Super Tuesday Details and Predictions

Super Tuesday: Part I: General Information and Timeline:

OK, so on Tuesday, February 5th, 24 Democratic and 21 Republican elections.

Here’s a map of the times that the results should be available based on Eastern Standard Time (a “*” indicates a caucus and I estimated that caucuses would last approximately 2 hours before results begin coming in.  The Alaska Democratic caucus ends at midnight, and the Repubublican caucus ends a half an hour later.  Also, the Washington, D.C. box represents the American Samoa Democratic caucus.  The Democrats Abroad are not included on the map, since there’s no set ending time.  Red indicates Republican elections, Blue indicates Democrats, and purple indicates both.):

Super Tuesday Caucus Closing TimesSuper Tuesday Timeline Key

So I’ll try to have the numbers from West Virginia up as soon as possible, but I do have class (the West Virginia GOP said results should be available by “midday,” so I took that to mean noon).  Then I’ll be gone from 7:00-8:00ish, so I won’t have live results for American Samoa or Georgia.  I’ll probably stop updating states around 60% reporting, unless it’s still too close to call, especially as the night goes on.  The 8:00 P.M. EST slot will be the busiest, with 9 states ending then, so I may end those a little earlier than 60%.

Up next, my prediction for the Democratic party.

Done Informing,

Ranting Republican
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