South Carolina Democratic Primary Results as of 8:30 P.M.

Here are Democratic Primary results as of 8:30 P.M. with 62% reporting:

  1. Obama 166,198 54%
  2. Clinton 83,812 27%
  3. Edwards 58,225 19%
  4. Kucinich 344 0%

It’s a GREAT win for Obama – a landslide victory, but it was kinda expected (not in this margin though).

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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One Response to “South Carolina Democratic Primary Results as of 8:30 P.M.”

  1. chonors686 Says:

    So whites who vote for whites because they are white are racists.

    But Blacks who vote for Blacks because they are Black, are not racists.


    Okay how about his one.

    If a person comes across our borders in the dead of night, illegally, and he is a male, he is an illegal alien.

    But a if person comes across our borders in the dead of night, illegally, and SHE is a female she is not illegal because ‘NO FEMALE IS ILLEGAL”. according to Hillary Clinton last week.


    If John McCain voted for and sponsored anti-Republican legislation like McCain/Feingold or McCain/Kennedy, and there is no election upcoming, he is anything but a Republican and could care less.

    BUT if there IS an election coming up, that he cares a great deal and stand up straight and says he is the champion of the Republican party, a consistent conservative.

    McCain/Feingold concerned campaign funding ‘abuses’. It includes a “fairness doctrine”. the problem is while the law does affeect radio talk shows (A Republican strength) it leaves almost untouched the left wing liberal Democratic press. No only that, but the fairness doctrine (which is a misnomer) really has a goal of shutting down talk shows. You see liberal hosts are very unpopular and have no audience so they can’t get on the air. The successful hosts tend to be Republican and/or Conservative.

    So fairness, they say, means if you have a successful four hour show on now and it’s deemed to be Republican, that station has to put on a 4 hour show deemed to be Democratic. The problem is no one wants to listen to the Democrats so no station will give them 4 hours of time. Under the law, they will then have to cancel the “Republican” hosts as well. Goodbye talk radio, hello Democratic newspaper and magazines. So how does help Republicans or American, Senator? Explain that again.


    As to the McCain/Kennedy amnesty immigration bill, that was flawed from top to bottom. And that’s not because I am hardlined about the issue. I have my own plan that is fair, rational, compassionate and will work. To read it go to JOEY’s NEWSPAGE:

    These people had nothing to secure our borders. Yes after the bill was beaten down, they put something in but it was nothing and they had no intention of actually doing anything. They just agreed the illegals should all be legal. Why McCain would want that excapes me. Why America would want it escapes me even moreso. But of course American didn’t want that and so it didn’t pass.

    Read my bill. It’s tons better. Not everyone will agree with either but my bill is fair and sensible, not the crap McCain and Kennedy came up with.

    And this guy is a Republican? lol

    Oh well – if he gets elected you will learn he is not what he appears to be.


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