Do Not Call List and Campaigns

Wow – I haven’t had a real angry rant in a while, but this one gets me every time.  I was making calls for Romney today, and I was reading the script and he goes, “Well, you gave me incorrect information.”  And I said, “what information was incorrect.”  And he goes, “My information.  I’m on the Do Not Call List, so I’m not voting for your candidate now because you called me.”  Then he hung up.

OK, unfortunately, I didn’t get to give my little, “Well, just to let you know, political organizations are not covered under the Do Not Call List, but I will remove you from our list” speech, but still – these people are MORONS!  They act all snobby and smart, when in reality they are ignorant and rude.

So, for all you on the DNC registry, read the exceptions so you don’t make a fool out of yourself.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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22 Responses to “Do Not Call List and Campaigns”

  1. Jerry Says:

    I partly disagree. They may be ignorant of the law, but it is not they that are being rude. Making unsolicited calls during dinner time is rude. It is arrogant to think that poeple who sign up for the DNC list need to hear your opinion on politics even though they have made it clear that they do not want people to bother them at home. You are right, it is legal. Quite a few rude, obnoxious, distracting things are legal. Getting irritated by the many unwanted calls that distract people from the little family time that they get to enjoy does NOT make them fools. Why would you call people who have made it clear by signing up for the DNC list that they do not want such calls, whether it is legal or not? Who is the one being all snobby and smart? I vote for the most conservative candidate. Unfortunately, my wife no longer votes because of her frustration with the calls. We lost one vote. Does it count? Are you really changing anything with your calls other than turning people off?

  2. inkslwc Says:

    2:00 P.M. isn’t dinner time – for anybody.

    Have I changed anything? I can’t know for 100% sure, but I have had 2 people tell me (in the past 2 campaigns) that my information and arguments (discussion) swayed them over. And if we cut people off who were on the DNC, we’d cut off most everybody. I myself am on the DNC, but I want to receive political calls.

    All they have to do is tell me, “Please take us off your list” without being smart about it.

  3. Republican Michigander Says:

    I think these calls are some of the worst strategy I’ve seen. I know at least 10 people who stayed home partly because of these calls. They were on the fence on voting, but leaned towards DeVos. Keep in mind that there are calls for several campaigns. Then add in the really annoying robocalls. I got four of those things on my answering machine telling me what a bad guy Mike Rogers is. If it was legal, I’d drive down to DC with a sledgehammer and take care of those robocalls myself. Then also add in those annoying calls from the RNC asking me for money – and they usually start with “only $75” so I can stop their boogeyman Hillary using the same old talking points. Put all those things together, and I get real sick and tired of the calls. If I’m a political junkie and hate the calls, what does that say about those who don’t follow politics as much and have negative attitues about most politicians. No offense inks, but they probably don’t want to hear from you – or me – or anyone else for that matter. They aren’t morons. They just don’t like being invaded in their castles – and that’s how they feel.

    That’s the major reason why I refuse to do phone calls for the campaign. It’s bad tactics.

  4. Shaun Dakin Says:

    Actually 85% of people on the DNC list don’t realize that Politicians are exempt.

    Guess what: they don’t care.

    Telemarketing is telemarketing and calling people, particularly via robo calls is an invasion of privacy and will lose you votes.

    Our membership is taking off because people are sick and tired of these tactics.

    Shaun Dakin
    CEO and Founder
    The National Political Do Not Contact Registry

  5. inkslwc Says:

    I agree with you on robocalls – they’re annoying and tacky (and I’ve gotten like 10 from Fred Thompson).

  6. mdb Says:

    I think the Ranting Republican is the one who thinks he ‘act(s) all snobby and smart’, but is ignorant and rude. I am on the DNC list and I know all the exceptions to it. BUT, I still don’t want anyone calling me with a prerecorded message! EVER!

    Any political group who calls me, is automatically removed from my list of possible candidates who I would vote for. Reason? By calling me, they show that they have NO respect for MY privacy, but are bent on forcing their political point of view into my ear. Therefore, they are not worthy of my vote.

