Democratic Predictions for Super Tuesday

OK, here are my preliminary predictions for the Super Tuesday primaries and caucuses.  Here’s the map of my prediction, although at this point there are a LOT of undecided states that I may switch before morning (for some reason I can’t get rid of the 0 for Michigan and Florida):

Democratic Super Tuesday Prediction - PercentagesDemocratic Percentages Key

And here’s my confidence map:

Super Tuesday Democratic Prediction - ConfidenceDemocratic Confidence Key

Default states are Proportional
^ = Will be determined @ convention
If you can’t red all the numbers, the first California number is 370, the first Georgia number is 87, the second Delaware is 23, the second New Jersey is 127, the second Connecticut is 60, the second Massachusetts is 121.
The red box that normally represents Washington, D.C. represents American Samoa.  6 of the 12 delegates will be chosen, but they only get half of a vote, so essentially 3 of 9 are chosen.
I have not officially predicted the Democrats Abroad, but I think Clinton will win that category.

I’ll update this at least 1 more time.

Done Predicting,

Ranting Republican
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