FOX 2 News Reports on Lincoln Park’s Hustler Strip Club Scandal

Here’s a news video that aired just last night (it should be noted that the reporter said that the council wanted to take back the settlement, but in fact the council voted down to take back the settlement [] and that’s what is keeping this controversy going):

So, as she said, a recall movement has been started, but unfortunately, we have to wait until May (6 months after their terms started) to recall them – a stupid law, but perhaps the makers of the law figured the politicians wouldn’t screw up that soon in office – well, they were wrong.

Let us all continue to pray that this problem will be rectified as soon as possible.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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20 Responses to “FOX 2 News Reports on Lincoln Park’s Hustler Strip Club Scandal”

  1. Don Walker Says:

    Detroit’s strip club laws in limbo
    A federal judge’s ruling has stopped city from enforcing key parts like yearly safety inspections.
    Christine MacDonald / The Detroit News
    DETROIT — The city wants a federal judge to reconsider his order that appears to — at least temporarily — stop Detroit from enforcing key parts of its strip club ordinances, including requiring bars get annual safety inspections and that strippers obtain $250 identification cards.
    Detroit filed an emergency motion on Monday, asking U.S. District Judge George Steeh to clarify or throw out the preliminary injunction he signed last week in a lawsuit brought by All Stars on Eight Mile.
    The strip bar’s attorneys argued many of the city’s regulations governing the clubs are unconstitutional, in part, because they had no deadlines forcing the city to act, for example, to complete club inspections or background checks of dancers. The judge agreed, but his order for the preliminary injunction was so broad it appears to stop the city from enforcing much of the regulations, according to the strip club and city attorneys.
    A lawyer for the city says many dancers are refusing to pay the fee and don’t believe they have to get cards anymore, according to the city’s motion.
    And the bar’s license renewals are due this spring and there is confusion over whether inspections are required.
    “It appears this order has created more confusion than it cleared up,” said Brad Shafer, an attorney who represents strip clubs but was not involved in the All Stars lawsuit.
    “No one knows if or whether they have to get licenses. I don’t know what to tell my clients.”
    Michael Donaldson, an attorney for All Stars, said the injunction also stops police from demanding that dancers show they have a city-issued identification card, in part because if the officer confiscates the card, it suspends the stripper’s right to dance indefinitely. Under the city’s ordinance, a dancer can face a 90-day misdemeanor for failing to produce the card.
    “They are essentially out of work until there’s a hearing and you can’t do that,” Donaldson said.
    Nude dancing is protected by the First Amendment and the strip club lawyers argued that the city’s ordinances are an unlawful prior restraint on free speech, in part because there is no deadline to act.
    The lawsuit is headed for trial in early 2009, according to court records.
    In a written statement issued last week, city officials said they want Steeh to correct his order.
    “We are pleased the court upheld many of the provisions of the ordinance; however we will continue to work with City Council and the City Planning Commission to ensure all provisions of that ordinance are constitutionally sound,” said John Johnson, the city’s corporation counsel.
    Detroit generates close to $430,000 a year from new or renewal dance cards, according to a consultant’s analysis.
    The city has been charging dancers a fee for an ID card since 1971. In 2006, the city issued 1,715 new or renewal cards. Other entertainers don’t face similar permit requirements.

  2. Don Walker Says:

    The Lincoln Park Ministerial Association, Lincoln Parks Taliban

    In Afghanistan they have Islamic Mullahs’.

    In Lincoln Park we have Pentecostal and Fundamental Baptist Ministers.

    In Afghanistan, they have the Taliban.

    In Lincoln Park we have the Lincoln Park Ministerial Association

    The Taliban, under the direction of Mullah Muhammad Omar abolished civil law and instituted strict Islamic law.

    The Lincoln Park Ministerial Association, under the direction of Rev. Patrick Bozzio, has said “only God’s law matters”.

    The Taliban has the Ministry for the Protection of Virtue and Prevention of Vice. It was used to terrorize and force people to comply with there interpretation of the Koran

    I think the Lincoln Park Ministerial Association has one of these to. It came to the Council meeting on Monday, March 17.

