Lincoln Park Sued by Hustler Over Ordinance

In local news, my home city of Lincoln Park, Michigan is being sued by Bradley Shafer, a Lansing attorney who specializes in adult entertainment cases, who is representing Park Theater and a proposed Larry Fltnt Hustler Club.  Shafer is quoted as saying, “They have enacted a number of unconstitutional laws.  And in regards to the unconstitutional laws, they are indicating that they are going to apply them to us, yet they have never enforced them on anyone else.”

The suit claims that “these plaintiffs are being deprived of their fundamental rights under the First and Fourteenth amendments to engage in speech and expression-related activities within Lincoln Park and in particular upon the Park Theater premises and the Hustler premises….  The public’s right to view and have access to certain entertainment protected by the First and Fourteenth amendments to the United States Constitution is being precluded.” (

Now – to address Shafer’s quote about “never enforc[ing] them [the other laws] on anyone else” – that’s because ALL of the other locations were grandfathered in and the law can’t be enforced on them.  Sorry Mr. Shafer, but if you spent more time actually in Lincoln Park instead of Lansing, you’d know that.

Second – the right to build wherever you want is NOT protected in the Constitution.  There are areas where they are allowed to build, but the area is not big enough for what they want.  Zoning laws are zoning laws.  You can’t put these types of businesses in the middle of a residential area, just like I couldn’t put a 30-story office building or a butter toffee peanut factory (NutBar brand is awesome – available at Meijer – I highly recommend them – but they are slightly addicting).  I’m sorry, but a location was put up for you to build – so take it or leave it.

Now, if I have any Lincoln Park readers: Please go to city council meetings and especially pressure Councilman Michael Myers.  He is opposed to Walmart coming in, so let’s make sure he’s opposed to this, since these places will bring in more crime, which is what Mr. Myers was worried about with Walmart.  Luckily, we have Valerie Brady back on the Council, and she’s had experience opposing “gentlemen’s” clubs before.

Hopefully Lincoln Park will succeed like Detroit did, but we won’t have as great of lawyers I’m guessing, so let’s just hope that U.S. District Judge Nancy Edmunds doesn’t give in to Shafer’s wanted injunction that would set asid the city’s ordinances.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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37 Responses to “Lincoln Park Sued by Hustler Over Ordinance”

  1. Paul Ding Says:

    US Constitution, Amendment XIV, Section 1.

    All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; NOR DENY TO ANY PERSON WITHIN ITS JURISDICTION THE EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAWS.

    Seems to me that *grandfathering* is unconstitutional. And it’s stupid as well: if it’s important that something be outlawed, it really needs to be outlawed, not given protection from competitors.

  2. inkslwc Says:

    I don’t like the grandfathering either, but they’d never have gotten the council to pass the ordinances it has if that meant kicking businesses out of the city.

  3. John Marx Says:

    Mike Myers doesn’t know his head from a hole in the ground. He only does and says what his wife, Robin Lyson, instructs him to do or say. He is a worthless council member. A follower, not a leader. No point in talking with him.

  4. inkslwc Says:

    I didn’t vote for him. I just hope he has enough logic to figure out that strip clubs would bring more crime than Wal-Mart.

  5. Don Walker Says:

    John, I could not agree more. Myers is a complete waste of time. This is a complicated legal issue and Myers in only interested in one thing, being reelected. He will sell us down the road for a vote. The comment on having Brady on back on the council, good grief man, the woman is a menace to all taxpayer. She cost the city thousands in unpaid cell phone bills and may now cost us millions in legal settlements because of her misguided ordinances that got the city in this mess. She was tossed off the council once and barley made it back this time.

  6. Don Walker Says:

    By the way, for more chat on downriver try

  7. inkslwc Says:

    What legal settlements? The case against Hustler? I think we’ll win if it goes to court – Detroit did.

    Don, is there no edit button (I can’t see what you guys see), if not, let me know and I’ll see if I can add one somewhere).

