McCain Slip-Up: I Am a Proud Conservative Liberal Republican

Apparently, Senator McCain had a “Senior moment” and made the mistake of saying, “I am a proud conservative liberal Republican.”  Go ahead and watch:

I love the staffer in the back (with the black hair) – her expression is just priceless.

Honestly I think this was just a slip of the tongue from McCain.  You all know that I personally don’t like him that much, but I have endorsed him – I’ll vote for him, I’ll volunteer for him.  He’ll make a good President.

I also have to say, his mistake wasn’t half as bad as some of the ones Bush has made.

Done Laughing,

Ranting Republican
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3 Responses to “McCain Slip-Up: I Am a Proud Conservative Liberal Republican”

  1. Keith Almli Says:

    Wow.. Come on now.. lol

  2. hoppersean Says:

    Laughed my butt when I heard this on the radio. You had to know it was just a matter of time and there will probably be more “Senior Moments” to come.

    I agree he’ll probably make a good president, but would feel a lot better voting for him If I knew his VP choice.

  3. Nick Olds Says:

    hahaha amazing

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