    In order to root out “non-Islamic” influence, television, music, and the Internet were banned during the Taliban’s reign.

    In Lincoln Park, in order to save us from evil and satin, The Lincoln Park Ministerial Association would like to ban alcohol consumption, gambling (including the lottery), non Christian music and reading material, and no viewing the naked body.

    Thank God the US Military saved Afghanistan.

    Who will save us?

  3. inkslwc Says:

    Right – I’d like to see your sources.

  4. jane Says:

    i agree with inkslwc. why dont you stop ranting on the internet and actually do something with your pathetic life?!

  5. jane Says:

    btw, I HATE BRADY. shes dumber than cottage cheese.

  6. jane Says:

    obviously, you all are one-minded. how can you say that you are disgusted with ed zelenak and steve duchane when there are LAWS that say you can build the club. just because you dont wnat it to happen, doesnt mean its not going to happen. your opinions are fine, but the facts of life are;; no matter what you rant and rage about, the laws say they can build. so they can build it. deal with it.

    you should all be ashamed of yourselves. if you dont like lincoln park, move out of the city. i bet you do nothing for the city. the city council is working hard and the one time they disagree with your opinion, you are ALL screaming about and rallying. save your breath

  7. inkslwc Says:

    So you leave 3 comments on my blog within 15 minutes, and I need to do something with my life?

    Also, no the laws aren’t on their side. The same club lost a case almost identical to ours in Detroit.

  8. John Says:

    Please visit
    I think you’ll like it there.

  9. jane Says:

    thank you john. finally, your suggested website shows both sides of the story instead of just one. whoever made THIS republican ranting website..should be ashamed. this is carelessly put together. my grandma could make a better website.

    john you have earned by respect.

  10. jane Says:

    yes, inkslwc, i left three comments because i wasnt done ‘ranting’ on you!

  11. inkslwc Says:

    Jane, I didn’t put the website together. The blogging company WordPress did, so send your grandma over there if she’s looking for a web design job.

  12. downriverlogjam Says:

    The Voice of Downriver

    LINCOLN PARK: Judge orders four City Council members to court over Hustler club

    Published: Saturday, October 10, 2009
    By Jason Alley

    LINCOLN PARK — A federal judge has ordered four City Council members to appear before her at 10 a.m. Tuesday to explain why they should not be held in contempt of court for failing to grant a liquor license transfer to a strip club trying to open in the city.

    Council members Valerie Brady, Mariano DiSanto, Thomas Murphy and Michael Myers voted at Monday night’s council meeting to postpone the request from attorneys for a Larry Flynt Hustler Club, saying the club had not yet met all city requirements.

    Attorneys for the club said, however, that it is illegal for the city to hold up the process as the matters were already settled in a mutually agreed upon consent judgment last year.

    U.S. District Judge Nancy Edmunds, who approved the consent judgment, granted a motion for an emergency hearing to settle the matter.

    “These individuals should be prepared to show cause why they should not be held in contempt of court for violating the terms of the consent judgment previously entered in this matter,” Edmunds wrote in an order Thursday afternoon.

    The Hustler attorneys also were successful at getting the judge to order Dennis Chegash, the city’s manager of building and engineering, to appear in court next week, too.

    According to the court filing, Chegash “has willfully and deliberately interfered with and impeded the construction of the Hustler building.”

    The court filing also asks the judge to bring unspecified sanctions against the city officials, as well as order them to pay attorneys’ fees and court costs.

    While those costs aren’t outlined in court records, The News-Herald Newspapers has obtained a document that details the numbers.

    The Hustler attorneys are seeking to have the city pay damages of $10,000 a day, with a minimum of $110,000, until the liquor license is transferred, as well as $7,500 in attorney fees.

    If the judge imposes those sanctions, the city’s insurance carrier might cover them, City Attorney Edward Zelenak said. Otherwise, he said, the city, and possibly the council members individually, would be assessed the fines.