  8. FRED Says:

    Finally, other people who agree with me about Myers and Brady AND let’s not forget Murphy. What a bunch of lunatics. Just because they rank low on intelligence, they want to seize control of LP rather than do what’s right for the community. Hold on LP taxpayers – you’re in for one big downward ride. Councilpersons McPartlin and DiSanto are too stupid to figure out that Myers, Brady and Murphy are hoodwinking them into voting with them.

  9. s winters Says:

    Speaking of Myers, his wife – ROBIN LYSON – had the audacity to post videos on and other similar sites that portray mayor vaslo in a bad light. She extracts bits and pieces of what he says, puts it all together, and ends up with something not at all related to what he really said. She even added wording to the videos. The wording is totally fabricated. He never said anything like that. Wait until her unconscious husband councilman michael myers ends up on youtube. Lyson is a real tool. People need to get wind of the real Lyson. Attention – Free Press, News, – lots of meat for this story and here are suggested headlines –





    Better yet, and this includes wishful thinking – LP COUNCILMAN’S WIFE FINALLY GETS ADMITTED FOR PSYCH EVALUATION

  10. Matt Says:

    I heard that Myers IS for the strip club. Waiting for this to be made public.

  11. inkslwc Says:

    Well if Meyers is for the strip club, then he has less of a brain than Kwame Kikpatrick (and that’s just sad) – does he really think that Wal-mart would bring more crime? I mean the bad part of Lincoln Park is by the adult theater!

    I’m stuck up at Central Michigan without a car, so if anybody’s interested in going to city council meetings and raising awareness down in LP, it’d be greatly appreciated.

  12. Don Walker Says:

    I just got word that Brady, Myers, Murphy and McPartlin have entered into a secret deal with the developers of the Hustler Club to save their own butts from prosecution. The tale goes like this; Brady, Myers, Murphy and McPartlin conspired with some ministers to deny the owners of the property where the club is to be built there constitutional rights to use the property. They committed these acts independently of the city and had no governmental immunity. When the owners produced evidence of this conspiracy and promised swift legal action against them, they fell like a house of cards. Again, I’m told there biggest concern was not for the city but trying to make sure the public never finds out about the deal
    When will Myers and Brady learn – THERE ARE NO SECRETS IN GOVERNMENT!

  13. inkslwc Says:

    Source? And anyway, Lincoln Park provided them with an area to move in to, they just didn’t like it.

  14. Matt Says:

    This information needs to be given to the News-Herald or the daily papers.
    Myers, Murphy, Brady and McPartlin are cretins. Word about this better get publicized! I’m sure you have proof. Please forward to the papers.

  15. inkslwc Says:

    Well, I’ve heard rumors that Myers supported the Hustler plan, and now a rumor that he is opposing it?

    Second, there are no constitutional rights that they can violate – not changing zoning laws so that Hustler can come in is not unconstitutional.

    Bring me proof of something unconstitutional and then I’ll think about looking into this.

  16. Don Walker Says:

    January 14, City Council had a closed meeting for litigation stratgy in the matter of Papalas Drive LLC. If there were no constitutional or legal issues why was there a litigation stratgy meeting. No, I think this new majority had there lunch handed to them by the city’s legal team. Even the Lincoln Park Ministers have laid off the subject.

    “Luckily, we have Valerie Brady back on the Council” yeah right. Lucky we didn’t have our tails sued off because of her, Myers, Murphy and McPartlin willness to sell the city down the road for a vote.

  17. inkslwc Says:

    There is nothing unconstitutional about prohibiting a Hustler club from coming in because of zoning laws.

    Would it perhaps look bad to the public if they said, “OK, we don’t want them here, so how can we use the law to our advantage?” Perhaps, but they’re still well within the law.

  18. John Says:

    Councilman Mike Myers should know he made a big mistake by aligning with councilpeople Murphy and Brady. When they go down, he goes too.
    Wonder how the ministers will feel when they learn that Myers supports the building of the strip club on Papalas Drive.

