Cop Fined $18,000 After Arresting On-Duty Firefighter

Well, this story just enraged me.  Here’s a 2003 video of Hazelwood, Missouri, police officer Todd Greeves arresting a Robertson Fire Protection District Captain (whose name I can’t find anywhere – if anybody has it, leave a comment and I add you to my list of those I adore forever) David Wilson (a huge thanks to my reader Roger Jollie for finding an article with Wilson’s name in it.  Roger, you’re my most adored reader, until the next time something like this happens), while the firefighter is working on scene at an accident in order to rescue Joe Mack (again, thank you to Roger Jollie for this info):

In Missouri, firetrucks can park wherever they want, whenever they want, but police officers are the one grouop that can overtrump their decision in where to park.  Personally, I’ve seen enough videos of cops getting hit or almost hit while on the side of the road, that I think that it’s worth backing traffic up for 2 hours if it helps save a life.  Limiting traffic one more lane isn’t that bad when you’re protecting the victims, the police, and the firemen.

I think it’s great that this cop was fined $18,000, and he needs to either be fired or put on desk work, but he just does not have the judgment to be working out in the field – it’s obvious that he can’t be trusted to not abuse his power.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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7 Responses to “Cop Fined $18,000 After Arresting On-Duty Firefighter”

  1. Roger Jollie Says:

    The fire fighter is Capt. David Wilson

    Read about it here:

  2. inkslwc Says:

    Thanks a lot for the names / additional story info!

  3. hoppersan Says:

    Just when you thought you’d seen it all. I will never cease to be amazed by some peoples’ stupidity. They’re lucky the driver didn’t sue for neglect.

  4. Keith Almli Says:

    .. Some people have no clear brains here.. Why in the heck would the cop do such a thing? he needs to visit a psychward… hes not thinking very clearly.. the firefigher was doing the correct thing.. the officer had no right.

  5. Kd Says:

    another stupid fat ass cop that was probably picked on when he was a kid

  6. Gryffin Says:

    The police officer’s name is Todd Greeves.

  7. kingoftheUSA Says:

    Todd Greeves is a total C**T. Greeves should be put in gaol (jail) with all of the sex offenders and be someones bitch. If I were the firefighter being arrested I would resist, take Greeves’ gun, and shoot him between the legs causing him to scream like a little girl. 18, 000 dollar fine is good, but if I were the judge, it would be an $18 million fine, and I would expect payment in 3 days.

    -King of the USA

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