  7. inkslwc Says:

    They aren’t prerecorded – and once you tell us no thank you, we don’t call again.

  8. mdb Says:

    That’s the problem inkslwc. I have to tell you. That means that you call, you interrupt whatever I’m doing, (like SLEEPING!!!! I’m a day sleeper!!!) so I can tell you (and only you) not to call me. In not much longer, your candidate won’t be running anyway, so how does telling you (and only you) not to call me again help?

    And yes, some are pre-recoreded. Approximatly half the ones that I get are. And the caller ID’s are typlically fake, obviously wrong (all zeros) or un-available. That tells me that who ever is calling is already telling a lie. And I can’t tell the pre-recorded voice never to call again.

    Can’t you get it? I DON’T WANT ANY CALLS FROM ANY ORGANIZATIONS, POLITICAL, CHARITABLE, or WHATEVER, EVEN IF IT’S ‘FOR MY OWN GOOD’! And I think others don’t either. That’s what I meant when you talked to me. OPT-IN vs OPT-OUT. Yeh, that was me. All calls to me (and others probably, but I’ll let them decide for themselves) should be OPT-IN, not OPT-OUT. The difference is the default condition. In OPT-IN, you don’t call untill I tell you that you can. In OPT-OUT, I can only tell you not to call, AFTER you have already called and disrupted my peace. Do you have the concept of ‘the right to be left alone’? It seems most politicos don’t have that concept anymore. They must have at some time, as I remember that as a quote from an Illinois senator.

  9. Disgusted Says:

    I am getting calls because my deceased husband got on the Republican list several years before he passed on. To get 7 calls in one day (mind you, most are recorded-I stopped listening ) is getting ridiculous. They are SICK!!!

  10. inkslwc Says:

    And that’s why I hate robocalls. But I just got done making calls – and MOST were thankful for the reminder to vote and some had forgotten that the election was tomorrow.

  11. John Whelan Says:

    I went away a few days and listened to my answering machine when I got back. I got a long winded message from Mitt Romney about the evils of the Democratic party and how thet will ruin this great country. The next message was another long winded one from his wife, Then one from Gv. Weld to vote for Romney, then another from Romney again, then one from a sports figure telling me how great Mitt is, and then another from someone else. They filled my machine… And i was unable to receive the important message from my doctor about test results… This is outrageous.
    So I ask, Who is ignorant and rude here?? The people who are fed up with calls that border on harassment, or the people that are making them?
    One thing they did do is to help me make up my mind about who to vote for and I can assure you it won’t be for Mitt romney.
    I guess I’m just an ignorant MORON

  12. inkslwc Says:

    We had a problem with somebody outside the Romney campaign making calls. The FCC was investigating. I haven’t heard the results of the investigation yet.

  13. Pete Says:

    you, sir, are a dumb-dumb. i put myself on a no-call list, and you presume i intended that to apply to everyone but YOU?! i work constantly-changing hours, including overnights, and your unsolicited and unwanted calls are incredibly disruptive. grow up.

  14. inkslwc Says:

    So simply say that, and you’ll be taken off the list. If you don’t like it, get the law changed.

  15. Ed Says:

    Get the law changed are you kidding me! Even if you could get the laws changed so that NOBODY can call you looking to get charity or sway my vote the courts would overturn it. It would be nice if we could fix all that is broken in this country. Truth in advertising would be great if politicians it was applied to politicians as well but that would leave most with nothing to say. I admire the passion that drives you to work to promote the democratic party but if you actually LOOK with your eyes open at any state in the country that the DEMONCRATS have controlled for any length of time the poverty level is higher and the crime rate is MUCH higher. go to google and search for tax burden ranking by state. the highest tax burdened states on the list are controlled by the democratic party and have been for quite some time the lowest tax burden states have been controlled by the republican party and have been for years. I agree with a lot of what the democratic party talks about doing but they don’t actually do what they say they are going to do any more than the republicans do. Both parties are stuck on stupid continuing failed policies and programs. In this country the delusion of being able to change where the people who control this country are leading it is one large snow job. We are told many many lies and pationately defend our belief in them! Really look at what people do not say they intend to do. The system was set up to look like we can change it but until we can all vote on the changes and remove the politicians from the mix we are stuck with the delusion. By the way I think I need a rant web site. Thanks!

