Democratic Delegate Update as of January 6th

OK, here’s the updated delegate count which applies as of sometime on January 4th thru at least through today (and most likely New Hampshire’s primary on Tuesday).  I took away 4 (all) of Dodd’s delegates from California, and 7 (all) of Biden’s from Delaware, since they have dropped out.  So, here’s the delegate count with a graph of the amounts from each state:

Candidate Delegate Count
Obama 64
Edwards 49
Clinton 169
Richardson 19
Dodd 0
Biden 0
Uncommitted 0
Kucinich 1
Gravel 0

Democratic Delegate Count as of 1-5-07

OK, well, now I’ll try to do some non-election posts before New Hampshire!

Done Adding,

Ranting Republican
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One Response to “Democratic Delegate Update as of January 6th”

  1. Lionel Johnson Says:

    I love it. Thanks. It’s been a tough week.

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