Gunman with a Sword Arrested in Washington, D.C.

Well here’s an interesting story – 38 year old Michael Gorbey was arrested in Washington, D.C. today for carrying a loaded shotgun, a Samuri sword, and a bag of gunpowder.  He also had a bow in his car as well as wires coming from his glove box and propane tanks (although bomb squad officials destroyed those items, they say that they were not rigged to explode.  Capital Police charged Gorbey with the charge of “felon in posession of a firearm” (apparently he had a long criminal record – who’d have thought).  Luckily, no shots were fired and nobody was hurt.

The Senate sergeant-at-arms, Terrance Gainer, informed the press that apparently Gorbey was going to the Supreme Court Building.

Michael Steven GorbeyMichael Steven Gorbey

Some of the people in America are kinda freaky (who knows, maybe he thought the War of 1812 was still going on, and he just wanted to serve his country – but I doubt that).  I just wonder what this guy was up to.

Done Wondering,

Ranting Republican
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2 Responses to “Gunman with a Sword Arrested in Washington, D.C.”

  1. I am not a criminal Says:

    How convenient for the propagandists that a militaristic-looking *possible* white supremacist wacko had *weapons* in the District of Criminals as the Supreme Court is craftily rewriting the second amendment to the constitution.

  2. inkslwc Says:

    Nobody is rewriting the 2nd amendment. It’s VERY unclear and ambiguous and needs to be interpreted.

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