Safety in Detroit is Becoming an Issue: Even Schools Are at Risk

Well I was reading through the news from back home in Wayne county and I came across this.  A gun accidentally went off in a science class in Finney High School in Detroit.  Apparently the teacher heard a noise but couldn’t identify where it came from.  The Detroit News said that it was in a bag and the bag may have fallen setting off the gun, or the gun may have fallen out of the bag.  The 9th grader who was shot realized that he was shot when he got home (how do you not realize that you’re shot!), and the 9th grader who brought the gun was arrested that night.  A weapons sweep of the school returned no further weapons.  Police say that the situation was an accident and was not premeditated (but this kid still needs to be locked up for bringing a gun to school – charge him as an adult.  He knew he shouldn’t have a gun.  Detroit schools are pretty bad, but the students aren’t so dumb that they don’t know they can’t bring guns).

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4 Responses to “Safety in Detroit is Becoming an Issue: Even Schools Are at Risk”

  1. jonsquared Says:


  2. Stephanie Says:

    okay i go to Finney High School this is my last year there and yes i do know how bad schools can (this one in particlur) but i dont think you should go on to label and say that ALL schools in Detroit are dumb nor should you label the students as dumb just because one child was unaware he was shot. (which yes is crazy) I just think you could have possiably stated another title other then the one you posted, because i know for a fact that i am not stupid and i do attend Finney High School. i know for one this offends me and probably any other student that attends Finny High School.

  3. inkslwc Says:

    OK, I would like to apologize for the ill-humored joke.

    It wasn’t meant to insult the students, more to insult the system. I don’t blame the students of Detroit, I blame the city leaders, the teachers, and especially the Unions – who went on strike right before school was supposed to start because they couldn’t settle on pay. They waited to the last minute and hurt the students. Doesn’t seem like something a caring teacher would do.

    Again, sorry for the ill-humored title.

  4. nikki Says:

    I think the school is horrible! Come on now there is a fence around the whole school…what is the purpose of that. Then there is a female hood rat named SHAWNTA WARREN who sleeps with everyone and spreads her herpes! GROSS

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