Clinton Tries to Copy Obama’s Chant; Fails Worse Than Her Marriage

OK, I’ve had this one in the works for a while, but I’ve been really busy lately.  Here’s the video of Hillary Clinton trying to steal Obama’s “Yes we can slogan” and put her own twist on it:

(And she accused Obama of plagiarism?)

Notice how many people started joining in – not 1, not 2, not even 3, but … ZERO!

I don’t think she realizes that she’s not supposed to try to get them chanting.  I mean, do we have videos of Eisenhower going around saying, “I like Ike!  I like Ike!” or McCain chanting, “Mac is back! Mac is back! (Mac just had a heart attack! – I know it’s cruel, but I had to make a joke)” – NO, we DO NOT!  Clinton is an egotistical moron who, if she keeps stuff up like this, will hand the election over to the Republican party (not that that’s a bad thing).

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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4 Responses to “Clinton Tries to Copy Obama’s Chant; Fails Worse Than Her Marriage”

  1. uhhhh Says:

    did anyone notice the upside down hillary sign?

  2. jeremy Says:

    At least she cut it off before it got awkward…er

  3. hoppersean Says:

    “Yes we will!” … Pray that you bow out gracefully.

    This what happens when you let the village raise the village idiot…

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