Kucinich and Albert Howard (R) Demand New Hampshire Recount

OK, so it’s official – Dennis Kucinich has demanded a recount of the New Hampshire Democratic Primary.  Following New Hampshire Law, he had to pay a $2,000 fee to start the recount, and since he lost by more than 3%, he has to pay the full cost of the recount.  If he comes within 1% or wins, he’ll get a refund.

Speculation has been that Kucinich is just doing this as a “favor” for Obama who could be helped by a recount (where Kucinich clearly lost) in order to catch up to Clinton or even possibly beat her.  I don’t see Obama winning, but it’s worth a shot – especially if Kucinich does it for him.  I am, however, NOT saying that Kucinich isn’t just doing this because he loves Democracy and wants an accurate count.

On the Republican side, a local Michigander and minor candidate, Albert Howard from Ann Arbor has called for and was planning on paying the fee for a recount. 

Albert Howard

Howard received 44 votes officially, but he says that his tally indicates 170 (I don’t know where he got his tally from).  Oddly, Howard was only on the ballot in New Hampshire where he paid the $1,000 entry fee.  He didn’t try to get on his home state’s ballot where signatures are needed (and I’d never heard of him).  He seems similar to Alan Keyes from what I’ve seen on his website – very religious with an emphasis of getting America back to God.

I’ll at least do a final update on the recounts.

Done Reporting,

Ranting Republican
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One Response to “Kucinich and Albert Howard (R) Demand New Hampshire Recount”

  1. Albert Howard Says:

    Black History Month Historical Fact: Albert Howard is the first African-American to receive a New Hampshire Primary Recount and to submit an official Petition of Appeal to the N.H. Ballot Law Commission.

    Please support this historic battle in our American History. The court proceedings are pending.

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