Some on Lincoln Park Council Try to Right the Wrong of Strip Club Opening; They Were Defeated

I am more ashamed now of Lincoln Park than I ever have been in the past week (how many more times will I say this).  Judge Nancy Edmunds has agreed to the settlement that our attorney proposed, so the legal process for the Hustler Club is complete.

I would like to commend Councilmen Thomas Murphy and Michael Myers for bringing forth a “Resolution to Reject the Settlement Agreement between Papalas LLC & City of Lincoln Park and that a motion to the Federal Judge Nancy Edmunds set aside this order,” and I would like to commend Councilwoman Valerie Brady for voting with the pair.

I am deeply ashamed of Thomas McPartlin, Mark Kandes, and Mayor Vaslo.  I am even more ashamed of Councilman Mario Disanto, who I thought would side with Murphy, Myers, and Brady.

I am DISGUSTED by Attorney Ed Zelenak and City Manager Steve Duchane (who doesn’t even live in Lincoln Park!) (and attorney Tamm – I’m not sure who they were talking about, and I couldn’t find a written copy of another attorney’s name – I was not at the meeting – I’m still up at Central Michigan, but I am contemplating coming home if this thing continues) for not having the city’s best interest at hand, but the plaintiff, the strip club.  I am even more disgusted at Zelenak’s comment to Myers saying, “Councilman, I realize that you’re new to counsel….”

I would like to thank the council for agreeing to going to an outside for an attorney to review this settlement agreement.

This needs to be overturned immediately!

I now regret the way I voted in November – the people who voted against rescinding the settlement didn’t deserve my vote in hindsight, and I now would have voted for Michael Myers.

Videos of the meeting are available here: and disussion here:

I pray that the citizens of Lincoln Park express outrage over this.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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14 Responses to “Some on Lincoln Park Council Try to Right the Wrong of Strip Club Opening; They Were Defeated”

  1. Thomas Van Orden Says:

    Yeah, because Republicans hate going to strip clubs oh so much.

  2. inkslwc Says:

    1) I will never set foot inside of one unless by some odd chance I become a cop and go in there to arrest somebody.
    2) Even if I liked strip clubs, it still violates the city’s ordinance.

  3. Nick Says:

    This isn’t about who patronizes strip clubs, although the lefty sex police would love to identify every Republican who ever darkened the door of one of the places… Tom. (And I’ll join Inks on this one…)

    It’s about weighing a city’s right to zone against the interests of private, legal enterprise.


  4. Don Walker Says:

    Detroit’s strip club laws in limbo
    A federal judge’s ruling has stopped city from enforcing key parts like yearly safety inspections.
    Christine MacDonald / The Detroit News
    DETROIT — The city wants a federal judge to reconsider his order that appears to — at least temporarily — stop Detroit from enforcing key parts of its strip club ordinances, including requiring bars get annual safety inspections and that strippers obtain $250 identification cards.
    Detroit filed an emergency motion on Monday, asking U.S. District Judge George Steeh to clarify or throw out the preliminary injunction he signed last week in a lawsuit brought by All Stars on Eight Mile.
    The strip bar’s attorneys argued many of the city’s regulations governing the clubs are unconstitutional, in part, because they had no deadlines forcing the city to act, for example, to complete club inspections or background checks of dancers. The judge agreed, but his order for the preliminary injunction was so broad it appears to stop the city from enforcing much of the regulations, according to the strip club and city attorneys.
    A lawyer for the city says many dancers are refusing to pay the fee and don’t believe they have to get cards anymore, according to the city’s motion.
    And the bar’s license renewals are due this spring and there is confusion over whether inspections are required.
    “It appears this order has created more confusion than it cleared up,” said Brad Shafer, an attorney who represents strip clubs but was not involved in the All Stars lawsuit.
    “No one knows if or whether they have to get licenses. I don’t know what to tell my clients.”
    Michael Donaldson, an attorney for All Stars, said the injunction also stops police from demanding that dancers show they have a city-issued identification card, in part because if the officer confiscates the card, it suspends the stripper’s right to dance indefinitely. Under the city’s ordinance, a dancer can face a 90-day misdemeanor for failing to produce the card.
    “They are essentially out of work until there’s a hearing and you can’t do that,” Donaldson said.
    Nude dancing is protected by the First Amendment and the strip club lawyers argued that the city’s ordinances are an unlawful prior restraint on free speech, in part because there is no deadline to act.
    The lawsuit is headed for trial in early 2009, according to court records.
    In a written statement issued last week, city officials said they want Steeh to correct his order.
    “We are pleased the court upheld many of the provisions of the ordinance; however we will continue to work with City Council and the City Planning Commission to ensure all provisions of that ordinance are constitutionally sound,” said John Johnson, the city’s corporation counsel.
    Detroit generates close to $430,000 a year from new or renewal dance cards, according to a consultant’s analysis.
    The city has been charging dancers a fee for an ID card since 1971. In 2006, the city issued 1,715 new or renewal cards. Other entertainers don’t face similar permit requirements.