    In a letter to the council members, Zelenak urged them “to stop penning legal interpretations and opinions of what you presume the consent judgment says.”

    “This is both imprudent and dangerous to the city of Lincoln Park.” the letter says. “… By developing and exposing your own legal interpretations, whether valid or incontinent … you expose yourself to personal liability.”

    At Monday’s council meeting, Zelenak cautioned the officials against delaying the license transfer, saying they would need “sound reasons” for doing so. In his opinion, Zelenak said, there are none in this case.

    “Your failure to take action … could subject you to immediate sanctions in federal court,” he told them.

    The council members remained unfazed, however, saying that a city ordinance requires that Hustler fill out additional paperwork before the license can be approved. Until that’s done, the bloc of four voted to indefinitely postpone taking action.

    “None of us here are trying to avoid the Supreme Court demands that we allow for this freedom of speech, but we do want to make sure that when we do comply that the businesses in question also comply with what we ask,” Murphy said.

    Hustler’s attorneys said city officials are overstepping their bounds and are misreading the consent judgment, which says the city will not fight the issuance of a liquor license and that any disputed city ordinances be set aside as the court agreement takes precedence.

    As standard policy, the city’s Police Department reviewed the liquor license request before it was presented to the mayor and council. Police officials recommended that it be approved on the condition that the business secures a certificate of occupancy from the Building Department.

    The state Liquor Control Commission also signed off on the transfer, saying it was appropriate for city officials to grant the request for the $4.2 million Hustler club at John A. Papalas Drive and Outer Drive.

    Mayor Frank Vaslo said he is “furious” that Murphy and others are “trying to pretend they’re attorneys and know how to interpret a legal agreement.”

    “We work so hard every single day to cut costs and to save programs, to give the taxpayers of Lincoln Park a well-run city and I got four council members who refused their city attorney’s recommendations, they ignored the recommendation of the Police Department and potentially are going to cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars,” Vaslo said.

    “They don’t have law degrees or the know-how to make the ridiculous decisions that they make.”

    Residents on both sides of the issue filled the council chambers Monday night.

    The Rev. Patrick Bossio clapped when the transfer was postponed, saying he hopes the strip club never opens.

    “We don’t need this type of business in Lincoln Park,” he said. “God help us if we are going to allow things like this club.”

    Richard Kudrak said he was “disgusted” to hear this topic being discussed again.

    He said the consent agreement reached last year is the law that needs to be followed. If Hustler’s attorneys are going to sue the city, he said, he hopes it’s done before the Nov. 3 election so the four council members in question can be ousted “for exposing us to a federal lawsuit.”

    Contact Staff Writer Jason Alley at or at 1-734-246-0867.

  13. inkslwc Says:

    Well tht’s interesting. I’m surprised DiSanto is now on the Murphy, Brady, Myers side. That was the side that I figured he’d fall on when this whole thing first started up, but I didn’t think he’d switch sides.

    Personally, I think Lincoln Park would’ve won the first lawsuit that they ended up settling, but it’s a little too late for DiSanto to try to right his wrong back there. If the judge ruled that they have to grant the liquor license, I don’t see anything the council can do. I wish DiSanto would’ve been on the right side of this back in early 2008.

  14. J.HENRY Says:

    I think it’s funny how so many people are up in arms over this whole deal.
    In times like these where it is so hard to find gainful employment, let alone have money pour into city coffers and local business, that these up tight individuals would make such a fuss. If you believe it’s morally a disgrace- what about the corner of Fort and Outer Drive where hookers,and crack dealers are there, and have been every day since i moved to this city 7 years ago?? Yet you want to ride your moral high horse about whats good for the city???
    Do something about the crime that’s right in front of your face, and stop attacking a high class establishment for bringing jobs to our city.
    Church and state are separated for a reason people….
    I’ll be applying today.

  15. LETY Says:


  16. LETY Says:


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  19. teddros Hantuw Says:

    The future of Lincoln Park looks very bleak.

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