Pakistan Killed YouTube for About an Hour

Well, I could’ve sworn I did a post about Pakistan wanting to ban YouTube before, but apparently I didn’t.  Anyway, Pakistan decided to tell all of their internet service providers (ISPs) to block the popular video sharing site YouTube because some of the videos are offensive to Islam.

So Pakistan Telecom, “hijacked” the IP web server address of YouTube in order to redirect users from getting to the site.  The problem occurred when PCCW,  one of the largest communications providers for Pakistan and China, blocked all of their users from YouTube, not just the Pakistani ones, causing a YouTube blackout for over an hour for a decent chunk of the world.  The block spread to ISPs all over the world.

PCCW has since corrected the problem and Ron Paul supporters are YouTube is back up and running (I kid – I love Representative Paul, but his followers are sometimes a wee bit obsessed with technology).

And of course, I just had to photoshop this event, so enjoy:

Pakistan Killed YouTube

So, we’ll see who’s willing to accept their side of the blame on this one, although I’m guessing that Pakistan Telecom won’t.

You can read more from BBC (who broke the story) here:

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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