, ANOTHER bullsh*t war, and that person turned out to be a tyrant, he deserves no respect.

Don’t be a f*cking SHEEP.

So, if the Iraq War is a “bullsh*t [censor was placed in original text] war,” are our soldiers over there also deserving of no respect?

OK, please understand this:

You must always be wary of making the huge error of taking your own position and views, and then assuming that the rest of the country thinks the same as you.

The reason you should not do this is because you are not at all concerned with the truth when you do this, you are actually simply wanting to be in the majority, so that your weak personality won’t feel so detached from the rest of mankind. So you ASSUME you are in the majority. Well, I have some news for you that you might find surprising.

I don’t think you quite understand the extent of the country’s beliefs. Have you even bothered to research the polls that are taken regarding 9/11? You obviously have not, because in poll after poll, it is actually YOU who is in the minority. Over 60% of the population believes the government was involved in the attacks.

Now, I personally do not by any means imply that MY concept of truth is derived by polls. I believed that the government was behind it as soon as it happened, when the majority of the population were immediately conditioned to blame “islamic extremists”. On that day, all the news outlets were reporting that Osama was behind the attacks. How would they know so soon? At any rate, the “normal” American is in agreement with ME, NOT you.

Second, the Iraq OCCUPATION (notice I did not say “War”) IS complete bullsh*t, as the “normal” American now knows to be true, hence it’s infamy.

“We” do not have “soldiers”. The soldiers are forced to be created. I have never hired a soldier to protect me, and I don’t intend to, because I KNOW in my heart that there is nobody in the world who would want to kill me so that having a soldier protector is justified. It’s called personal choice.

Those soldiers in the middle east are NOT fighting for you and me. You are a f*cking KNOB if you believe that. No, the soldiers are fighting over there so that THE ELITE can maintain their standard of living, even if it means EMPOVERISHING the rest of the nation, which is what these occupations are doing.

Your life is being HARMED by wars, occupations, soldiers, missiles, tanks, guns, and death.

Those soldiers over in the middle east DESERVE ZERO RESPECT FROM ME, because I did not ask for their sucking me dry of my lifeblood to secure oil fields so that the NWO can stay in their mansions without working for them.

Those f*cking god d*mn “soldiers”, or rather hired goons, are KILLING and RAPING children, they are KILLING innocent people, they are TORTURING people, they are F*CKING EVIL!!

How in god’s name can you support people who fucking TORTURE other people for fun? WHat are you, some kind of sick f*ck?


What polls? Zogby and 2 Scripps Howard Polls say that most Americans believe that the Government did NOT do it.According to CBS, 65% in 2002 and 53% in 2006 said that the government was hiding something, but that doesn’t mean that they did it.

The soldiers really don’t have a choice – if you’re in the military, you have to go.It sounds like you’re just some anti-war hippie who didn’t get enough dope today so you’re kinda crabby (and I never said that I wanted America to be in Iraq, but we’re there – we need to put Senator Hagel’s plan into action, move our troops to the border and let the Iraqis deal with the civil war).

And how are the soldiers “forced to be created?” Are you referring to defense contractors – because I will agree that we shouldn’t have mercenaries over there, but our Marines and Army men and Navy men and Air Force men are over there (I have friends over there) – so no they aren’t “created” – our soldiers are over there dying. Show some respect.

Ahhh…there’s the rub: “just some anti-war hippie”, and “show some respect”.

  1. What difference does it make who I am? Focus on ideas only; and
  2. NO! I will NOT show respect to those who are KILLING and RAPING children, and TORTURING people. YOU can respect that behaviour, which would make you a sick f*ck, but I certainly will NOT condone nor respect that behaviour. It is UNBELEIVABLE that you think there is such thing as people who are so-called “above moral judgments”. THAT is exactly the f*cking attitude at play and why we are so hated around the world. The government and military talks talks talks about morality, but they are some of the most immoral people in the world.

Really, you respect torture, rape and killing of innocent people? I don’t want to hear any of that “it’s just a few bad apples sh*t”. This problem is WIDESPREAD.

I could give a f*ck if you have friends in Iraq. If you have friends in Iraq, your judgments for picking friends STINKS.

And YES, the soldiers ARE created. They are created by dangling a money carrot in front of poverty stricken teens, who believe there is no other path to take. It is the GOVERNMENT who decides HOW MUCH money is available for the military. Since the money the government offers is either stolen via taxation or counterfeited via inflation, those soldiers that are created on the back of that immoral funding are THEMSELVES IMMORAL.

What would you think if the government decided one day to steal everyone’s money savings throuh taxation, hire a bunch of soldiers (population of which is available now that business is so weak due to high taxation and theft, which will result in massive unemployment)? Would you think that the 300 million American soldiers now in existence should be RESPECTED simply because they are soldiers?

