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Obama Rejects Farrakhan’s Endorsemnt; Farrakhan Says Too Bad

February 29, 2008

Well, in at the rate we’re going, John McCain isn’t going to have to do much to get elected against Barack Obama (I’m not even going to mention Clinton, because even the Yellow Dog Dems wouldn’t all support her).  Here’s what’s going on – Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam Minister endorsed Barack Obama.  In a debate between Obama and Clinton, Obama denounced Farrakhan’s anti-Semitic views and rejected his endorsement: “I have been very clear in my denunciation of Minister Farrakhan’s anti-Semitic comments.  I think that they are unacceptable and reprehensible.  I did not solicit this support. … [Clinton and Obama speak] There’s no formal offer of help from Minister Farrakhan that would involve me rejecting it.  But if the word ‘reject’ Senator Clinton feels is stronger than the word ‘denounce,’ then I’m happy to concede the point, and I would reject and denounce.”

So yesterday, Farrakhan released this statement in response to “outrage expressed by many” Farrakhan’s supporters because of Obama’s comments: “Those who have been supporting Sen. Barack Obama should not allow what was said during the Feb. 26 presidential debate to lessen their support for his campaign. This is simply mischief making [the questions asked by Tim Russert during the debate – later clarified in a statement released by a spokesman of Farrakhan] intended to hurt Mr. Obama politically.”

Then Obama’s campaign released this statement: “Senator Obama has been clear in his objections to Minister Farrakhan’s past pronouncements and has not solicited the minister’s support.”

So, Farrakhan continues his endorsement, and I think it will hurt Obama some (not a lot).  Obama was smart to immediately distance himself from this terribly racist man.

What would be nice is if this helped Clinton out and she took Texas and Ohio (bring out the champagne Mr. McCain!), but that may be too much wishful thinking  on my part.

I will take this time to note that Obama is not a Muslim, and does not swear in on the Koran, contrary to popular urban legends.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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Rest in Peace: William F. Buckley Jr.

February 29, 2008

I know this is a couple days late, but I just wanted to take some time and honor the great conservative thinker, William F. Buckley Jr.

Since 1955, Buckley has been writing newspaper columns and hosting talk shows.

He had a sense of humor too.  In 1965 when he ran for Mayor of New York City under the Conservative party (since any Republican who gets elected there isn’t a true conservative.  i.e. Giuliani), he was asked what he would do if he won.  His response was, “Demand a recount.”

Above all, he was always civilized on his talk shows (hehe – not my strong point).

So, Mr. Buckley, God bless you and may you rest in peace.

Done eulogizing,

Ranting Republican
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Official: Michael Bloomberg Is Not Running For President

February 28, 2008

Today, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced in a New York Times Op-Ed that he will not run for President (although the story got leaked when he wrote the article yesterday).

Here is an excerpt from “I’m Not Running for President, but …“:

I believe that an independent approach to these issues is essential to governing our nation — and that an independent can win the presidency. I listened carefully to those who encouraged me to run, but I am not — and will not be — a candidate for president. I have watched this campaign unfold, and I am hopeful that the current campaigns can rise to the challenge by offering truly independent leadership. The most productive role that I can serve is to push them forward, by using the means at my disposal to promote a real and honest debate.

In the weeks and months ahead, I will continue to work to steer the national conversation away from partisanship and toward unity; away from ideology and toward common sense; away from sound bites and toward substance. And while I have always said I am not running for president, the race is too important to sit on the sidelines, and so I have changed my mind in one area. If a candidate takes an independent, nonpartisan approach — and embraces practical solutions that challenge party orthodoxy — I’ll join others in helping that candidate win the White House. (read more here:

So, he’s not running – I predicted that one a year ago.

Bloomberg talked a lot about non-partisan ideas (although I consider him a Democrat since the only reason he quit their party which he had originally been a member of  is because he lost an election running as one).

It looks like good ol’ Ralphy will be the only influential 3rd party candidate this year (no, Ron Paul won’t run either – give it up, he’s done – he needs to focus on retaining his House seat – we’ve already lost Tancredo, I don’t want to lose Paul too).

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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Clinton Tries to Copy Obama’s Chant; Fails Worse Than Her Marriage

February 27, 2008

OK, I’ve had this one in the works for a while, but I’ve been really busy lately.  Here’s the video of Hillary Clinton trying to steal Obama’s “Yes we can slogan” and put her own twist on it:

(And she accused Obama of plagiarism?)

