Nevada’s Democratic Casino Caucuses Are a Go

This is kinda a Part II to my post yesterday about Kucinich’s lawsuit (

The U.S. District Court for Nevada Judge, James Mahan, has rejected a lawsuit by 5 Democrats & the Nevada State Education Association (NSEA) against the Nevada Democratic Party & the Democratic National Committee.  The NSEA said that allowing for people within 2.5 miles of the Las Vegas Strip to vote at at-large caucuses held in casinos gave an unfair advantage to the Culinary Union, who has publicly endorsed Barack Obama.  Although they have not publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton, it is well known that most of the NSEA supports Clinton.

Mahan said that “the parties have the right to determine how to apportion delegates. … The Democrats can set up their own rules just as the Republicans can.  It is not up to some federal judge to come along and say, I don’t like that.”

Here’s what I think … the party has the right to do this – it’s their caucus (although it does give an unfair advantage to the casino-area workers – so I DO disagree with the plan).  If it was a state controlled primary, I would probably have a different opinion.  On top of this, the NSEA is a bunch dishonest and lying idiots:

  • They have said that the party changed the rules at the last minute.  This is not true.  The Democratic National Committee approved the plan back in May, and the NSEA didn’t make a fuss until the Culinary Union endorsed Clinton’s opponent, Barack Obama.
  • They have released quotes making it sound like only casino workers can participate in the caucuses in the casinos.  This is also a blatant LIE.  Anybody who works within a 2.5 mile radius of the Strip can participate in the casino caucuses.

Originally, Clinton didn’t seem to take a strong side in favor of the NSEA (although I sense slightly that she wanted their lawsuit to win:

Here’s a YouTube clip of Bill Clinton not too happy about the caucuses (shouldn’t the candidate be the one more concerned here?), and it’ll explain things hopefully a little better for those of you who need more background details (it should be noted, he says the plan was proposed in March, but the DNC didn’t approve it until May – that’s why I said May up above. It should also be noted that I will defend the way that Bill Clinton addressed the reporter – the reporter kinda went after him, and in my opinion, the media needs to be put in its place more often. I’ll do a bit about outbursts against the media either tomorrow or Sunday):

I really think that the Clintons, the NSEA, and their supporters need to deal with it – and be HAPPY that this allows for more people to vote (too bad, since Clinton would be the easiest to defeat come November).

No appeal was ever filed.

Clinton has now switched to going over the head of the Culinary Union and attempting to win the support of individual voters who are members of the union, something that most likely won’t happen due to the fact that in a caucus EVERYBODY can see who you are caucusing for – and if somebody breaks from the union, well, we all remember Jimmy Hoffa.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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