If not, then why would you think it is true if “only some” soldiers are created via less taxation. In both cases, they would NOT exist to nearly the same extent if paying the soldiers was voluntary, which would be REAL DEMOCRACY in action. If soldiers are being funded by massive counterfeiting and theft, THEN THEY ARE NOT REPRESENTING ME AT ALL. They are actually fighting for a small section of the population only, namely the government and international bankers.

You have been so incredibly BRAINWASHED into thinking that troops NEED to be supported ipso facto, simply because they are troops. You do not care how they act, what they do, who they kill, who they rape, who they torture. You do not care because you have already long ago, it seems, DEHUMANIZED the Iraqi population. You have dehumanized these people into something LESS THAN HUMAN, because in all your f*cking babbling, you never once mentioned the innocent people getting killed, you only focus on American soldiers and whether they have air conditioning, and the support of the population over here.

You are an evil, corrupt, brainwashed, sheepified, dumbified, stupified, f*cking anti-human ANIMAL, who would be in an insane asylum if this country were more enlightened. But because this country is being led by psychos, psychosis is ENCOURAGED in the population. This means YOU.

You are a sick f*ck. I cannot believe there are people like you in this world who can honestly think that innocent humans can be treated so terribly.


And what proof do you have that all of our soldiers are rapists?

And I’m not the one who would be in an assylum. I’m not the one behiving like a vulgar animal / somebody with Tourette’s syndrome.

And we’re killing children over there because some of the children are killing us – it’s not just like our troops just shoot at anybody they see – it’s not some fun game for them.


And nice f*cking try to twist my words. I never said ALL the soldiers are rapists. I said it is WIDESPREAD.

And Proof? You want PROOF?? Have you been living under a ROCK for the last 8 years???

You are a fool.

And yes, the soldiers ARE killing and raping Iraqis FOR FUN.

Geez, all you gave to do is f*cking GOOGLE it!! You are so incredibly LAZY. You are a typical fat f*ck American that makes us look so bad.

Proof soldiers are RAPING children:

Proof soldiers are TORTURING innocent Iraqis:

Proof soldiers are KILLING FOR FUN:

(you have to log in to view this completely SICK video).


The soldiers are EVIL!!!

Also, there’s no proof that the tortured Iraqis were innocent (not that we should be using torture).

Also, in the video of of killing for fun, your video says at the end, “No unarmed people were hurt during shooting” – you don’t know the background – how do you know that those people weren’t terrorists.

And no, it’s not a fun game – ask my friends who risk their lives over there.


I cannot believe how you can sleep at night.

You should REALLY look into your soul and think about what kind of a person you are because, quite frankly, you seem like a regular guy, but with a psychotic conscience.

Maybe you would be good at torturing people if there is ever a draft. That can be your job and I am sure you will enjoy every minute of it.

Maybe it’s the food or the water, but this country really is filled with a bunch of philosophical and intellectual psychos just like you.

You should stay at home and play video games. That way you won’t be a menace to society.

You didn’t respond to my points – your own video claims that no unarmed people were hurt.

And I said that I don’t support torture – so no, I wouldn’t be good at it.

Now address my point – how were they just killing for fun if no unarmed people were hurt?

Uh…did you not see the guy on the road?? Did you not read the title of the video?? Are you insane??


Yes, but not important Yes, but not important Yes, but not important

More proof for a moron like yourself:

And for the record, YOU did not respond to MY points.

You simply stay in your bubble and refuse to raise your consciousness.

A title doesn’t mean anything – I can title a video of a cat dancing “Dog eating a muffin” – the end of the video says that no unarmed people were hurt.

And you’re just giving examples – sure these things happen, but not on a widespread scale. These bad soldiers account for a minute amount of all of the soldiers that are over there. I’m not defending them – I’m defending the rest of them.

Keep your head in the sand.

At least that way the world won’t have to listen to your assinine false flag, patriotism propaganda.

I’m done with your ignorant *ss.


So it ends with you refusing to answer my question – because you know that you don’t have an answer. No innocent Iraqis were killed, so you resort to just quitting.

So, it ended with me winning because he posted a video without looking at it, and he claimed that innocent Iraqis were killed, when the video itself says otherwise.

I post all of this to say that no matter what party somebody is from, if they served or are serving their country in the military, they deserve respect for that (with exceptions for people who are dishonorably discharged or some of the people at Abu Ghraib, etc…).

It saddens me and angered me (and I tried to stay as civil as possible, but I jost lost it with the guy) that people think of our soldiers like that, and the comment about the Viet Cong not releasing McCain was just inhumane and DISGUSTING!

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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