Mitt Romney Suspends His Campaign for President

So, today, Mitt Romney announced that he was SUSPENDING his campaign (not endorsing anyone, just suspending campaigning – and the media is really screwing up their reporting on this).  The announcement came as a surprise during his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) (which I’m at, but I didn’t hear his speech – I’ve talked to people and all of them, even Laura Ingraham who introduced him were surprised).  People I’ve talked to said he appeared close to tears, but I haven’t seen a video yet.  I’ll tell you the story of how I heard, and then give details on what this means for the race:

So, I’m in Washington, D.C. for the CPAC, and today I had a photo-op with Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE) – my perosnal hero.  Anyway, he got caught up in committee, so I went and watched the Senate for an hour and a half (boring as ever – 1 person spoke for 30 minutes and the rest was waiting for quorum call), but I watched the House talk about an education bill.  Then I went back to the Senator’s office and talked with his staffer who said that Romney had dropped out.  Luckily I had over-heard people talking about who they thought Romney’s delegates would go to, so I was somewhat prepared.  Then I got back to the hotel and heard that he had only suspended his campaign.

Here’s what Romney said: “If I fight on in my campaign, all the way to the convention, I would forestall the launch of a national campaign and make it more likely that Senator Clinton or Obama would win.  And in this time of war, I simply cannot let my campaign be a part of aiding a surrender to terror.”

So, what does this mean for the Republicans and the party?

First, it should be noted that Romney suspended his campaign, he did NOT drop out (this is where the media has made me very angry, and even some political analysts who were on TV via phone, not actually working for the networks, have gotten angry at the way the media has reported the story).  His whole point was not “If you vote for me, it hurts the party,” but “If I continue to campaign against McCain and point out his bad spots, it hurts the party.”  So staying in on the ballots has nothing to do with it.  Suspending active campaigning has EVERYTHING to do with it – and the media is really angering me by the way they’re reporting this.

So, Romney still has 286 delegates, plus he may get some in Hawaii.  Ron Paul has 16 and may also get some in Hawaii.  Mike Huckabee currently has 286 and by my count could get another 450+ delegates (at least 300 of those I am VERY confident of).  So, there are 2,380 delegates total.  Take away 286 and that’s 2,094.  Take away 736 and you have 1358.  Take away 20 for Hawaii and you have  1328.  The magic number needed to win is 1,197.  So that means that assuming McCain takes all the other states (other than Hawaii and the Huckabee states), McCain wins by 131 delegates.  But what about the unpledged RNC delegates – if he loses some of those, he would barely win, if even win at all.  As well, this is assuming that McCain takes all of a state’s delegates – and here’s the problem with that assumption.  Most of the states that McCain will now win are proportional, while most of Huckabee’s strong states are winner take all.

So, did Romney only suspend his campaign so that he can bribe McCain into giving him the VP spot?  I don’t know, but McCain’s statement that he wants to sit down and talk with Romney as soon as possible seems to add my suspicions.  Either way, I think in order for McCain to win, he’s going to have to make a deal with either Huckabee or Romney (even Ron Paul by the end could get enough delegates to help him, but he’d never pick Paul and Paul would never accept).

Will McCain ask that Florida and Michigan’s delegates be seated, since Florida would get him more delegates?  We’ll have to see.

What will be important is McCain’s running mate – because people will be asking, “If McCain dies, do I want ______ to become President?”  I wouldn’t be surprised if we had as many Vice Presidential debates as we will Presidential debates.

Ultimately, I think McCain will win, but then again, I counted him out months ago, so anything could happen.  Romney could back Huckabee all of a sudden and things would change drastically (for instance – Huckabee might win Idaho and Wyoming).  IF it goes to a brokered convention (then we’re screwed), McCain will probably win just because him and Giuliani will get party leaderships support.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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6 Responses to “Mitt Romney Suspends His Campaign for President”

  1. Xdust Says:

    Umm, Its over.

    McCain wins. He has a 500 delegate lead. No way Romney can win this. And Huck is an idiot. That is obvious from day 1.

  2. hoppersean Says:

    Thanks for addressing the differnence between “dropping out” and “suspended”. Have been waiting some media outlet to pick up on this and address.

  3. inkslwc Says:

    Xdust, you just missed the entire point of my post. Nowhere did I say that Huckabee or Romney can win, but that I don’t think that McCain can win without makinga deal for one of their delegates.

  4. Susan Says:

    McCain should appoint Mitt Romney for VP, especially if he wants to win.

  5. inkslwc Says:

    I think he chose him – I think that’s why Romney finally endorsed McCain – and you’re right – he would get a lot of the conservative votes (Ann Coulter) if he took Romney.

  6. Elaine Says:

    (Pass this Word thru the blogsphere & to every news outlet you can find –in Wyoming, Missippi, Pennsylvanis & all other upcoming primary states. It is critically important to our future to get this information to the voters).

