Ron Paul’s Free At Last 2008 Fundraiser Update Number 1

OK, well I wanted to do a pre-fundraiser introduction to this, but wasn’t able to, so I’ll just jump right in.  We’re almost an hour into the Free At Last 2008 Martin Luther King January 21 fundraiser.  From there are a supposed 10,521 pledges (which may be a little short).  I’m predicting about $2.5 million from this fundraiser.  As of about a half hour in, he’s almost to $75,000 – it’ll slow down over night, and pick back up again later tomorrow.

Here’s a chart courtesy of

Speaking of Ron Paul, I am predicting that he wins Hawaii.  Hawaii is an over-looked closed caucus where I think a lot of his dedicated supporters will come out and give him the win.  Romney will probably come in 2nd, but if Romney does come in 1st, I’m pretty sure that Paul WILL get 2nd place.

I’ll do a final update on this fundraiser later today (I’m FASCINATED with these things).

Done Admiring,

Ranting Republican
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One Response to “Ron Paul’s Free At Last 2008 Fundraiser Update Number 1”

  1. Nick Says:

    The man did have a big turnout in Nevada. Guess those brothel / prostitute / pimp endorsements carry a lot of weight!

    Har har. I jest. Sorta.


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