Construction in Michigan Has Gone Too Far

So I’ve been away to college and I came home for spring break today, and as I’m talking about heading up to Rochester for a meeting tomorrow, my mother tells me that I-75 is completely shut down for a patch where I need to drive, and that I’ll have to take I-94, but some of the exits (such as for the Lodge/M10) are also closed so that I-94 doesn’t get too crowded, since it’s dealing with all that extra traffic.  Oh, and by the way, it’ll be that way for 2 years.

So I asked, why on earth are they completely closing that part of I-75 for TWO YEARS?  Apparently they’re connecting I-75 directly to the Ambassador Bridge.  Well whopdy doo – you don’t need to close down THE WHOLE FREEWAY to do some construction.  Have you ever heard of closing down only some lanes (like when there’s an accident, or what’s that stuff called with the dudes and the orange barrels – oh yeah, CONSTRUCTION)?

And why does it take 2 years to do 2.2 miles of road?  Is it because MDOT (Michigan Department of Transportation) is incompetent?  No, because they’re always out there plowing and salting the roads when its snowing and it NEVER takes 3 days for my side street to get plowed (remember, I’m in a suburb, not Monroe County or something)!

If MDOT would get some real contractors who knew how to finish a project ON DEADLINE maybe our roads wouldn’t have so many potholes.

That’s another thing – if we would limit the truck weights (we have the highest weight for trucks [and 2nd highest for people] in the country), the pothole problem wouldn’t be so bad.  And instead of just having ONE toll bridge (Mackinac), if we had some toll roads (I know I hate tolls and taxes, but states do need SOME revenue), we could have roads like Ohio, instead of the crap that we have to drive on now.

So here’s what we need:

  • Better contractors who actually work (have you ever seen a construction person actually working – I did once, but I left the camera at home).
  • Contractors who finish on time (unlike the bridge by my house which took them an extra month).
  • Better limits on trucks.
  • Toll roads.
  • Why not throw in a better Governor for a bonus for having to deal with Michigan roads.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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4 Responses to “Construction in Michigan Has Gone Too Far”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Snow and winter are amazingly hard on roads. You should be happy that Michigan still has the money to fix the roads, because they sure aren’t selling the cars that drive on them anymore.

  2. inkslwc Says:

    If Michigan got its priorities straight, we’d have good roads. And like I said – get some toll roads. Even if you put a toll on I-75 from Oakland county up on North, that’d do the trick.

  3. Informedrepublican Says:

    Michigan roads have been bad for years. The Fed’s haven’t been keeping up with their end and owe Michigan billions in highway funds. Governor after Governor has failed to address it. Michigan’s weight limits on trucks plays no part on the roads. Most states are 80-92K on 5 axles and Michigan allows 160k on 11 axles. The distribution of weight on 11 axles is better then 5. 5 axles cause more damage then 11 just ask Chicago. Trucks cause damage to roads that see frost, period.Who do you think pays for the roads? Your Taxes? Every truck on the road pays a road impact fee of $550 called a 2290 to the feds every year. The license plate on a truck costs $1800-3000 a year in the state of Michigan. Now add the 31 cents a gallon diesel tax or roughly 6 cents a mile for every truck that drives on Michigan roads pays. So it’s kinda like you being mad at your friend for crashing his car. It’s not like you paid for it. Let me know what you think of toll roads when your footing the bill. If my parents payed my bills or at least went on the hook for my student loans I would have extra money for tolls too. I know they would help lighten the pockets of the unemployed and struggling families in the state right now. Here’s one last neat idea. Lets start electing people that will do what needs to be done and who will be responsible (if there are any left). When you tax us put the money back into our system. Not into pet projects or welfare programs. Lets not let Canada and our Governor turn Michigan into a landfill. Michigan should be plated in Gold being the only state that collected a single business tax. My bank doesn’t come to me and ask me to make 2 payments in a month because they mishandled the first payment and neither should the government. Alice

  4. inkslwc Says:

    But how often are Michigan’s weigh stations open? In over 19 years, I’ve only seen a weigh station open once.

    And I foot the bill for everything I drive – including the cost for the Mackinac Bridge when I go to the U.P.

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