Notice how many people started joining in – not 1, not 2, not even 3, but … ZERO!

I don’t think she realizes that she’s not supposed to try to get them chanting.  I mean, do we have videos of Eisenhower going around saying, “I like Ike!  I like Ike!” or McCain chanting, “Mac is back! Mac is back! (Mac just had a heart attack! – I know it’s cruel, but I had to make a joke)” – NO, we DO NOT!  Clinton is an egotistical moron who, if she keeps stuff up like this, will hand the election over to the Republican party (not that that’s a bad thing).

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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Raúl Castro Is Officially Elected President of Cuba

February 25, 2008

Yesterday (February 24th) the National Assembly of Cuba officially elected Raúl Castro as President of Cuba, officially ending Fidel Castro’s term as President (although Raúl had been acting President since July 31st, 2006 after Fidel was hospitalized).  Fidel had said on the 19th (possibly the 18th, I’ve seen a few sources with different versions, but most say the 19th) that he would not seek another term, saying, “I will not aspire nor accept—I repeat I will not aspire or accept—the post of President of the Council of State and Commander in Chief.”

It’s debated how tied Raúl is to communism – some think he’ll stick more to communism, while others think he may go toward letting Cuba become free of it.  I don’t claim to know, so I’m not going to speculate.

I just hope that democracy CAN be brought to Cuba SOON.

As well, I think this embargo that we have on Cuba should be lifted immediately (and should’ve been lifted at least 10-15 years ago).

Well, now that there’s a new President, the fainting counter gets reset back to 0, but I doubt anybody’s going to beat Castro’s record.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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Pakistan Killed YouTube for About an Hour

February 24, 2008

Well, I could’ve sworn I did a post about Pakistan wanting to ban YouTube before, but apparently I didn’t.  Anyway, Pakistan decided to tell all of their internet service providers (ISPs) to block the popular video sharing site YouTube because some of the videos are offensive to Islam.

So Pakistan Telecom, “hijacked” the IP web server address of YouTube in order to redirect users from getting to the site.  The problem occurred when PCCW,  one of the largest communications providers for Pakistan and China, blocked all of their users from YouTube, not just the Pakistani ones, causing a YouTube blackout for over an hour for a decent chunk of the world.  The block spread to ISPs all over the world.

PCCW has since corrected the problem and Ron Paul supporters are YouTube is back up and running (I kid – I love Representative Paul, but his followers are sometimes a wee bit obsessed with technology).

And of course, I just had to photoshop this event, so enjoy:

Pakistan Killed YouTube

So, we’ll see who’s willing to accept their side of the blame on this one, although I’m guessing that Pakistan Telecom won’t.

You can read more from BBC (who broke the story) here:

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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Results from the Republican Caucus in Puerto Rico: McCain Won

February 24, 2008

Here are some unofficial results from the Puerto Rican Republican caucus.  I’m still looking for some official results:

  1. John McCain 188 90.83% 20 delegates
  2. Mike Huckabee 10 4.80%
  3. Ron Paul 9 4.33%

Again, I’ll try to find some official results.

Done Reporting,

Ranting Republican
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Prediction for the Republican Caucus in Puerto Rico

February 24, 2008

OK, the territorial caucus for Puerto Rico is today, and since McCain will most likely receive 2/3 of the votes, he’ll receive all 20 delegates (they have 3 more RNC delegates); however, if he doesn’t reach the  2/3 mark:

  • If 3 candidates reach the 15% mark, delegates will be awarded 10,6, and 4 respectively.
  • If 2 candidates reach the 15% mark, delegates will be awarded 13 and 7 respectively.

So, here’s my prediction:

  1. McCain 72%
  2. Romney 13%
  3. Huckabee 12%
  4. Paul 3%

At this point, we just need to all back John McCain – he’s our nominee, but I think that some of Romney’s support (since he did raise a decent amount of money there) will stick with him a little, and Huckabee will get some help for being the last legit candidate.  Ron Paul barely raised any money there though, so I don’t think he’ll do well at all.

I’ll try to have some updates with results later today.

Done Predicting,

Ranting Republican
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Satan Lives in Hawaii, and He Voted for Hillary

February 23, 2008

For about 2 hours these were the numbers from the Hawaiian caucus:

Clinton 666

If that’s not proof that Clinton and Satan have some alliance, watch this video (look at her eyes at 48 seconds – demonic looking aren’t they):

See – if that’s not proof, I don’t know what is.  Watch out – especially if you’re in Hawaii!

