Texas Democratic Caucus Results as of 3:45 P.M.: Obama Wins

Well, these results aren’t even trickling in anymore – they’ve been stalled since yesterday night at 41% reporting.  Perhaps they’ll be in by the county and district conventions on the 29th.  Here are the results so far:

  1. Obama 23,918 56%
  2. Clinton 18,620 44%
  3. Uncommitted 38 0%

Done Reporting,

Ranting Republican
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6 Responses to “Texas Democratic Caucus Results as of 3:45 P.M.: Obama Wins”

  1. Xdust Says:

    Looks like Obama is going to win the Delegate count and the popular vote in TX.

    Wonder what the MSM will say about that????

    Man, who would have guessed 1.2 million in a bloody state caucus.

  2. inkslwc Says:

    well – he lost the primary delegate count by 4. It depends how you count the popular vote. Only those who voted in the primary were allowed to vote in the caucus (including early and absentee voters), so it although Clinton won the popular vote, Obama has a more dedicated following.

  3. CaucusJunkie Says:

    I want to know why every ballet isn’t being counted why do you think we Caucus,So you guys can get tired of counting and quit? No we Caucus for a reason and to not have every ballet counted is very disrespectful to everyone in Texas who made theirselves available. Who made arrangement for childcare,work, rides, you don’t have a clue what some of us went thru to Caucus some of us were not able to get child care but we did our civic duty and to be treated like this is so DISRESPECTFUL.

  4. inkslwc Says:

    You are misunderstanding hte process. The Texas Democrats don’t have to release the results until their county conventions on March 29th. So they are all counted, they just aren’t releasing them to the media. Those that have been released were released voluntarily.

  5. CaucusJunkie Says:

    Yes inkslwc I stand corrected thanks ;}

  6. Mingo Says:

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