Michigan is Romney’s (and Clinton’s) Last Stand

Romney's Last Stand

That picture says it all folks!  Romney HAS to win Michigan if he wants to stay in this race, and a win in Michigan would, in my opinion, catapult him into a very viable position for winning major Super Tuesday states.

Perhaps even of more importance is Michigan for the Democrats.  Originally, it was brushed off as a Clinton win, but with recent polls showing her with as low as only an 18% lead over “Uncommitted,” her campaign could be squashed in an embarrassing election result in Michigan (I don’t think she’ll lose, but anything under 50% will be ridiculously embarrassing).

I’ll be updating the blog every half hour tomorrow, so check here often tomorrow night – it should be fun!

Done Predicting and Praying,

Ranting Republican
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One Response to “Michigan is Romney’s (and Clinton’s) Last Stand”

  1. AMartinez Says:

    HAHAHAHA!!! I would have used a picture of Gettysburg’s Little Round Top, but that’ll do too…

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