    REAL News you won’t see on TV:

    Obama is the pre-packaged “New & Improved Chocolate Flavor” Presidential candidate being Marketed like a PRODUCT – hyped & PUSHED by GE and its WHOLLY-Owned subsidiaries NBC & MSNBC…along with Westinghouse & its subsidiary CBS…while slamming the Clintons all day every day. (Assisted by…CNN/FOX/ and a lot of newspaper & radio media dependent on advertising$$.)

    GE is the 2nd largest corporation on the planet.

    Obama is IN with the Nuclear Industry: Excelon Corp of Illinois has been one of his largest contributors from his entry into politics to the present. Excelon is the largest nuke operator on the planet;owns Con-Ed of NY; more nukes in Illinois than any other state.

    GE, Westinghouse, Excelon & 3 consortiums of other companies are planning to build 29 new nuclear power plants. Their Wholly-Owned & Wholly Influenced “News” media are selling the Obama Product because Obama is in favor of Nukes.

    In 2005 Obama Voted FOR the Cheney Energy Bill (H.R.6) which ENABLED the nuke industry to make its Plans to build 29 new nukes-by Guaranteeing Taxpayer Payback of any nuke loans that default. (No nukes were built for the past 30 years because the banks wouldn’t loan the money – too risky)

    Obama Voted FOR the Cheney Energy Bill-despite the fact the Congressional Budget Office rated the risk of default on the nuke loans at 50% or greater. (Does that sound like…GOOD…JUDGMENT to You?)

    [NY Times has several articles about the nuke plans & a map showing all 29 locations; Wikipedia covers the subject]

    Clinton Voed AGAINST the Cheney Energy Bill and said her Energy Plan does not include nuclear.

    ? “Its about the FUTURE…Turn The PAGE” ?

    Nope. ts about Turning the PAGE BACK to the PAST: Obsloete 50 yr old nuke power plants-the dirtiest most expensive kind/centrally-controlled MONOPOLY POWER-instead of inventing New, Clean, Green De-Centralized inexpensive Energy.

    An ad campaign has already begun on the TV media to re-package & re-name nuclear power plants as: GREEN & CLEAN -for-everybody too young to remember the 1970’s anti-nuke movement and all the Bad News about nuclear energy.

    Don’t be taken in by the ad campaigns-Google:’nuclear waste dumps’ & read about the hundreds of BILLIONS of gallons of nuke waste at the Hanford Washington dump; 140 tons of plutonium stored at Rocky Flats, Colorado; Barnwell, South Carolina; leaking into groundwater and rivers; plutonium released into the air around Denver from 500 instances of fires at Rocky Flats; stored on-site at every nuke reactor in America…presenting hundreds of potential “dirty bomb” targets for terrorists.

    Is it true that Obama takes No Contributions/NO MONEY from Registered Federal Lobbyists?

    Yes. It’s a LawyerSpeak/Trick of: Speaking a Small truth covering up a Big Lie.

    Nope, doesn’t take money from REGISTERED FEDERAL Lobbyists.

    DOES take money from STATE Lobbyists, Not Registered Lobbyists, AND the wives, husbands, law partners, aunts, uncles cousins…of Registered Federal Lobbyists. Gets money from the same big corporate donors as any other candidate.

    Obama’s campaign finances are involved in the prosecution (by Patrick Fitzgerald)and trial of his friend of 20 years Antoin Rezko. Some of the funds… allegedly…extorted by Rezko went into Obama’s campaign coffers. Curiously, Iraqi Power Plants amd fraud are also involved in Rezko’s trial. (Google: Obama -Rezko- Alsammarae-Auichi- IRAQ POWER PLANTS)

    GE & the same wealthy people who sold the “new & improved vanilla flavor” Presidential PRODUCTS: Reagan & Bush/s 1 & 2 – are behind the massive ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN to sell you OBAMA.

    At the beginning of this campaign season a large majority of voters were looking forward to electing Clinton. Then Obama stepped in and started the dirty campaigning that has created the DIVISION he so hypocritically decries. Obama played “the race card” so he could win in South Carolina. He was caught red-handed playing that race card-but the media blamed it on Clinton-even though they all knew they were pushing the Big Lie.

    With nearly ALL “the mainstream media” pimping for Obama & slamming, smearing, and lying about the Clintons-it is truly amazing enough voters have seen thru the Media-Created Obama “movement”-for Clinton to STILL be in the race.

    The only way a very small minority can CONTROL a very large Majority is: DIVIDE & CONQUER-Exactly the same Republican Strategy/Deception they have successfully pulled for most of the last century And ALL of this century, so far. . .

    GE, the nuke industry/wealthy have hedged their bets & they will get Billions of your money via 29 new nukes IF either Obama or McCain is elected President.

    Ladies & Gentlemen, Dads & Moms buy nothing GE & Westinghouse are selling – not Obama, not a washing machine, a dishwasher, 29 nuke power plants, or a garbage disposer …. because there is no garbage disposer for Radioactive Nuke Waste. Do not allow them to poison the earth and your children anymore.

    For further Info see Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting website:

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