  5. Don Walker Says:

    The Lincoln Park Ministerial Association, Lincoln Parks Taliban

    In Afghanistan they have Islamic Mullahs’.

    In Lincoln Park we have Pentecostal and Fundamental Baptist Ministers.

    In Afghanistan, they have the Taliban.

    In Lincoln Park we have the Lincoln Park Ministerial Association

    The Taliban, under the direction of Mullah Muhammad Omar abolished civil law and instituted strict Islamic law.

    The Lincoln Park Ministerial Association, under the direction of Rev. Patrick Bozzio, has said “only God’s law matters”.

    The Taliban has the Ministry for the Protection of Virtue and Prevention of Vice. It was used to terrorize and force people to comply with there interpretation of the Koran

    I think the Lincoln Park Ministerial Association has one of these to. It came to the Council meeting on Monday, March 17.

    In order to root out “non-Islamic” influence, television, music, and the Internet were banned during the Taliban’s reign.

    In Lincoln Park, in order to save us from evil and satin, The Lincoln Park Ministerial Association would like to ban alcohol consumption, gambling (including the lottery), non Christian music and reading material, and no viewing the naked body.

    Thank God the US Military saved Afghanistan.

    Who will save us?

  6. inkslwc Says:

    I’d like to see your sources.

  7. John Says:

    Commend Myers and Murphy?!?!?!
    Those two don’t need any kudos for doing something
    they know full well was just an empty gesture.
    Those two are shameless. They’ll sell their mothers
    just to get votes.
    What don’t you get here, inkslwc??
    The settlement was legal and proper. The judge signed
    it. The Hustler is going to build. The ordinances are
    unconstitutional. The Detroit issue is totally different.
    Think about this for a moment….what if, just what if,
    it wasn’t the Hustler building a $5M gentlemen’s club
    and it was someone with alot less money not concerned
    about quality, standards or their reputation. The law
    would allow them to build and do business. Then LPers
    would really have something to complain about.

  8. inkslwc Says:

    The settlement IS legal, yes, but the law isn’t unconstitutional. How is the Detroit issue any different?

  9. jane Says:

    John has more evidence than you, inkslwc. obviously, i’m going to agree with someone intelligent, so i will agree with him.

    btw, insklwc. you’re talking out of your butt right now

  10. jane Says:

    oh and insklwc, truth comes out. detroit LOST.

  11. inkslwc Says:

    Um, no, Jane, Detroit didn’t lose – the club decided not to pursue a location in Detroit. They figured they’d go after a smaller city who would be more likely to give in.

    The fact is, our ordinances were legal.

    What evidence does John have?

  12. thomas lincoln Says:

    […] settlement that our attorney proposed, so the legal process for the Hustler Club is complete.I would…HomeThomas lincoln moved to the state of Kentucky in the 1780&39s with his family. … The house […]

  13. Tony C. Says:

    If this is the same “Steve Duchane” who was fired from his job as a city manager in Michigan and an instructor job at Oakland University, I say good riddance to his lying ass.

  14. inkslwc Says:

    It is, Tony.

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