Breaking News: Mitt Romney Will Endorse McCain

I just heard it from MSNBC – Mitt Romney plans on endorsing McCain.  This does puts an end to the election.  McCain made the deal that he needed to secure the nomination – although I still think Huckabee will get around 700-800 delegates after winning the southern states (winner take all) and winning some delegates from the western states.

I’ll do a post when we here a statement from Romney.

Done Reporting,

Ranting Republican
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2 Responses to “Breaking News: Mitt Romney Will Endorse McCain”

  1. hoppersean Says:

    Saw the story in the elections section over on Google News posted by Reuters one hour ago.

    Here’s the link:

    Admin edit: Hey – you forgot the space between “link:” and the link, so I edited the comment to make it work.

  2. hoppersean Says:

    My bad. A little bleary eyed tonight. Thanks

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