Some Michiganders Need to Learn How to Stop at Red Lights

OK, so I was just coming home from dropping my mother off at work, and I’m about 5 blocks away from my house (so I’m in the city of Wyandotte).

There are 2 lights between me and my house now, a main intersection, and one at a Michigan left.

As I’m coming to the first one (the Michigan left) I’m realizing that it’s going to turn and that I’ll have to stop, but I have this blue pick-up truck that’s kinda close behind me (I’m going 35, the speed limit – I don’t speed.  I’m a strict law and order conservative – Although I do speed on Southfield and the Lodge.  If you’ve driven there, you know that you’ll die if you’re going the speed limit).  So, the light turns yellow – I stop and before I stop, it turns red.  I COULD have probably made it through, but this is in a part of the city where the police normally are parked up ahead ready to ticket you, so I made sure that I stopped.  I didn’t have to slam on the brakes, but I didn’t just casually stop either (I’ve made harder stops at turning traffic lights before).

Well the guy behind me nearly rear-ended me – and he was FURIOUS that I stopped.  I look back and I can see he’s mouthing the f-word and a whole bunch of other stuff.  So I just mouth, “the light was red” and point up and shrug.  Then I ignore him.  Then he looked like he was going to unbuckle his seat belt (and I’m thinking, “Bring it.  I would love nothing better than to get you a ticket for road rage.”), but he just went to lean out the window and shout something at me – I don’t know, I wasn’t going to unroll my window for his pleasure.

Then the light turns green, so I take off, he’s still moderately close behind me.  And here’s thing about my city (and a lot of Downriver), the right lane ends and becomes a parking lane (but there’s no parking by where I live – waste of space, I know).  So most people use that lane to turn, well, that’s illegal (there was a lot of confusion about it before, so I asked a cop at a picnic one day).  So I turn on my signal well ahead of time, and begin slowing down.  Well, the guy didn’t like that either so as I’m turning, I looked in my mirror and saw him mouthing something and I just thought, “Whatever.”

So, people – learn how to drive.  Like I’ve said – I’m a law and order conservative, and that overflows into my driving too.  The law’s there for a reason – obey it.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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3 Responses to “Some Michiganders Need to Learn How to Stop at Red Lights”

  1. Middle Man Says:

    While I am on the other side of the pond, I fully agree with the sentiment. Read my posts and you will understand why:

  2. inkslwc Says:

    That reminds me of my trip to Europe. The driving got progressively worse as we travelled from England to France to Italy. Gosh, in Italy on the buses, I remember thinking, “We’re gonna kill this biker” about 15 times.

  3. Middle Man Says:

    Well, avoid Turkey at all costs!

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