Done Warning,

Ranting Republican

**This is all satirical.  I obviously don’t believe that Satan is a voter in Hawaii.  Al Frankenstein lives in Minnesota.

Al Franken is Satan

OK, I’m done now.**
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Analysis of Kosovo’s Declaration of Independence from Serbia

February 23, 2008

OK, so election stuff plus a research paper kept me from talking about this as it happened, but now let’s take a look back on all that’s happened.  On February 17th, 2008, the Autonomous Province of Kosovo declared their independence from Serbia.  Since then, some countries have weighed in (see below for the map).  Some Serbians rioted (1 assumed protester was found dead); our embassy in Belgrade got torched a little bit, causing all non-essential personnel to have to be evacuated to Agence France-Presse (apparently the world’s oldest news agency) – no biggie.

So, who recognizes the Republic of Kosovo as it’s own sovereign nation?  And should we?

Well, I say we absolutely should!  They were an oppressed region who the UN put under its control after the 1999 Kosovo War.  I think that for the people of Kosovo to be treated fairly, they HAD to secede.

According to a poll an unscientific ABC News poll on Facebook, 79% of people agree with me, 12% disagree, and 9% are unsure.  Some of the arguments I’ve heard are “What if Texas seceded?”  Well that’s different – Texas isn’t being oppressed.  (Not to mention that Texas could probably put up a heck of a fight.)

So, who says what about Kosovo?  Well, here’s a map from Wikipedia:

Admin edit – apparently Wikipedia updated it to just a recognizes / doesn’t recognize map. So here’s an updated version (this will update automatically as wikipedia updates it, so if you’ve visited this page and are coming back to it now, refresh [F5] to make sure that this map is up to date). The map above is the map version from when I originally posted this post, and the map below is the current map:

██ Kosovo

██ States which formally recognize Kosovo as independent.

██ States which have stated they intend to recognize formally Kosovo as independent.

██ States which have delayed or have expressed neutrality on recognition of Kosovo’s independence.

██ States which have expressed concern over unilateral moves or expressed wish for further negotiations.

██ States which have stated they will not recognize Kosovo as independent.

██ States with no reported position at present.

Now, let’s highlight some key countries:

  • The U.S. obviously supports it.
  • Essentially the entire former U.S.S.R. opposes it, and Russia is blocking its entry into the UN.
  • Costa Rica was the first (by local time) to recognize it – kinda odd.
  • Afghanistan was the first (by international time) to recognize it – again, seemed kinda odd.
  • Taiwan recognizes it, but Kosovo may not recognize them, in order to get China to side with them – this angered me a little, as I’ve always been a HUGE supporter of Taiwan, the TRUE China!  Here’s a quote from the Foreign Ministry: “We congratulate the Kosovo people on their winning independence and hope they enjoy the fruits of democracy and freedom. […] Democracy and self-determination are the rights endorsed by the United Nations. The Republic of China always supports sovereign countries’ seeking democracy, sovereignty and independence through peaceful means.”
  • The British Kingdom (with the exception of Canada and South Africa) seems to have supported Kosovo.
  • Obviously Serbia doesn’t.
  • Oddly, Bosnia says not in the near future – most other countries who have seceded or are trying to have sided with Kosovo, so I thought they would.
  • Vietnam doesn’t – who didn’t guess that one.
  • China expressed “grave concern” (thus Kosovo’s reluctance to acknowledge Taiwan, since China is also a member of the UN Security Council).
  • South Korea is in favor of recognition, but still somewhat skeptical.
  • The Organization of the Islamic Conference backs Kosovo.
  • The International Olympic Committee does not plan on recognizing them.
  • The Basque Country, Catalan Government, Chechnya, Crimea, and Transnistria (at least their minister) all support Kosovo.
  • Western Sahara is bitter, because Kosovo was so quickly recognized and they weren’t.
  • Canada is in a pickle.  Their motherland, England has sided with Kosovo, but if they side with Kosovo, that sends a HUGE message to Quebec which has been trying to break free from the U.S. state of (I’m kidding – it’s a joke, so don’t get all offended about it) Canada for quite a while now.

So, go Kosovo! (and they’d better not change the name to Kosova – I’ve heard rumors and that’d be stupid).


Done Supporting FREEDOM,

Ranting Republican
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