  16. inkslwc Says:

    Ed, I work for the Republican Party, not the Democratic Party.

  17. David P Says:

    Well first off.
    We will not be voting democrat or republican due to these calls.
    My grandfather Normally votes republican. But we average 2-8 calls a day of these annoying calls and they are almost all automated.
    Giving us no chance to be removed from there annoying calls.

    We do not support there beliefs.
    especially poizner & whitman. For California.

    This gets very annoying
    The republican party’s are more rude & obnoxious then the democrat parties currently.
    if our vote is valued schedule & group meeting on a weekend or during the week per city & invite everyone to it. if there interested they will go.

    I will tell u i will never vote for these sorry people trying to take more rights from people.

    leave the illegals alone. atleast they take the jobs americans are to lazy & stupid to take.
    America cries there is no jobs. there out of work. but they are never willing to take and drop to lower pay & manual labor.

    Lets see americans pick fruits by hand & go work in mud to pick lillies or any thing else like that.
    You wont find it.

    And there not all illegal.
    Illegals take and pay taxes Just never claim them.
    yes i used a valid email but i better not take and receive any emails from it. if i do i will be reporting it & putting it in the blacklist pool

  18. David P Says:

    oh and change the law?
    we the people get no say so in the full law..
    your the ignorant 1.
    so many bills go thru that the people dont know about.

    thinks site is a joke…
    fck republican party & democrat party.
    its useless. & full of liars.


  19. Joe in Fla. Says:

    inkslwc, you’re a real ass-hole! People on the DNC list have made it clear that they DO NOT WANT UNSOLICITED CALLS! Why can’t you get that through your thick head?? What makes you think that you and the Republican party are an exception? FWIW For the last several elections I HAVE called both the national and state Republican Party offices and told them NOT to call me but they continue to call. So now my strategy is to switch one vote from Republican to another party EVERYTIME THEY CALL! This year I didn’t vote for ANY Republicans at any level despite the fact that I am a registered Republican and always have been. However I’m also probably going to change my registration due to the Republican Party’s clear disregard of not only the wishes of the citizens of their districts but also the members of their own party. As the birth and growth of the Tea Party clearly shows, the RP is completely disregarding the wishes of the majority of it’s members and they are no longer going to stand for it! I don’t know who is encouraging the RP to make REPEATED calls every day to it’s members but it’s poor strategy and I’m sure that it’s costing them more votes than it wins them.

  20. Joe in Fla. Says:

    S^^T! By the time I could type the previous message,the Republican Party has called AGAIN! I guess I’m going to have to just leave the phone off the hook until the elections are over.

    As for changing the DoNotCall laws, you must be joking! It took YEARS of complaints to get the lazy, good for nothing, politicians to pass a Do Not Call law to begn with and even then they left it FULL OF HOLES and there is NO enforcement of it! To make matters worse, the politicians make themselves exempt from every law they pass including the DNC list. They also exempted themselves from Obama Care in more recent example.

    inkslwc. You claim that you take people off your call list when they ask you to. Well, part of the problem is that the Republican party (and probably others as well) have THOUSANDS of volunteers and commercial call centers that are making calls on their behalf and there’s no way to tell all of them NOT to call. In addition, MOST of the calls are from robots so there’s NO WAY to tell them to remove you from their call lists. That’s just two more reasons why that the politicians should heed the Do Not Call list!

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  22. ED Says:

    I am so sick and tired of the republican party calling my house at least 3 times a week just to get a donations from me in which i will never give out please make them stop as soon as possibly.

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