  19. John Marx Says:

    I am an idiot.

    Admin edit: I’m not going to edit this comment, but I will point out that it was posted by somebody with a different IP address than all of the other John Marx comments.

  20. inkslwc Says:

    Can I ask why you think you’re an idiot? I kinda lost you here.

  21. John Marx Says:

    No need to be lost, inkslwc, the “idiot” comment most likely was posted by Myers or Lyson or one of their cultists.

  22. inkslwc Says:

    Yeah – that’s my bad on not realizing that the IP address for that comment was different.

  23. nyob Says:

    Grow up, get a life, and quit wasting so much time and energy hating on people. Life is much too short folks!

  24. John Marx Says:

    I just read the 3-16-08 News Herald. I also know that Murphy, Myers and his wife, Robin Lie-son are doing some serious damage control via their little website pertaining to this issue. They’re working very diligently to shift the “blame” for this settlement to the city manager, city mayor and city attorney.
    But here’s the truth of the matter:
    The LP City Council unanimously agreed during a litigation strategy meeting that they would not oppose the strip club, in exchange for the Park Theatre closing.
    What Myers and Lie-son aren’t admitting is that every councilmember has been kept in the loop every step of the way since the litigation strategy meeting. Not one of them objected to the settlement offer.
    HOWEVER, in public it’s another story for Murphy and Myers.
    And, now both proclaim that they knew nothing about the deal. Murphy says he’s outraged. Myers says he’s disappointed. Both claim all this happened without their knowledge.
    What’s with Myers and Murphy?? They’re either really, really stupid for not paying attention to what’s been going on or they’re trying to convince their wives, any supporters they might have, and the LP ministerial association that they’ve always opposed the settlement and that the agreement was reached without their knowledge, input, awareness, objections, consent etc. GIVE ME A BREAK.
    The little minions on the website that Myers/Lie-son operate will get all up in arms because they take as gospel everything Lie-son and Myers say. Intelligent and rational people know better.
    Lie-son, who loves to start controversy is working very hard to put the blame on the mayor, city attorney and city manager. Apparently, she’s forgotten that the city attorney and city manager only do what the council instructs. And, that the mayor only has one vote.
    Therefore, it’s quite obvious this deal did not go down in a vacuum. It did not go down on another planet nor was it approved by some phantom council.
    Murphy and Myers need to stand up like men and take responsibility.
    They agreed to the deal. And, they’ve known all about it for a very long time. These guys do not deserve to represent the citizens of LP.
    If it were up to them alone, they’d let the city get sued and the taxpayers would get the shaft. These idiots need to be recalled just on the grounds of stupidity.

  25. inkslwc Says:

    OK, I lost you here – so I’m going to read the New Herald article to try and understand it a little better – then I’ll get back to you (the joys of being at college and losing touch with hometown news).

  26. John Marx Says:

    As I said, the entire council AGREED to the settlement.
    Myers’ wife can’t accept this. Myers is probably in the dog house.
    It’s her M.O. to shift the focus from her husband to someone
    else. She has chosen the mayor. No matter how hard she tries
    to convince people her husband and Murphy and Brady had no
    part of this settlement agreement, facts are facts – they all agreed.

    Had Myers, Murphy, etc. truly objected, the settlement agreement
    would not have occurred. Plain and simple. And LP would have been
    sued big time. This is the bottom line.

    For months, Myers and Murphy have patronized the ministerial
    association by saying they’ll do everything they can to prevent
    the adult entertainment center from setting up shop. But these guys talk out of both sides of their hypocritical mouths.

    Faced with the truth, they start scrambling trying to save their butts.
    They are cowards.

    They can deny and twist things around all they want. Lie-son can blame whoever she wants. The facts remain:

  27. inkslwc Says:

    OK. I got it now. I tried to get on the LP forum since I saw that I was being linked to on there – and noticed that I’m not so liked there, but when I tried to post a response it kept giving me errors.

