Michigan Allows Temporary Immigrants to Get ID Cards

The criticisms about requiring legal status to be proved in order to get a driver’s license in Michigan (in order to keep illegal immigrants from getting them) should stop now.  See https://inkslwc.wordpress.com/2008/01/22/legal-status-must-now-be-proved-to-get-a-license-in-michigan/#comment-1042 for some of those criticisms.

On February 15th, Governer Granholm signed into law a measure that allowed legal residents of Michigan that are only here temporarily to apply for a driver’s license.  On February 28th, Senate Bill 654 (“An act to provide for an official personal identification card; to provide for its form, issuance and use; to regulate the use and disclosure of information obtained from the card; to prescribe the powers and duties of the secretary of state; to prescribe fees; to prescribe certain penalties for violations; and to provide an appropriation for certain purposes”, sponsored by Senator Alan Sanborn (R-Richmond), passed, giving temporary residents the privilege of applying for state personal ID cards.

This was a good move – although I really don’t think most categories of temporary immigrants need the cards (like many that were listed in the comment that I linked to), there are definitely categories of immigrants that this will be VERY beneficial to.

I commend the Republicans and Democrats for passing this measure.  I didn’t find anything, but I’m assuming that Governor Granholm passed this bill since she signed the other one.
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