Attention Ron Paul Supporters: Help and Input

OK, last week I got this comment on my blog from “the people”: “I noticed on your graphs you list Ron Paul as “other”. Are you so afraid of freedom that you can’t pay a man running for president enough respect to use his name? You are pathetic.”

I both e-mailed the address given (which bounced back 3 times) and made a comment asking which graph I had him as other (after searching through all of the graphs and not finding this anywhere).

Then, today while at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) I overheard a woman say that on a blog she saw that “Ron Paul [was] listed as other” and something about checking back 2 days later and it not being changed.  I was half tempted to ask what blog, but figured that if it was my blog, she’d have either seen my comment in reply to her comment or responded to the e-mail (although it may not have been a real e-mail, since it bounced back 3 times in 3 days).

So, can you guys help me out and let me know if you’re seeing Ron Paul as “other” on my charts?  The only theory that I have is that I do have “other” listed for my poll analysis and I don’t have Paul listed, but this is because the site that I get my polls from doesn’t have a Ron Paul category, but an “other category.”  When I would do my predictions though, I always changed the “other” category to a prediction for Ron Paul.

Thanks for the help!

Done Requesting,

Ranting Republican
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