No Updates on Washington Republican Caucus Until Morning

Well, the Washington State Republican Party caucus website said that new numbers will be released at 10:15 P.M. PST, but media outlets have said that they stopped oounting and will resume tomorrow (I’ll check back to make sure that none are released).  I find this kinda ridiculous – it’s 9:00 and you stop counting!  So, I’m flying home from D.C. tomorrow and I probably won’t have updates up until the evening.  At this point it looks like a McCain win barely, but it’s just too close to call.

Here are the last numbers as of 9:45 P.M. PST (12:45 P.M. EST) (remember, these are state delegates, NOT votes):

  1. McCain 3,239 25.6%
  2. Huckabee 3,010 23.8%
  3. Paul 2,655 21%
  4. Romney 2,055 16.3%
  5. Uncommitted 1,545 12.2%
  6. Other 1.0%

Again, I’ll check back in a half hour to see if anything was updated.

Done Reporting,

Ranting Republican
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