  28. John Marx Says:

    Let me tell ya, inkslwc, Lie-son and Myers continue to shut down forums for viewing by guests. Periodically, new members are kicked off. Lie-son and Myers don’t want their little fiefdom invaded by truth seekers. The link to your site has most likely been deleted by now. They do not want any of their 5 or 10 minions to learn the facts or hear the truth on your site. Lie-son and Myers are feeling threatened, they’re running scared and they are desperate. Both of them spoon-feed their minions crap on a daily basis. And this handful of “trusted minions” are the only ones permitted to view and post on their site. If, by chance, some newbie posts something they don’t like, both the post and newbie are quickly banished. The newbie suddenly begins experiencing mysterious log-in problems or receives error messages. That’s how they operate. Viewers only get the Lie-son/Myers skewed version of any story.
    Remember, their site only exists to tear down the city atty., city mgr. and mayor and to promote Myers, Murphy, Brady and Higgins.
    Back on topic – EVERY COUNCILPERSON AGREED TO THE SETTLEMENT WEEKS AGO. Myers and Murphy know it full well. The truth is the truth. Facts are facts. They are not respected in the community anyway. This incident will further erode any tidbit of credibility they may have had. It also confirms they are liars and cowards and are a disgrace to the city of LP.

  29. inkslwc Says:

    I was logged in – then I tried when I was logged out and both didn’t work.

    I didn’t vote for Myers – I never trusted him.

    I don’t see why they needed to settle though. They were just following zoning laws (from what I’ve heard/seen from people who live in and out of Lincoln Park). Even if a “secret meeting” occurred, they were still following zoning laws.

    Let me use this example. There’s a parking spot (the lot of land). The city passes an ordinance to make it handicapped access only. Somebody non-handicapped wants to park there. Myers, Murphy, Brady, and Higgins don’t want him to park there, so they hold a secret meeting vowing not to let him park there. They were singling him out, but they had a city ordinance to back him up.

    That’s my understanding of essentially what happened, just with the proposed location for the strip club instead of a parking spot, but please let me know if I missed something (it’s really hard to keep up with local stories when I’m not back home).

  30. Lincoln Park Makes a Terrible Deal to Let Strip Club Open « Republican Ranting Says:

    […] An attorney for the Larry Flynt Hustler Club (to be built on the corner of John A. Papalas Drive and Outer Drive) sued the city in December, claiming that some of the cities zoning laws were unconstitutional (even though the same club lost a lawsuit in Detroit).  (For my previous post on the subject, see here: […]

  31. inkslwc Says:

    Hey, if everybody wants to post new comments here, then we wouldn’t have 2 posts about the same thing, since this one’s so outdated.

    Here’s the new one:

  32. inkslwc Says:

    Oh, and nyob, who am I hating (sorry, your post had been marked as spam and I just noticed it, and took it out of the spam folder)?

  33. John Marx Says:

    When your city’s insurance carrier and skilled attorneys tell you that the city would lose the lawsuit and would have to fork over millions and millions of dollars, what would you do? The city, already is financially-strapped, and paying out for a lawsuit would be disastrous to the pocketbooks of citizens. Every city must designate an area for adult entertainment. That is the law. Better it be on Outer Drive and Papalas than in downtown LP. The Park Theatre will be gone. That’s a good thing. I don’t support the idea of a strip club being built anywhere in the city, but the law provides for it, unfortunately. Whoever doesn’t like it doesn’t have to go there. I agree with what the mayor said in the NH. And no matter how they spin it, Myers and Murphy agreed to the settlement on Jan. 14.

  34. inkslwc Says:

    Detroit won the lawsuit, and I do NOT trust Zelenak – I’ve heard things about him from people in Lincoln Park as well as Southgate, which he’s also attorney for.

  35. John Marx Says:

    Attorneys other than Zelenak handled the lawsuit.

  36. inkslwc Says:

    Zelenak was the one running the show though. Hey – can we head this conversation over to the new post though?

  37. GRRRR Says:





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