Schwarzenegger Decides to Endorse McCain (Big Shocker There)

Well, now that Rudy Giuliani dropped out of the race, Governor Arnold  Schwarzenegger (R-CA) decided to endorse McCain yesterday, saying, “It’s all Rudy’s fault.  They both have been very supportive of me, two men that I admire very much — great, great public servants, great heroes — and so I felt like it was better to stay out of it.  But when I saw Mayor Giuliani, my dear friend, discontinuing his campaign and endorsing Senator McCain, I felt it was the time for me also to come out and to endorse Senator McCain.”

He went on to say that McCain has not been afraid to reach across the aisle in order to “get things done.”  He said that there “are people out there that talk about reaching across the aisle, but [McCain] has shown the action over and over again.  He’s also a crusader to end wasteful spending in Washington, which is so important; and he’s a crusader, has a great vision, in protecting the environment and also protecting the economy.”

After McCain and Schwarzenegger embraced, Schwarzenegger said that McCain is “a role model and guide to millions of Americans and people throughout the world.”

Romney responded by saying that he and McCain are fighting for the “heart and soul of the Republican Party,” while criticizing McCain’s “leadership for liberal causes.”  He continued on saying, “This is very different than the Republican Party that elected Ronald Reagan.  We stand together on the war in Iraq, [but] on the other issues I’ve described we’re quite far apart.  That distinction is what will, in the final analysis, be my best weapon in a battle to the finish.”

This is a HUGE help for McCain, but what will essentially seal it up for McCain is a win in Maine.  As I said in my prediction ( it’s a tossup between Romney, McCain, and Paul, but based on fundraising results in key areas and campaign activity in the state, I think Romney will wind up winning.  If he does win, it gives him a slight boost for California, so who knows (the results from Maine will be in on Sunday).

We’ll have to see, but if McCain does pull off a California win, he’s got the nomination guaranteed.

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Ranting Republican
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4 Responses to “Schwarzenegger Decides to Endorse McCain (Big Shocker There)”

  1. arno Says:

    being from california it makes me sick that we have a bodybuider (and thats it) in office… not to mention he wants to shut parks to save millions oout of several billion dollar deficit.

    sry to double up here, but chekc out my blog ( blogroll it maybe

  2. inkslwc Says:

    I’ve never been a huge fan of Schwarzenegger (although I will say that being a body builder isn’t a bad thing, and even not having that much experience isn’t terrible at a state level – it is at a Presidential one in my opinion, though).

    He’s pretty much a Democrat except when it comes to:
    1) School vouchers
    2) Law and order issues (Death penalty, 3 strikes sentencing laws)
    3) Illegal immigration
    4) Drugs (kinda – he wants marijuana legalized, but that’s it)

  3. hoppersean Says:

    Have been getting a little nutty lately with all the election news, and I think the media coverage is only making it worse.

    I feel like there’s an “Win at all costs” urgency developing with just about every candidate willing to sell out to get in.

    Have sarted a catagory called “This just in” on my blog as way to deal. If you google occupationspaces, you’ll find me.

    Look for the post titled:”Straight Talk Express” veers off course, Romney seriously injured…

    Admin edit: I took the liberty of adding your URL link to your comment. Just click the name to get to the website.

  4. hoppersean Says:

    Thanks, did not want to link without asking.

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