Maine Republican Caucus Results as of Saturday Night

These are the Maine Caucus resulsts with 68% reporting (remember, the first number is straw poll votes):

  1. Romney 2,362 52%
  2. McCain 958 21%
  3. Paul 851 19%
  4. Huckabee 268 6%
  5. Undecided 94 2%
  6. Thompson 4 0%
  7. Giuliani 2 0%
  8. Hunter 0 0%

It’s a clear win for Romney – a LOT better than I thought he’d do.  My apologies for not putting more updates.  I hadn’t been checking, since I was under the impression that results wouldn’t be posted until tomorrow when everybody had voted.  It’s a good win for Romney.  Hopefully it will help.

 With the snowstorm coming, I’d really like to see a boost in Ron Paul’s numbers, since his people will always turn out – it’d be nice to see him finish with at least 25-30% (or more) and beet McCain.

Done Reporting,

Ranting Republican
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6 Responses to “Maine Republican Caucus Results as of Saturday Night”

  1. Jesse Says:

    this is with 2/3s reporting. not a ocmplete number.

    plus this is presidential preference. not delegates!!

    ron paul easily beat mccain on delegates. the two frontrunners are romney and paul!!

    the delegates are what matters!, not preference!

  2. inkslwc Says:

    You’re right, that’s my (and CNN’s) error, but with 52% of the support, Romney will win here. I’d really like to see Paul pull in a good 2nd here, but I’m afraid it just won’t have enough impact to kill the McCain momentum.

  3. hoppersean Says:

    Thanks for the update and thanks to the folks in Maine. Perhaps this will slow the preordination of McCain as THE republican candiate. That’s not so much an endorsement of a particular candidate as a rail against the “group-think”.

  4. Jesse Says:

    so, paul did pull in a great second!!

    200+ delegates from the 608 total. that’s 35%!

  5. inkslwc Says:

    I’m still waiting for the official numbers to come in – they may have today, but I’ve been too busy with Super Tuesday stuff.

  6. hunter s thompson Says:

    […] 958 21% Paul 851 19% Huckabee 268 6% Undecided 94 2% thompson 4 0% Giuliani 2 0% hunter 0 0% S. Thompson Quotes27 quotes and quotations by hunter S. Thompson. … hunter S. thompson The […]

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